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  2. what about GameSpy? I'm old
  3. I agree, its not worth blowing your brains out, however, they've moved the goalposts to top 5 (used to be 9) to get the 4 +4 parts. the 9th-20th (I think) get 2 + 2. I, as I'm sure many of you get the boxes, at least once, for old, shall we say, traditional, weapons that are already maxed. So now I'm getting 2/3 boxes instead of may be 6/7, that's quite a difference. nice to see people posting in the forum though
  4. And all the hype about nothing... you get like one container more for beeing in first places, just stay in top 26 and you are granted 3+1 Ultimate Parts and that is not hard to do even if you burn some tickets on the way P.s. that screenshot with 1st placer is crazy, looks like you jumped in competitive gang haha.
  5. weirdly I finished 12th too... I have fallen already I think, prior to the 15 spot ticket offer--Happened after the last "celebration" Tournament. All those extra boosts on the rare weapons that require $£ has done it, "rebalancing" they call it haha
  6. For about the last 3 days, Zeptolab have been running one of their Ultimate Ticket events 😡 These events are staged every 3 months or so (from memory) .. and are nothing more than yet another cynical cash grab 💰 by Zeptolab ! The ultimate ticket limit has temporarily been increased to 15 (from 5) .. but much more significantly, there is an offer to buy ultimate tickets (10 tickets, gems and other goodies). Clearly, a number of p2w players are buying this offer .. and not just once ! The impact on recent ultimate leagues is very clear .. the points score required to make the top 8 has increased substantially .. and well beyond the free ticket limit in most cases ! F2p competitors in ultimate leagues will therefore be unlikely to finish in the top 8 for the duration of this Ultimate Ticket event ☹️ The only good news is that this totally pointless event (other than lining Zeptolab’s pockets with more ill-gotten gain) ends in less than 2 days. Normal ultimate league competition will then resume 😀
  7. IDK whats happened in the last couple of weeks, but I've gone from being a regular top 5th -1st finisher in Ultimate to 15th-10th and literally 10 million points behind the leaders. Was there some crazy ptp box that has completely screwed up my years of effort? It does beg the question, whats the point?
  8. AUD 2.99 translates to 1.82euro, if it is all that takes to get permanently kind of adds free, version of the game, then it is not worse or better than 90% all other games out there but popping out from nowhere like in youtube videos is no good, it's not how to keep new players interested in game, no idea why they are doing this. As for everything else - don't worry so much about that kind of players and their fight between them to be in first places, enjoy the very game play and the spirit in it so to say
  9. GreedyCat You are undoubtedly an optimist .. and often provide interesting, alternative views on the state of the game 😀 On this occasion, however, I am reminded of a famous quote from an iconic Australian movie 🎥 (The Castle) .. “ tell him he’s dreaming” 😂 Why do I think you’re dreaming ? 1. It is simply not possible for f2p (free to play) players to reach level 13 on all ultimate parts. A significant number of crucial ultimate parts can ONLY be purchased, or obtained from events (All Stars, Grand Prix, Scrap Run). For example, I have a significant number of level 13 parts, but don’t have the stop sign 🛑 at all ! 2. Ultimate toolboxes are not evenly distributed among players ! The most valuable 40% toolboxes (lasting 36 hours) are reserved for gang members who win CK matches in District 10. Gangs reaching District 10 in City Kings invariably have significant numbers of p2w players. 3. As a longer term player, you are out of touch with more recent developments in the game. Sadly, new players are now subjected to forced ads .. these ads literally do pop up during normal game play, and they are incredibly frustrating 😡 The good news is that you can remove them .. for AUD 2.99 (in the case of my new alternative account). Another nice little earner for Zeptolab 💰. Rather than fantasising that CATS is still as enjoyable to play as it was in 2017 and early 2018, why not “join the revolution” .. and contribute to making CATS a better game for all of us ?
  10. It was discussed before. Idea is good but can be abused by letting some gangs advance faster. Could be somehow avoided by adding more waiting time for the winning gang but then again, like it was said, it can be abused and some gangs would conquer the capital of City Kings way too fast.
  11. The title says it all. How about a capitulate button in city kings for those frequent occasions when your gang is matched a ridiculously stronger team. Saves the depressing event of being trapped watching an enemy with 20 times more active players, and/or more than twice your best players strength.
  12. I wondered about this too, when you reach level 13 on ultimate parts, you can't get permanently higher than that, right? So at the end, it more or less evens P2W (Pay To Win) and P2W (Play To Win) players, when you reach certain level, isn't it so? Ofcourse there comes in count Ultimate Toolboxes you are getting from winning and buying stuff but they are not endless and P2W (Play To Win) players also gets them quite often. P.s. idk about ads, I see them only when watching movies or opening boxes but in normal game play they don't appear from nowhere so I am not quite sure what you are talking about. I hope not about informative popups about new game events or limited time offers and only when you start the game, because these are usefull.
  13. Sadly I agree. I left primarily due to the pay to win players, they just made UL and All Stars pointless. It just became too much work and too little reward.
  14. CATS has moved into Mew York 3, along with the FTF! Last city Dark Horde was able to finish 6th in the world, while Cougar Tracks managed to get 99 wins for the 5th time in a row! This city is lined up to be one of the best for FTF as a whole, if you want to join us, here is the link to our server: Not looking for a new gang? That's fine too! Our server has many experienced players who are happy to help and socialize, along with numerous tips, tricks, guides, and fun bot rooms.
  15. Your only bet is to up the health level enough to withstand enemy hits while you are tranquilized or try to destroy the tranquilizer like balloons with drill or other close range weapon or just wait for Championship to end, it won't last forever. Why didn't you get the tranquilizer? It was on the recent Scrap Run event somewhere in the middle of the road run, not too hard to get if you did more or less regular fights, even if you missed some of them. It is really cool weapon to play with but too powerful for sure...
  16. Even if it is a one time item only, I dont have it and anyone that doesnt will be screwed over by it. In gang fights the first person i go against has it and i cant even beat it, i tried having a tanky high health build but it still is tranquilized for the entire fight which lasted quite long.
  17. Yes, they are too powerful but because they are one time item only and will be lost after prestige, I don't see much problem here (unless Gang Fight bots will keep the new weapons forever, then it could be a pretty big mess). Some things to note. You will not win any fight for granted, there are some exceptions. 1. If both players have them, both will have the same effect. 2. They can get neutralized by correctly placed enemy's drill or similar non-moving weapon, they can miss a shot if enemy's car is too low or on some weird circumstances. So what can be said, enjoy the new weapon while it lasts and btw, I LOVE that it stops these sneaky flyers before they have a chance to fly, it is so satisfying to watch them freeze in the air! Haha.
  18. This item is wayyyy too broken if you have it you will win any fight as it lasts forever and shoots and hits before backpedals, rockets, or anything is shot.
  19. The game was super fun in 2017 and 2018 but things got worse in 2019 the devs added so much P2W and loads of ads too some people left the game including me of course, in 2017 and 2018 the game doesn't have too much ads and P2W and the game was the best in these times. So this is kinda an rise and fall of this game
  20. 2. ... - Not necessarily. The ultimate parts can only be updated to level 13, right? So the 'long term players' or even more, Phil's version of PTW (Pay To Win) players, will have already maxed their ultimate parts. So, if the skills points can be exchanged with ultimate part, say 100-1000 per one part, depending of ultimate part rarity, I see no big problem here. Long time players will get some more parts, but it would be only fair. You have to earn your place. Long time players are not that much problem here but like Phil said, first place gang players (read - game sponsors) are but they don't bother normal players that much anyway. Cat pawns shop would be awesome idea. For one, if I could share an unused ultimate part for 10 pawns to someone in gang for 24h/one City Kings fight, that would add dynamics and much fun to the game. In that way strongest gangs will not become stronger because all players already have plus or minus equal strong parts but it will benefit smaller gangs with strong leaders who want to support less powerful new players and at the same time such small change will not noticeably mess up gangs balance.
  21. Hi there Brunno Roughly translated into English, I understand that you said .. Update the blue paws, I have 1210 and I have nothing to do with them Could add to supreme machines A few points to note 📝 .. 1. The issue of blue paws (skill points) has been extensively debated on this Forum (including in the last post in the Ideas Section). 2. Adding skills to supreme machines (which I take to be ultimate machines) is problematic .. because it would only increase the gap between long term players and new players (in terms of the relative strength of their cars). 3. For a number of reasons (including fairness and ease of implementation), I favour converting unused skill points into gems 💎. A simple solution to the skill points problem may encourage Zeptolab to act 😀.
  22. Atualizem a pata azul, tenho 1210 e não tenho oque fazer com eles Podiam adicionar para máquinas supremas
  23. Good to hear from you again Flyfisher 😀 It’s true that CATS isn’t for everyone .. but I still enjoy it .. and there are so many video games out there that are so much worse ! That said, Zeptolab continue to ruin CATS as a competitive game for those of us who remain f2p (free to play) ☹️ To be a top 100 player (ultimate league) or a top 100 gang (city kings) you now have to be p2w (pay to win). In the case of city kings (CK), your gang must either have players who have bought offers to enhance their ultimate cars, or who buy heals/scouts during a match to gain a competitive advantage. The rationale for spending money on a game that offers no monetary reward is very difficult to understand .. but it seems like more and more players are prepared to do this ! I can only hope that many of these players also get girlfriends 😂 Fellow Foxes 🦊 (ranked #116 in CK) recently played the #100 ranked gang. We were completely overpowered .. illustrating the significant gap between p2w and f2p gangs (despite just 16 places separating us on the CK leaderboard). Until there are separate CK divisions for p2w and f2p gangs, this “competition” will continue to be a joke 🤡.
  24. Sorry Phil I quit cos I have a girlfriend and she thought the game sucked and I was wasting my time playing it.
  25. I’ve been playing CATS actively and continuously since 27 May 2017 .. just over 3 years now 😀. Despite advancing to Prestige 77, I find that the top pay to win players have ultimate cars that are virtually unplayable ! Fortunately, our gang doesn’t play the top 10 gangs very often 😂. I do my best to compete .. and that’s all I ask of any Fox 🦊 The screenshot below (from an earlier post in this topic) provides the discord server link for Fellow Foxes 🦊 .. one of the very few original gangs that still has some original members, and is still competitive in City Kings as we contest our 8th city 😀
  26. Thanks for the reply 👌 Ultimate cars have become really strong by now. I can't promise many things for the CK, the only thing I could do is replace your cars with mine 😂 However, I am now quite active and able to constantly get new ultimate parts. If you still consider me please send the discord link via pm.
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