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  2. Okay...... a bit more is happening now. we have had our first look at the new 5 Alarm and Tiger Shark. but we still have two more UL bots to come!!! since there is going to be a new All Stars event we may see more rewards, but just normal ul parts. another thing to think about is can we play this game on PC? there are a lot of free-to-play online games, but they are not the real thing. I played some and they where cheap rip-offs. you can download the game from blue stacks and other websites. has anyone tried this?
  3. It would be amazing if there was a way to sort the parts in edit mode. Like if I want to see all legendary parts, or all upgraded parts together apart from non upgraded parts. I think that that will help people remember what they have and give them esker access to where those parts are instead of having to tap each item to check what it’s stats are. Thank you and I hope you take this into consideration. Bob Aka; PUNK, “TINSEL-TOWNERS”
  4. Good, I believe I already have all Hot Wheels parts but it won't hurt to play another 'Play-To-Win' Grand Prix event and possibly upgrade some parts and I heard some of the players don't have any Hot Wheels parts so here's your chance.
  5. SOOO much is happening in cats all the time and everythings gone to custard. It's all going crazy. So to keep up with news and updates and bugs and thing that need to be fixed, now I have started the cats news, which will come out every month or if there's an update. so let get started. 1, the gods of zepto have responded to my prayers!!! we have asked for ages for more hot wheels parts and now we have been answered. sadly, it is in the form of garbage prix (quote Grandpar Phil) the bad, pay-to-win mini game. 2, we need a count down time for when events start because the first hours of it a very important. please like this down below sorry I will ad more to this topic just i'm busy:)
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  7. I noticed a while ago that the "Catborn" hat is a Easter egg to a the helmet off the Skyrim Dawnguard add on cover art. Sorry, I could not load the images so you will have to look them up your self;) another possible Easter egg is the hand sticker which could be the Dark Brotherhood "We know" message. Please look up the images your self;) Ps I play Skyrim more than CATS lol
  8. Can someone please tell give us a reward list for the current city kings list
  9. You’ve missed the point here ! Even a one star carbon part is seven stages above the Championship level that GreedyCat was fighting in. That cannot possibly be normal .. or promoting in Championships would become very difficult indeed ! I know one of my gang mates received a carbon attack toolbox as a reward during the recent Grand Prix event. He was in a wooden stage at the time .. so was able to score multiple instant promotions very quickly 😂 Whether the carbon drill in military stages was a Grand Prix reward bug, or a different bug, it is clear that some players occasionally benefit from a Zeptolab bug in their favour 😀 Good luck to them .. most of the time, we receive parts three stages below our current level.
  10. And that is exactly why I get confused. Stage 13 have 4 star military parts. After military parts follow golden parts. Then carbon parts. This dude has a weapon from carbon parts while he is at military stage. You don't see something wrong here?
  11. You are prestige 45, you should know by now it become a p2w game, that body can have 120% bonus to drill, drill with 120% with surfer or when equiped, rocket with 120% to weapons getting next or previous stage weapons is not uncommon
  12. There is an All-Stars event scheduled to begin tomorrow. Prizes include: Santa's Sleigh Diamond Carp Santa's Sticky Tire Trombone Cannon Corsair Harpoon Anti-Gravity Knob
  13. Best active gang in the UK I kick dead players so always active gang fights are a must city kings are optional but chat is mandatory we are looking for decent players newbies are welcome too as long as you're ACTIVE your welcome
  14. Is it possible to play at stage 13 (4 star military parts) and get 50k atack drill weapon? I got this screenshot from fight in Championship and some random first stage player is getting a carbon part? Care to explain? Can somebody can go to banda555 gang if possible and ask the player how he did it because it does not look normal? Or am I missing something here?
  15. Hey Phil, My problem with this event that I can bust my butt off spending hours awake at night, only to get over-taken by some fat rich kid who is willing to spend 40$!!!!! on more flags/fuel. Same with all stars, I have even set timers for when the batteires are ready, only to lose to someone who buys the 80 pack:( Zepto are crazy about trying to make money.
  16. Apparently “Error 17” is quite widespread 😡 So much so that Zeptolab have now sent all players an in-game message ! They are working to fix the problem .. which means it will be fixed in time for the next Grand Prix .. or Garbage Prix, as I like to call this event, because it contains so many bugs .. and so many ridiculously weak builds for us to fight with 😂 The real answer to fixing this garbage event ? Either make radical changes .. or consign the GP event to the dustbin of history !
  17. You're not the only one. Database error, game restarts and flags are gone but no car?
  18. The best way to implement this, would be to add a button to toggle the boost power, similar to how we are able to rotate some weapons. This way, it would allow your builds to use different levels of boost. The button should obviously only be able to be used when you have the boost upgrades. So that, if you for instance have the forward boost fully upgraded, you should be able to toogle between: 0%, 10%, 20% and 30%.
  19. I really hope that they will consider adding this. It has often been suggested, and always been ignored
  20. I really hope that they will consider adding it this time. When I suggested it a few years ago, I didn't even get a single comment.
  21. I am the only one getting that error when buying a car ? How can I fix it ?
  22. Chervey responded to the issue on discord.
  23. I have this problem too, I nearly started a topic of my own. i have wasted about 5000 flags because of this glitch and the worst part is that when the game re-loads it gives you an ad to buy more. Not happy!!!!
  24. buying cars on the grand prix event ( with flags) sometimes shows an erro message, at restar it used the flags but not car purchased
  25. Thanks, but no, I'm in a different gang that I am committed too
  26. They could have just made up another city, this game is getting strange but i still like it, a reward list for the new city would be great!!
  27. Reward list for Meowscow 2 is .. District 1 - Ice Cream Truck Guide Scooter x1 District 2 - Cutter Repulse x2 District 3 - Gatling Gun x3 District 4 - Anti-gravity Roller x2 District 5 - Santa’s Double Rocket x3 District 6 - Frost Sprinkler x1 District 7 - Santa’s Laser Bell x2 District 8 - Hero’s Bow x4 District 9 - Hearth x1 District 10 - Russian Stove x3 All the best for the new city 😀
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