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  2. Yoy all are at a higher prestige than me (I regret prestige) so your ideas won't work
  3. Your suggestions never work it leads nowhere
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  5. Kittens and Pilots Secure your set of christmas-themed parts by scoring higg in the ultimate league. Santa's Sleigh, the Laser Bell and other unique items await! Hurry up, the event ends on January 24th, 2018. After that, christmas parts will no longer be seperate rewards and will be dropped alongside other items in ultimate boxes. And don't worry, a new update and a new ultimate part set is just around the corner!
  6. I actually have remembered that, that is why there are three rows each for all weapons and and chassis, so for the weapons, row one goes 4 energy, 5 energy, 6 energy, 7 energy, 8 energy repeat. But thank you for replying Edit: I will find a way to make this more obvious
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  8. Platinum, if you're so obsessed with my little pony, then how about you go and a)please stop creating a million topics, it annoys all of us b) join a my little pony community instead of discussing your complaints c) actually listen to our suggestions please.
  9. Rooting of devices is not the reason for the majority of bans, rather players cheating by using programs that change the game.
  10. Jay does not have a separate channel, it is purely the C.A.T.S. main channel. Here's a link!
  11. How is Jay's channel named?
  12. We still can score more than 30k together, even on banned break up. We are a very stable Gang, We are communicating very much and having a lot of fun Ingame and in Discord. If you want to be a part of the best, you'll have to join
  13. ITS ON, I GOT MY CUTE LITTLE JUMPSUIT AND IM READY TO...IM READY TO...(eyes diallate, claws reaffirm, body gyrates readily to pounce)
  14. Recently, due to volume of banned players, it occures to me, platform providers really need to be able to give device owners a choice. If end user decides to root devise, fine. But this choice will not allow apps like CATS to launch. If end user decides to keep device never rooted, or reflash a priviously rooted device, fine. And this choice will allow apps like CATS to load. I am confident platform has permissions. Afterall, they really have to earn their 30% transaction comission. Keep this game fair.
  15. Better yet I'll restart the game and start from scratch
  16. I need to ask pinkie pie
  17. I'll leave discord to fluttershy
  18. Nice!
  19. I read enough... What is actually your problem? You wrote 159 posts about My little Pony, rage quits, complaining about giving not enough information, etc. We can chat each other about everything you want, even about your rage quits and My little Pony, but not in 30 different topics This is our Discord server, if you want to join, then feel free: Meow, Shiriru94
  20. Very good idea creating this table, but you forgot a few values: - more energy on weapons = more DMG - more energy on vehicle = less HP
  21. And the winner is NotANewb As i said...i like this design...not that i have it :):):) P.S. about our teammate contact support with question how one league opponent has whale with 25 energy...answer were genious...everything fine and legal...just upgrade chassis :)
  22. If our help isn't helping, then please.. Tell us. Don't be so vague by saying "my blueprints don't work" or something like that. Give us help, and we'll give you help. Please.
  23. C.A.T.S. Stats I have been talking about making a guide for CATS for a while now and FINALLY decided, in steading of finishing all the stats first, I will post what I have till now (which isn't even 1/3 complete ) . So far, I have only entered values for everything laser and under and am on my way for adding blades and higher. Please do contribute for missing stats below and tell me if I have made a mistake so we can all have a fully completed spread sheet for any part in the game
  24. Try using blades or shotguns. I highly doubt that. The chances of 14/14 players being prestige 3+ and are all using a prestige 3+ weapon or utility is extremely low. Randomness is going to randomly choose people. Over time though it does get harder (e.g. level 9/10 is going to be harder than 1/10) I believe that double rockets are rarer and have a slightly decreased damage. But yes, this should be changed. This is because your chassis can be slightly inside the weapon if it is on the tops or sides of their build. Then when the rocket or shot spawns, it is in you. The game is balanced. You just have to figure out a way to beat them using strategy rather than complain about there being no strategy. When you are just starting a game, it's always going to be slow, it was for these players too.
  25. You said that like 5 times and haven't gave up yet, how do we know if you are actually going to give up or not?
  26. How does that all fit? If I am right which I am most likely not, rocket has 15 energy, double rocket has 5, and that shooting thing has 5, that adds up to 25 and doesn't whale have 20?
  27. Last week
  28. You all didn't say its the way you put it plus your help wasn't helping I've missed out a lot since the hurricane and I'm trying to cantch up I moved on to the military league but all I'm getting is wooden and metal you all should be givinge ideas that can benefit me toe its only benefiting you
  29. Eh...noone like this design 😂
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