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  2. If you had your player ID (looks like this: Name#1234)you can ask zeptolab to get it back for you
  3. Only problem i forsee with tear gas, game is already so pay to win. I fear this would become double. Now smoke screens, i could see that. Cancel the effects of a suspected scout.
  4. Yeah i remember good ol backyard battles. Then i lost all my data and quit because i didnt back it up on facebook lol
  5. Seriously? Or r u kidding?
  6. Gems can be obtained from .. 1. Legendary boxes (12 gems) .. which you get occasionally from promoting .. and can get from redeeming the weekly code (if you’re very quick). 2. Super boxes (6 gems) .. which you get from promoting and normal box drops. 3. Regular boxes (2 gems) .. which you get from normal box drops. 4. Various competitions that Zeptolab run on Facebook and Twitter. Note that gems are always included in legendary boxes .. but only from time to time in super and normal boxes. As you know, you also get 5 gems every time you promote. Gems used to be available in every sponsors box and gang boxes (rank 5 and above) .. and from placing high enough in the old league competitions (before ultimate league was introduced). That was in the good old days .. before Zeptolab became just another mean spirited, money grubbing gaming company 🙁
  7. The title sums it up, we play city kings non stop and looking for some more active people to add to our roster. Only requirements is that you play daily, participate in city kings, turn on notifications and speak English. No need to spend gems unless you want. If you would like to join let me know so I can get you in.
  8. What are all the ways to get gems? I only know that you can promote to get gems.
  9. what's wrong I'm still waiting for the gift I already invited more than 7 of my friend and nothing happen yet thanks a lot for attention
  10. Added #7 tear gas
  11. Good point. I may as well as quit cats. P.S. NotANewb you can kick me now.
  12. Hi Ruby Just re-reading your original post .. and it stirred the Fellow Fox 🦊 detective in me 😀 ”.. this stupid person around the forum she answers in a discussion .. “ Were you in fact referring to Kitty Kitty here (who is often mistaken for a feline)? Then your next statement “ I doesn’t know about Phil either “ would make more sense (logically if not grammatically 😂). If so .. I agree that Kitty Kitty is indeed responsible for some of the most off beat posts in this Forum. His humour is definitely an acquired taste 😂. But I assure you he is FAR from stupid. A much better CATS player than me .. and one of the best in the business !! Just take everything he says in the Forum with a grain of salt .. and you will come to enjoy his wacky sense of humour as much as I do 😀
  13. If you type in your age in the beginning of the game as under 13, you won't be able to chat due to Zeptolab not being able to control if messages will be appropriate. So far, there is no way to change this but you can try to email Zeptolab by clicking the "contact us" button at the bottom of this page.
  14. My son's account only sees building and vehicle update messages in chat. I thought when he unlocked City Kings that it would change but it didn't. Is there any information on what may cause not being able to type or read the Gang Chat?
  15. It appears for now, City Kings has somewhat stabalized, but is very dull. From my playing experiences with many gangs, it is a dull grind. Some gangs enjoy a battle, while others simply have give up. It has been a few weeks since last rule changes, so I have come up with a few monthly tweeks, just to keep game interesting. 1. Tank Takedown rounds or weekend. The bots have super buffed stats. Gangs need to work with team mates for how to defeat overpowered machines. Fact is game is rock - paper - scissors, so players can learn how to take down tanks. 2. Acts of God. Randomly buildings experience natural disasters like fire, earthquakes or fire. Over the next hour or so, cars can be kicked. 3. Dimiishing stats. Cars defending loose hp over time. You can feed your machine toolboxes, but this lasts shorter and shorter. At 8 hours the defending car goes down to level 1 stats. 4. Blackout Bingo. All bots must be defeated before players are able to rival opponent. 5. Tool box buff. It had been hinted., evetually toolbox buffs will be in City Kings. But more fun, as you enlist, your machines could buff, super buff, no change, or super weak. 6. Defense Timer. Upon defeating rival car, there is a 5 or 10 min timer when rival may not counter.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Thanks for joining. You will be right at home.
  18. My gang that needs to be reinforced: PERU#65084 You can also search for it by Perú
  19. Woah didn't realize there was some serious crying babies on this forum...
  20. Im here to spend!!!! At your service!
  21. Nope.. Discussion not over... Great grandpa phil would you like to join fellow frogs?
  22. Helllooooo!!!!!
  23. True, Zeptolabs is a truly amazing company. That being said, 100+ devs are not working on this dead game. Zero way for the in app purhases (less platform commission) and ads could support this type of workforce. Any idea how many devs hours and expenses go into social chat sites (Skype, Discord, Telegram, or WeChat) daily? Creating your posed in app chat, with zero revenue, would be cool and junk, as well as a total waste of Devs time. Fact is, some gangs really do appreciate that anyone has access. It appears you would prefer total controll, which is okay too. The gang I am in presently does not use in game chat a bit. So its 100% game log.
  24. Hahaha my build is supposed to be defenseless... I didn't design it to attack... I designed it to confuse people and it seems to be working.
  25. Incorrect! Zeptolab is one of the largest game dev group I’ve ever seen, with a grand total of 100+ devs
  26. That pretty much ends the discussion.
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