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  2. We are the CHASING CATS - highly active guys on the way to the TOP. Currently CK rank: 55 Avg trophy count: 10k + Spoken language: english / german DESCRIPTION Founded in Meowscow. Finished Purris on rank 67. This season pushing 1st to TOP 50 and 2nd we won't stop there. International gang with members from various timezones. Many strong players P20+ WHAT WE EXPECT To be highly active in chat and game. Communication is the KEY. Getting decent trophies and the motivation to improve your builds for climbing up in CK. WHAT WE OFFER A spot in a tight knit team for for sailing in the Top 100. Always Gangbox 6 (two UL parts every cycle). We have on open spot. Interested? You can message me here or join our discord at: DISCORD IS REQUIRED!
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  4. I believe the double lifters are the balloons
  5. Khm, what is double lifter on Classic? My favorites: 1. Bolder: Knobs/Chainsaw/Forklift 2. Titan: Tires/Shotgun/Double rocket/backpedal 3. Sneaky: Bigfoots/drill/booster
  6. to be a good game, you need to have a good balance of sources and sinks for whatever players need to play. (not gems... they allow modification of the source / sink In this game, the commodity is parts/bodies. Until recently, the game was fairly well balanced. you could gem an edge, but that was not 100% required. with the removal of the sponsor boxes and the reduction in the parts received, they have cut the source... this is not sustainable
  7. hey - we looking for active players - need folks that help 50+ on gangs fights and help in city kings 5 out of 7 days active would be great!!
  8. Suerfer: Rollers / Minigun / Shotgun / Lifter Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Minigun / Lifter Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Double Rocket / Lifter Classic : Sticky tires / Double lifter / Shotgun It all depends on your opponents really, but the above my favorites.
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  11. πŸ‘€ NP FAMILY IS LOOKING PLAYERS πŸ‘€ We are the first family to have 3 gangs ranked in the top πŸ’― in City Kings League NP gangs are NOT pay to win gangs, we do NOTexpect you to spend moneyπŸ’°/gemsπŸ’Ž and we do NOT expect you to be plugged in 24/7 into game. We DO expect you to have a social life 🍺, we DO expect you to have other commitments non CATS orientated πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ and we DO expect you to have holidays. πŸ›« Drop in on any of our 3 gangs discord servers and say πŸ‘‹ or visit our website: Non PresTigers (District 4): The original and strongest in the NP family. Ranked in top 20 in City Kings. We are looking for highly active players with strong builds for CK. Current Prestige requirement is 20+ but willing to consider lower prestige with appropriate builds. Minimum is 250 πŸ† per 3 day cycle. Guaranteed Gang Box 6 * NPπŸ… have 1 space available NP Cubs (District 4): Our 2nd NP gang formed in Meowscow Season. Currently ranked top 50 in City Kings. Looking for Prestige 10+ players with experience in City Kings, will lower for right candidate and Asian/European time zone. Minimum 100 πŸ† required per 3 day cycle. Guareented Gang Box 6 * NP🐯 have 1 space available NP Panthers (District 4): Formed and led by Zak Attack the Founder of Non Prestigers and NP Family. NP Panthers is the 3rd and newest gang in the NP Family, formed during Purris. Looking for Prestige 8 and up required. Ranked top 60 in City Kings. Again will lower for right candidate and Asian/European time zone. Minimum 100 πŸ† required per 3 day cycle. Guaranteed Gang Box 6 * NP🐾 have 1 space available
  12. the fishers are looking for strong players to fight ck and gang fights. you must active daily and be above prestige 2 to join and have at leased 150 trophies per 3 day cycle. we are a active and FUN gang, team work is obligated. have fun:)
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    Without a picture or at least a description of your build that you are using, I can't really help you out. Your body, wheels, and weapon combination is far more important than your stats. However, I can see that your damage is more than your health, which generally isn't a good idea. The optimal ratio is 2 : 1, with health being double your damage. Anyways, for me to help you, I need to see what your build is.
  15. Often times you can't get the build you like the best, so you have to make do with whatever you have. Generally you want a lifter, rocket/double rocket/minigun, and a shotgun/blade on a stable body like a surfer or whale, but you aren't always going to have something like that. So, knowing what you have in your inventory would be a big help to us. There are a plethora of workable builds and cheesy tactics that you can create, but we have no idea which ones you can create and which ones don't have the necessary parts. So, showing us your inventory would help a lot.
  16. Does anyone have a favorite setup they like to go for in the championships?
  17. Best fights πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  18. Zeppelin is a young Gang with a couple of heavy hitters, but recruiting for more. We are mostly active during the daytime/evenings in Central Standard Time. Minimum prestige is 1. Members are expected to participate in City Kings, though no hard limits are set. Join our Discord channel to inquire about openings! ZEPPELIN#50797
  19. list of emojis (working) : ) ( Happy Face) : ( (Frowning face) : x (Pink Face with Hearts above) ; ) (Wink) : D ( big smile) : O (surprised) : | (Neutral) : / (Shy) : P (Tongue) > : ( (Angry Face O . o (WTF) : $ (Flushed) B | ( Face with Sunglasses) Β¬ Β¬ (Bored) ^ _ ^ (Happy Face with closed Eyes) o . O (one eyebrow raised) x D (Laugh) : ph34r : (Thief (or Ninja)) 9 _ 9 (Roll eyes) - _ - (Closed eyes) : S (Cross eyed)
  20. Nice! That makes me want to try making my own one day!! Where did you find that background? Or did you make all of it/part of it yourself?
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    I NEED HELP IM STUCK IN STAGE 19 MI CAR DOES 24356 Damage HEALT 20099 IR I FORGOT STATS HAlO i lees double Rocket
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    I NEED HELP IM STUCK IN STAGE 19 MI CAR DOES 24356 Damage HEALT 20099 IR I FORGOT STATS HAlO i lees double Rocket
  23. Hey! Do you have lifter, shotgun and minigun unlocked? My favorites are: - sneaky with minigun, blade and lifter. (Knobs) - surfer with minigun, shotgun and lifter (knobs or rollers) Share screenshots of your items we can help more, it’s useful to open boxes everyday to get more items, and your best source for stronger weapons is gang fights. πŸ‘ one reset with 30 gems is worth more than the 150 gems box. Good luck,
  24. Share an image, so we can help better. Like greedy said, if it says β€˜to wheels’ then add to wheels yes. πŸ˜€ if the wheels say β€˜to body’ then add to body.
  25. Hello, District 7.
  26. Hello my main account is on P4 and I am stuck on iron. Can anyone help me out with their builds?
  27. As far as I know wheels can have +120% to body or body can have +120% to wheels so this love box you can add to the body but if you try to add it to the wheels, it will reject it. Try sliding it over the wheels (do not drop) and see what happens.
  28. Hey guys, it would be really helpful to the Leader in any gang to have some other member who could kick / start wars. Sometimes as a leader you can't get on for a day or two and it would really help keep active players and commitment among players who are active. I hope to see something like this introduced even if it was a Max of say 5 other members.
  29. on what district in meow de janeiro can you get the horseshoe
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