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  3. You tend to get one-sided matches in the early districts of a new city. The same thing happened in Meowscow. After district 2 the matchmaking system presumably has enough match results to start producing fairer match-ups. So just hang in there .. help is on its way 😀 We are a top 20 gang .. yet almost all our opponents in Purris have been non-top 100 gangs so far. I’m also not complaining 😂
  4. Is this normal for City Kings matches? Not complaining......but we're completely out-classed here (and existing, only because they are not attacking us). I don't recall facing any top-100 Gangs in Meowscow.
  5. Looking For Active Gang Members to join PUSS N BOTS If interested please reply to this post Min Prestige : 3 Min Trophies Daily : 35 Must be active in City Kings We are a fun gang you'll like it 100% Guarantee
  6. sure we're on disctrict 2 at the moment Purris City
  7. Hi adetogne, Hi Don, still looking for an active gang? We are the CHASING CATS active and motivated players from prestige 7 to 1. Language is english / german No requirements needed - just being friendly, active and having fun! This morning our CK / PURRIS ranking was #68 Want to join? or discord: One slot left.
  8. RIP Pinned Topic
  9. hey, i want to apply but i'm on prestige 2. could u lower the requitment ? i'm active player
  10. Hello fellow cats STILL LOOKING FOR A GOOD, SOLID AND FUN GANG? If you're eager to have more fun and more experience Join Us PUSS N BOTS
  11. It is fun in our discord server, Even if you re not looking for any gang, come and chill out with us in our lounge.
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  13. Thanks.
  14. Eu não entendi muito sua ideia
  15. My gang got screwed on this. We were on 97 and only one win away and blamo...moved over.
  16. Hola, claro. Hemos mejorado la pandilla y sí tenemos espacio. Pero tenemos ya una estratégia para combatir en Reyes de la Ciudad y además tenemos un whatsapp para coordinar. Entra! PERÚ#65084
  17. Hola jstovar si todavía tenes espacio me gustaría que me agregaras. Tengo prestigio 4 y soy un jugador activo.
  18. gkki plop mrt yyu ? just trying to soak in sorry
  19. its ok everybody makes mistakes even me
  20. Oh there's a rule in the forums Rule 4: Posting nonsense is a bad thing anyway. To hell with the counter, it may be punishable anyway. If you are bored out of your wits, it is a better idea to spend your time on forum games than to spam. Beware! so sorry
  21. what? how does spam meant in this forum? so sorry for that i didn't know that's a spam
  22. You have to put a knob on the back but it still doesn't work so well, try emailing zeptolab to get them to put you down one level
  23. Indeed, your discovery of the Kittens Gone Bad (KGB) organisation .. and its attempts to infiltrate CATS .. was a real game changer 😀 Armed with this intelligence, Fellow Foxes 🦊 was able to play the lead role in monitoring .. and ultimately shutting down .. the operations of this nefarious group. Along the way, there has emerged one real heart-warming story ❣ Catwop has come in from the cold .. and been welcomed into the family of freedom fighters 😀 He has been bestowed with the highest honour in CATS .. he is now an honorary Fox 🦊! And now for my next question ? Will the three Non PresTigers family of gangs (Non PresTigers, NP Cubs and NP Lynx) be able to achieve a higher combined score in Purris than Fellow Foxes 🦊? It should be a great race 😀
  24. Considering I came up with the orignal pun way back Phil you would think I could remember it wouldn’t you!
  25. Hello I have a problem with my backpedals. I always use 2 backepedals and sneaky. Today I fully upgraded my boosters skills, and now, my car flight away from the ring. Now game is harder, and I think zeptolab must make changes with boosters, or with skills system. They made the improvement lead to suicide. I can create new set-up with flying car, but it's not the same. Also landing is not repeatable. It's unfair when my car is better, but there is about 50% chance to land upside down. I'm waiting for the answer.
  26. everytime i paste a topic link it's shows a purple background and some cats in this image anyone what's happening?
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