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  3. Cómo puedo salir de mi pandilla no juegan hace ya 45 días que no se conectan
  4. Hello, Thank you for sharing, this is just a visual bug that shall soon be corrected at some point, the HP/Attack you see is before the bonus given by the Hot Wheels bodies. This explains the difference. Good luck,
  5. I have pics that prove the game is adding more HP & DMG to your opponents in UL League Fights. After you choose to continue to the next round the game adds more HP & DMG ratings. Since players choose based on the initial displayed ratings, this means you’re not fighting the same opponent. This artificially tilts the League Fights so players lose more and therefore may spend more RL $$$ on gems. the game is rigged. I have dozens of pics as proof.
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  7. Here's the test: We are an up and coming gang competing in City Kings. Membership is based on participation in City Kings. Least active players are kicked on a regular basis. We don't count trophies, but we do try to earn them to collect Tony's rewards. As of stage 25 of Purris, we are ranked 2,379 with a score of 2,204,794. Less than two weeks ago we were at stage 17 with a rank of 7,852 and a score of 46,500. We are ranked 3,142 with 1126 trophies for Top Gangs, but we are not focused on trophies. Most of our members have not prestiged yet. We have one member at Prestige 3, three members at Prestige 2, and six members at Prestige 1. We don't care. If you're Prestige 60 and don't fight, we'll kick you on day one. If you haven't prestiged and spend 5 minutes a day in City Kings, you'll be with us for life. We are currently full, but will probably have new openings soon. I would like to fill our gang with people that want to be in it instead of randoms and freeloaders. Thank you for your time, Hartlus
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  9. Please enjoy this short video made by me!
  10. 📢 CALLING CATS PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A CHANGE 📢 NP family of gangs recruiting now! NP gangs are NOT pay to win gangs, we do NOT expect you to spend money💰/gems💎 and we do NOT expect you to be plugged in 24/7 into game. We DO expect you to have a social life 🍺, we DO expect you to have other commitments non CATS orientated 🧗‍♂️ and we DO expect you to have holidays. 🛫 Non PresTigers: The original and strongest in the NP family. Currently ranked Top 25 in City Kings. We are looking for highly active players with strong builds for CK. Current Prestige requirement is 20+ but willing to consider lower prestige with appropriate builds. Guaranteed Gang Box 6. Our trophy minimum is 200 per 3 day cycle. 🐅WE HAVE 1 SPACE AVAILABLE🐅 NP Cubs: Our 2nd NP gang formed in Meowscow Season. Currently ranked around 60 and District 6 of Purris. Looking for Prestige 10+ players with experience in City Kings, will lower for right candidate and Asian:European time zone. Minimum 100 trophies required per 3 day cycle. 🐯WE HAVE 1 SPACE AVAILABLE🐯 NP Panthers: Formed and led by Zak Attack the Founder of Non Prestigers (currently T25 CK gang) NP Panthers are the newest gang in the NP Family formed during Purris and Currently in District 6. Prestige 8 and up required. Will lower if you will be a good fit with appropriate builds. Minimum 100 trophies required per 3 day cycle. Looking for social and active European/Asian players 🐾WE HAVE 2 SPACES AVAILABLE.🐾 NP🐅 NP🐯 NP🐾 NP Website: Drop in and say 👋
  11. Viva latinoamérica! Buscamos gente Leal, Honesta y Activa. Prestigio: 19+ Negociable si tienen buenas máquinas. Búscanos cómo King Leyends!😎
  12. Wir suchen sehr aktive Prestige 3 Spieler für Chat, König der Stadt und Gangkämpfe. Wir sind derzeit Rang unter Top 500 mit 4553 Trophäen. Ich kicke alle 2 Tage Leute die inaktiv sind, wobei es immer nur 2 mann sind meistens. Ich achte darauf, dass in König der Stadt und an Gangkämpfen teilgenommen wird. Falls ihr bei König der Stadt verliert.. könnt ihr das in Chat schreiben, damit ich weiß, dass ihr aktiv wart. Wir suchen keine Pay2Win Spieler, sondern einfach nur aktive und motivierte Spieler. Gang-ID: Wolfsburg#9473 We are looking for very active players with prestige 3 in that game for chat, gangfights and king of the city Our current rank is 495 with 4553 trophies. I kik inactiv members after 2 days. I´m looking for your activity at King of City and Gangfights. If you fail in King of City so I can´t see your car defending, just write it in the chat and everything is fine. We dont need pay to win players, we just want active and motivated ones. Gang-ID: Wolfsburg#9473
  13. If they're camping (really high Attack/Defense) for the Stage & Prestige, about the only thing you can do is keep tweaking your build, until you beat them? Highly depends on what you're throwing at them....more details would be helpful.
  14. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle and reap great rewards! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Experienced and active leader. Strategy focused. Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who are willing to be active in City Kings and Gang Fights) Language: English
  15. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Goal is for great rewards for all participating players Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who want to play & battle) Language: English
  16. bread with butter? he doesn't even take his prestige for now maybe a new countdown for that prestige is starting or eat his groceries?
  17. i can't promote because these guys won't let get past i was too mad about these players how come it is possible? how come that player too bory for getting weapons rarely maybe it passes the bread with butter and feel good? also no in-game purchases
  18. Many you see have been there for weeks or maybe months, to progress in the game I suggest prestiging. If not, then here are how to get power: - Defuse parts into others - Bet on Parts to get maximum bonus (HP and Attack) - Toolboxes Good luck,
  19. Hi, looking for new catz to join us. We have a handful of good players but need more! Come try us out. Clan is "letsdothis#59767".
  20. Hey i am looking for a gang Prestige 0 At least Lv1 clan box I am stage 16 at the moment Active everyday
  21. Our gang (Pyro Masters#20192) are looking for active and dedicated members to join us in our city kings domination quest. We're ranked 1555th on the City Kings leaderboard but strive to attain that #1 position. Requirements are as follows : be at least prestige 2, daily city kings participation (the more active the better) is a must, good communication, loyalty and dedication to the team, and the common goal of reaching the top. Suggestions and/or strategies are welcome and appreciated. We have strong leadership and several great members with some formidable machines, we just need a few more like-minded people to join our conquest. We look forward to battling with the best. -2nd in command, irishtheunlcky#49953
  22. Looking below on the page "powered by invision community" it needs to be more optimized and clean please devs try one of the alternatives 1. phpBB 2. MyBulletin 3. XenForo 4. MyBB
  23. So I haven't been playing very long and don't know all the ins and outs of the game, but I'm currently at stage 24. Not sure if I'm going to prestige or not. My question is how do people get damage over 1 million? Toolboxes? I'm struggling to get over 100k at this point and there's no chance of beating somebody who can do that much damage. I knew there was some pay to play involved but I didn't realize this game was that dependent on it.
  24. These 3-slot classics used to drop before the game was officially launched as CATS, back when it was in beta mode and called Backyard Battles. But they were too OP so before the game was officially launched as C.A.T.S. they were removed from normal boxes. Perhaps by accident, they were still found in the boxes you can buy for gems in the store, but they were rare. Still, bunch of guys were able to get one or more back when there was a Prestige 10 cap and no ultimate league. Eventually, the 3-slot classics were removed entirely from the game. But anyone who already had them and never prestiged still has them.
  25. That worked ty Nice photoshop or mspaint tho😂
  26. Does anyone want to join my gang : Cat Box Army? We need more players to compete in City Kings with us, We are short 8 players, Out of 17 people only afew of us are active. One member qwit us cause i came off as unfriendly? What do you expect?? i am leader of my gang. its my job to recruit people to the gang and ask them to look for some good active players. being lazy ain't an excuse you to qwit just because you don't want to help my gang grow. My Gang, They liked him even though he was kind of rude to me. i am recruiting prestige 2 players
  27. Try something like this, see what happens.....
  28. Im going up against very very powerfull drills
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