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  5. Caut jucători activi,comunicativi si ambițioși...scopul e sa ducem gasca in top 100 daca se poate..pot da sfaturi despre joc celor ce vor sa învețe cum sa construiască masini puternice
  6. Hi Jijok A very good question ! My understanding is the 20 ticket limit applies to any 24 hour period .. so the count starts from the minute you receive your first league ticket. If you accumulate 20 tickets within the next 20 hours (for example), you must wait 4 more hours to receive your next ticket ! This free ticket limit is, of course, a ridiculous and unnecessary limit 😡 In practice, active players are likely to generate 20 to 25 league tickets a day .. they should clearly be allowed to use them all. However, Zeptolab seek at every opportunity to favour pay-to-win (p2w) players over free players .. so they “rob” us of free tickets in the hope that we will buy more tickets (at 50 gems for 5 tickets, initially). The removal of the free ticket limit is one of many changes Zeptolab should make to restore some balance between p2w and free players. I’m not holding my breath .. but it’s nice to dream (of a better, fairer CATS world) 😀
  7. OK, now I know there are a limit of 20 tickets per day, but when the count reset ? Actually, what time uses the game ? I usually the championship clock, but didnt get ticket from super box 2 hs after the champ was over
  8. Get that money thinking out of your head. Seriously. Don't advertise it! In most games there will be f r e a k s or hardcore players that will spend money. Let them have the first places - they can't win otherwise. Don't let hem bother, you can do nothing about it and it's not worth thinking about. I play Grand Prix and I don't spend a cent. I am arround 40th place right now and it's good enough for me. 15 cutter rocket bodies I take any time (price for beeing in 30th to 69th place). The price is good and I play for FUN! If I reached 40th without spending anything, that means, vast majority don't and that's the right way to do. Let those few rest sponsor the game creators in behalf of all of us, that's the way I think about it lol There is much to be learned how to play Grand Prix. Here is one of the tips for you. - First 3 slots are sponsor slots, they renew hourly IF they are empty. You want to keep them empty when you take break from the game. Enemy is too hard? Take first 3 cars, wait one hour for them to regenerate, hit enemy again to the point you have weakened enemy enough you can take it out with your remaining cars ''purchased'' in the store. - choose smart which cars to exchange for fans in the store and when. Observe enemy cars if you better need lifter, shotgun, blade to avoid enemy weapons or just brutal force from rocket launchers. Often you can flip enemy car over and than it is easy victory, keep the cars in the garage that can do that. - if you are lucky to get fan booster(s), put it on the car with most slots and never use that car in fights unless you are certain it will win. I have +30 fan boost from 3 tickets I was lucky to have in first levels and it gives you roughly additional 1k for each 6k reward fight. You don't want to loose that. And the best part of the Grand Prix is that unlike All Stars event, you don't have to play hard all the time. Just enter the event, play a little and leave it till you are ready to play again. Those fuel cans will add up regardless you play all day or not and that's the only thing that will keep you back. You will loose nothing by not playing all day except hourly sponsor cars but that is not that big factor anyway,
  9. ...yeah so apparently I can't edit my post once I found out you guys aren't handled by EA - I got trolled... oh well... but my analysis still stands.
  10. ...aaaand it seems my source was wrong, Zepto isn't with EA. Got trolled...
  11. Where?
  12. Here's how it works: The betting feature is a cash grabber for EA/Zepto. It's a lure to improve your parts, and they know you're going to pull out your wallet and spend real money to get your improved parts back if you lose. I used the betting feature once or twice, lost my parts, and never bet again.
  13. Unbalanced. Can't beat the current car I'm up against (It's got laser and accessory that bumps attacking cars back) with the cars that are handed out. Basically, it's broken. I came back after a two year break to find it's even more of a money grab than it was when I left the first time.
  14. This game used to be fun before you guys (EA) got your hands on it. Now it's terribly unbalanced and nearly impossible to progress as before without spending gems. It's become a repetitive grind. I took a break from the game for 2 years and came back, and it's even worse now. You picked up a game with a great playerbase, great idea, and converted it from a fun game into something that feels more like a job than a game. Your Grand Prix idea is interesting but the current car I'm up against is impossible to beat with the cars you hand out, and when I say impossible, I mean it, and you know it too. I quit the clan, and I'm quitting the game again. Maybe before I try your game again you'll fix it so it's more fun again. When a game ceases being fun, I dump it, and find a better game developer/company to support.
  15. I know that trohpies limit was introduced to let campers move bla bla bla, but can you remove that just to help gang even if not geting gang box ? I mean, you can change trophie limit for box limit ? That way you still dont get box but at least can help gang
  16. Phil how do you know this
  17. DH has 1 spot, among some of our other gangs. For exact requirements and spaces, check out our main server: 👇
  18. Green means you are alive. More green is better. If you manage to be green 24h you get suprise box with ultimate parts but I didn't say that and don't take my word for it. I suggest also adding mark for those, who's cars are in City Kings. Would make great improvement for gang leaders to track player activity.
  19. Hi there 😀 There have been two relevant changes to the game since you last played (among many changes, most to the detriment of free players) .. 1. You now get a gang box only if you have been with the gang for the entire 3 days of a gang box period. If you join a gang part way through the gang box period, you can contribute trophies .. but you will not get a gang box ! This change was designed to stop the practice (used by some players) of jumping into a gang just before the gang box was due. 2. Your name now changes colour from black to green whenever you are online. So your name will always be green when you check the gang list .. the other “green” players are also online ! “Today”, “Yesterday”, “2 days ago” etc next to a player’s name indicates when they were last online .. providing some indication of player activity for gang leaders. Welcome back 😀
  20. So I just came back to the game after sometime so I joined a gang and i didn’t get a gang box. This has happened twice. I contributed about 70+ trophies yet I didn’t get it both times. Does it have to do with my name being green? How do I get it to turn the same color like the others? Note: this is the pic after I didn’t get the two gang boxs
  21. Reward list for Purris 2 is .. District 1 - Ice Cream Mace x2 District 2 - Corsair Drive Tire x2 District 3 - Frost Sprinkler x1 District 4 - Anti-gravity Scooter (X-70) x2 District 5 - Slow Scooter x3 District 6 - Santa’s Double Rocket x2 District 7 - Glacial Menace x2 District 8 - Flue x1 District 9 - Golem Fist x1 District 10 - Diamond Slow Scooter x1 Wishing you another successful mission to conquer Purris 2 😀
  22. Time to bug you again Phil. Can you post the City Kings reward list for Purris? Thank you Sir.
  23. yeni açılan çetemiz kirli pati ye oyunu severek oynayan herkesi bekleriz.
  24. We are up to 17 members with an 88% participation rate in City Kings. I've temporarily dropped the Prestige requirement to 1 to recruit new quality players. We don't use Discord or any 3rd party chat. We don't need it. If I'm not around to give instructions, the gang defaults to basic strategy. Instructions are mostly for new people; veterans learn how we work pretty quick. We fight in City Kings. Players who are only interested in collecting trophies and gang boxes will be wasting their time and ours if they join. They are usually kicked before they ever get a gang box.
  25. Great, thanks for sharing. i recommend going under 20 members until your team is ready for a full fight. Wish you beat the best of luck.
  26. Hello, in this case, it means you already received it while in another team. It’s the only time it would only give you an attack or health box. If not, please submit an ingame ticket and they’ll take care of it, good luck
  27. Much better than the in-game chat, much of the community is there, ability to assign roles, send direct notifications, create multiple channels and servers, upload images, among other things
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