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  2. DH has 1 spot, among some of our other gangs. For exact requirements and spaces, check out our main server: 👇
  3. Green means you are alive. More green is better. If you manage to be green 24h you get suprise box with ultimate parts but I didn't say that and don't take my word for it. I suggest also adding mark for those, who's cars are in City Kings. Would make great improvement for gang leaders to track player activity.
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  5. Hi there 😀 There have been two relevant changes to the game since you last played (among many changes, most to the detriment of free players) .. 1. You now get a gang box only if you have been with the gang for the entire 3 days of a gang box period. If you join a gang part way through the gang box period, you can contribute trophies .. but you will not get a gang box ! This change was designed to stop the practice (used by some players) of jumping into a gang just before the gang box was due. 2. Your name now changes colour from black to green whenever you are online. So your name will always be green when you check the gang list .. the other “green” players are also online ! “Today”, “Yesterday”, “2 days ago” etc next to a player’s name indicates when they were last online .. providing some indication of player activity for gang leaders. Welcome back 😀
  6. So I just came back to the game after sometime so I joined a gang and i didn’t get a gang box. This has happened twice. I contributed about 70+ trophies yet I didn’t get it both times. Does it have to do with my name being green? How do I get it to turn the same color like the others? Note: this is the pic after I didn’t get the two gang boxs
  7. Reward list for Purris 2 is .. District 1 - Ice Cream Mace x2 District 2 - Corsair Drive Tire x2 District 3 - Frost Sprinkler x1 District 4 - Anti-gravity Scooter (X-70) x2 District 5 - Slow Scooter x3 District 6 - Santa’s Double Rocket x2 District 7 - Glacial Menace x2 District 8 - Flue x1 District 9 - Golem Fist x1 District 10 - Diamond Slow Scooter x1 Wishing you another successful mission to conquer Purris 2 😀
  8. Time to bug you again Phil. Can you post the City Kings reward list for Purris? Thank you Sir.
  9. yeni açılan çetemiz kirli pati ye oyunu severek oynayan herkesi bekleriz.
  10. We are up to 17 members with an 88% participation rate in City Kings. I've temporarily dropped the Prestige requirement to 1 to recruit new quality players. We don't use Discord or any 3rd party chat. We don't need it. If I'm not around to give instructions, the gang defaults to basic strategy. Instructions are mostly for new people; veterans learn how we work pretty quick. We fight in City Kings. Players who are only interested in collecting trophies and gang boxes will be wasting their time and ours if they join. They are usually kicked before they ever get a gang box.
  11. Great, thanks for sharing. i recommend going under 20 members until your team is ready for a full fight. Wish you beat the best of luck.
  12. Hello, in this case, it means you already received it while in another team. It’s the only time it would only give you an attack or health box. If not, please submit an ingame ticket and they’ll take care of it, good luck
  13. Much better than the in-game chat, much of the community is there, ability to assign roles, send direct notifications, create multiple channels and servers, upload images, among other things
  14. Use a keywords to search for gangs in-game and join a gang who's name you like the most. That's a one way to find a gang. Also as it was said before, use top 100 gang list to find a free gang, not all gangs require 3rd party communication adware to use and if they do, I would try to avoid such gang - I like to be a free cat lol.
  15. One way to find a gang for your skill level is going down the top gangs trophies list, until you find one with an open spot. Unfortunately, almost all great gangs require some form of 3rd party communication, which you have previously expressed disinterest in.
  16. We have a few spots open in FF and SK. FF now gets gang box 6 every time, just like CT and FC. Join our Federation’s server here:
  17. Merry Christmas! I want to add - Furry Road was exactly P2W - Play To Win (as I like to call it) or P2W - Pay To Win (be a nice sponsor through game creators for benefit of all of us). It was possible to play and finish the road without spending money, if you were good enough in P2W (Play To Win) : 1) have prepared good cars (you knew the Furry Road was coming, it was announced at least week ago). 2) using strict strategy and experience from fighting previous Championships how to defeat other oponent cars at your stage. 3) was hard working to collect pins every hour and never missed one (who said it should come easy?). About that Nano Station - it is funny because I thought the opposite - I was under impression that it is still too weak and healing time needs more fine tunning and should be 1-2 times longer... on my testing Nano Station vs Freezing Gift, it was weaker despite the 60k healing power (on level 6) - that almost doubles my building rig health, the healing lasts only like 1 /10 of the second and then boom, you find yourself helpless against enemy attacks and you don't have the nice freezing and repulse effect from the Santa's gift.
  18. Merry christmas everyone!! Zepto thinks the same so they sent you a present!! Guess what's inside!! (Drum roll) More Pay-to-win bull Sh*t. Let's start, We Ended the Hot wheels horror show with the furry road!! However I didn't get to play it because it was my brother's 18th!! Still the rewards where good if you, A, play SOOO much you go blind or you give them more money! YAY I would reveiw these parts but I can't and won't pay Now we have the same as every year Christmas pay-to-win event! More parts to more the top payers (Oops sorry did I say payers I ment players, of course;) The other question Is are they "re-balencing" old parts or making more op Pay-to-win parts. Here's what happens: I am about to kill a very powerful enemy with me freezing build. hes on his last hp and then this new "nano bot" makes him good as new and he roasts me:( NOT HAPPY there not much else but do LIKE AND COMMENT. We might make Zepto chane their minds:)
  19. With heart shaped energy blasts:
  20. Here's the link to the channel:
  21. I have a bunch of uploads to YouTube: I haven't done much editing, but a lot of the fights are exciting for different reasons. My favorite fights are the ones with no weapons. There's also the occasional dog video.
  22. Hi, First of love the game. But can you please do something about the maching in Citykings. We get fights against top 100 and are way lower. Would say 60% + are way higher level than us. Few of the great matches where it can go both ways until the last min. Another thing is more an idea. Get a skip option, so if 5 from the team says skip the other team get instan win and we are not stuck in 10-14 hours in a bad match. Thanks in advance
  23. green boxes from city kings stages are not ultimate machine parts ? I just get health/attack boxes ...
  24. If your gang ask to earn X trophies and it's a top gang then prestige, if not the just stay at 24 get gems and relax
  25. We're looking for daily players who dont want to be badgered about their ability. Thanks for considering us. There's currently only two rules for the gang. 1: Earn us trophies by playing in gang fights. 2: Only attack double chained buildings in city kings. You don't have to play EVERYday. but we do tend to kick people who accumulate 4 days absence if you're not vocal in chat. join us. TINCAT#57283
  26. Don't do Furry Roads when you are about to Prestige or just Prestiged, you will not have any good builds yet. I feel you but there is not much you can do unless you are on last Prestige (level 70 currently?) then it is GAME OVER. Be a man, suck it up and Prestige. Happened to me few times too. Just start over and build even better cars.
  27. What do i do, I have been camping at stage 24 and as soon as my bots start getting powerful i get "You have claimed all the rewards in this stage move on to the next one to get more" in gang fights. this would be fine but I have a 5 start carbon "Deep freeze" that does 120% more damage to mini gun and a 4 start carbon whale that does 60% more damage to whale. I also have a LOT of tool boxes from the "Furry road" thing. I would normaly move on but I don't want to lose this, what should I do?????
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