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  2. "Joined 1 minute ago" She didn't log in with Facebook or she did?
  3. Never fear GhostMan .. Halloween will be here ! Last year there were two events staged around the time of Halloween 🎃 👻 First there was a Grand Prix event (finishing on 28 October) .. followed by an All Stars event (finishing on 2 November). The All Stars event would have started just prior to Halloween (31 October). So .. as well as facing children eager to get their hands on your candy .. rest assured that Zeptolab will be as determined as ever to get their hands on your money ! Unlike the kids, Zeptolab don’t have to wear costumes for Halloween .. they’re always dressed as witches 🧙‍♀️, evil wizards 🧙‍♂️ etc .. it’s their corporate uniform 😂
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  5. It's October right now but there is no Halloween update? What's going on Zeptolab? Come on.
  6. Nope, sadly.
  7. Doesn't option signing in with Facebook allow you to skip the said approval process if what you say is true? Surely some members leave and some join the game, it is neverending process. Judging from latest events like Grand Prix or All Stars, the game is very much alive until this day. I have no idea too why forum is so much like dead, perhaps many of the active players have been lured to the discord server because their gangs demand it and in dicord you can find about everything for cats you need. Personally I don't like this, for 1st time players and not only cats forum is much more easy accessable than discord (need time to install, find cats server and join and even then you can find only latest news and most recent discussions). Discord is only good for chatting and for players posting silly images and gifs
  8. ... with quite a bit of help from Zeptolab ! Not only are Zeptolab steadily and surely ruining the game of CATS .. and City Kings in particular .. but they have also contributed significantly to killing off this Forum by not allowing new members to join 😡 Almost 4 months ago I created a second account .. and applied to join the Forum. I was informed that an approval process had been introduced .. and to wait for that approval. Two weeks later I wrote to Support .. following up on what was going on ! Support’s response was truly surprising .. “ The Forum isn’t active anymore, so we recommend to join our Discord server ...” 😱 (if you don’t allow new members to join, the Forum can’t possibly become active again .. because so many old members have left the game !) In the absence of new members .. and with old members dwindling away .. I, NotANewb and you are destined to remain the top 3 contributors to this Forum, until death we do part 😀
  9. It died...
  10. Shame this forum system doesn't have polling. I would put the question "should the tranquilliser be nerfed?" Even the gang members WITH purples have said yes.
  11. Seems to be the new normal. today's 1st gangfight had 2 purple guns, so I gemmed that opponent. After winning the easy gem the next opponent also had 2 purple guns. So... my contribution to the gang is a whopping 5 points. (And no... I'm not on level 25...I'm still blue)
  12. You got very bad luck with random enemy, it seems. But 1st cars in gangfights usually are very weak unless you are at last level before prestige and your 3 car setup is off balance. 4 tranq guns or more could be won in the recent Grand Prix tour while completing levels so it is no surprise where they come from but I don't like too that they have kept tranq guns in gang fights seemingly forever even after events are long over. It's worth noting also that more or less enemy cars in gang fights are not always real players but sometimes bot generated cars with impossibly high attack and health levels if you got bad luck. Packet bug seems bad one but it is somehow understandable if it is due to connection loss and game thinks you quit the fight, it should be fixed though same way they fixed the Ultimate Fights bug when game crashed at the middle of the fight resulted in lost fight, now it resumes the fight.
  13. The result that threw me was my loss to a car that ended up winning with 0 health
  14. So instead of nerfing these things they get handed out at random. For the first time today I had to gem my first gangfight opponent. What do they get replaced with? An opponent with 4 tranquilliser guns! Between these guns and the terrible matchmaker and late packet bug in city kings the game has turned quite unenjoyable. WAY TO WRECK THE GAME ZEPTO ! (For those that haven't come across it yet, the late packet bug causes the enemy health indicator to not work. If you win the battle the pop up will say you've won, but when you get back to the car park YOU'RE the one who blows up and your opponent stays intact...and the win is not scored. Happens frequently to those on a satellite connection with very high ping times)
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  16. Hi again😸, the stun gun was also price in previous events, that's why u face it for months, and u can get it in the current one too with the choice box at 509 screw nuts ♪┌(。◕‿◕。)┘♪
  17. The Feral Cats (55424) are recruiting. F2P ok... Every Monday the bottom 5 members without gangfight trophies are culled, so we only require you to play once a week. (Naturally we would prefer daily players, but we'll take anyone who wants to add gang boxes to their parts supply) Come join us and discuss builds and tactics.
  18. Stun gun sounds right yes, I see players have that weapon all the time for the last months 🤔
  19. I just prestiged and only met one enemy with tranq gun. I don't see a problem with pretige yet. If there is a problem currently then it's more in Gang Fights, sometimes you have enemy with tranq gun and then in most cases it is game over unless you reset or build high health car that can withstand enemy attacks while you are tranquilized and sometimes you can do that. Thankfully tranquilizers in Gang Fights are not that often seen.
  20. I think Zepto didn't think this through. Those multi-million point level 25 sitters have been joined by those unwilling to lose their super-weapons. I suspect soon it will be impossible to reach the prestige button. I was hoping that the adjustment would give it a vulnerability, or reduce it's freeze time, but instead they removed it's only true weakness and in doing so could have lost many players too frustrated to continue. Well done.
  21. Hi Jack, the "poison needle" (or stun-gun?) was optainable in the last event "item run(?)" (don't know the enlish version). When reaching 318 nuts I got a choice-chest with it inside.👍
  22. I only got to exchange 100 of my skill points, I would like to use the rest
  23. How come the poison needle weapon isn’t available without paying for them still? It’s really starting to annoy me encountering all these players with poison needle without having the option to use one my self, it’s way to op to. When will it come out in public? All weapons should become available in normal loot boxes eventually, it’s only fair
  24. Good to see yet another app update has arrived after initial post! Not sure this will add something new to the current SKILL POINTS SHOP exchange from the last update, but who knows. I still have plenty remaining skills to deal with...
  25. It's been a while now and it is great to be able to exchange the skill points for goodies from the shop now! Before exchange my highest skill score was more than 1300 paws, it has been a fun collecting them but everything has to end. My only complain would be that the exchange items in the shop appears for too short period of time and I even don't know if I missed some already (hope not)! My highest trophy so far, I guess, was tranquilizer gun for decent cost of 20 paws, good timing for the recent scrap run too Now, if only we would be able to get some UL parts too, that would be awesome!
  26. what about GameSpy? I'm old
  27. I agree, its not worth blowing your brains out, however, they've moved the goalposts to top 5 (used to be 9) to get the 4 +4 parts. the 9th-20th (I think) get 2 + 2. I, as I'm sure many of you get the boxes, at least once, for old, shall we say, traditional, weapons that are already maxed. So now I'm getting 2/3 boxes instead of may be 6/7, that's quite a difference. nice to see people posting in the forum though
  28. And all the hype about nothing... you get like one container more for beeing in first places, just stay in top 26 and you are granted 3+1 Ultimate Parts and that is not hard to do even if you burn some tickets on the way P.s. that screenshot with 1st placer is crazy, looks like you jumped in competitive gang haha.
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