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  2. Somebody hacked kyle's game via his Facebook and now his hacked into kyle's phone why these people isn't doing anything about this
  3. What hacker?
  4. Why have the developers haven't fixed the hacker yet?
  5. I get the feeling that someone made that joke already... P.S Watch someone's name be whale hunter
  6. Are you going to put Kitty Kitty in bold every time? Oh. Wait.
  7. Today
  8. Sincd i use Android - saving gifs to my google drive works super slick. Get to explain why harpoons are great for catching whales. Tee hee hee - harpoons, whale hunting 😃
  9. From the fishies who will never achieve rank Kitty Kitty
  10. Pick the blue paint
  11. 1. early whale This is a Whale is that's is exclusive at the metal parts 2. early cat This cat isn't used in the game IMAGES BELOW
  12. Kok saya tdk bsa upload ya
  13. LoL
  14. Even more!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Good evening I am kyle's mother and I have returned to ask a question
  17. Its more!!
  18. So basically... 1. More p2w 2. Ooh yes please 3. Thank the lord 4. Thank the lord again 5. I don't really care 6. THANK. THE. LORD.
  19. Chervey posted this on discord: The next update is still under development, however we’d like to share with you its content a bit in advance. Here’s a general feature list of the next update 2.10: - Car repair in KOTC. We will add an option to repair any car that is not parked at a lot. - New KOTC scoring system. We will make more intuitive and transparent scoring system in KOTC that will help you to understand what’s going on in the war. We’ll share more details soon. - UX improvements. Some tweaks will be made in KOTC UI that should make gang war management easier. Remembering the last KOTC car designs included. Assembling same cars over and over again is no longer needed. Save your time! - Reworked Save Streak button. We’ve made some changes in it in order to exclude occasional taps. - Changes in Ultimate toolboxes mechanics. They will give bonuses to ultimate cars during a period of time, not for 8 fights only. - Gang Call. Gang members may send notifications to their gang mates by using a new button. It should help to coordinate vicious counter attacks and gang warfare better. The update is going to be so cool!
  20. GANG RECRUITMENT Kittyswhoplay#1693 3 open spots again Activity of @ least 5 trophies is a requirement during each 72 hr round. Most everyone contributes decent amounts of trophies and everyone plays KOTC KOTC play is required if you've leveled to it Simple as you play you stay Inactive players will be kicked We on average obtain gang box 4 **when commenting (ie: can I join etc.) responses to this post they wont be answered in a timely fashion, too busy gaming... dont ask just join 😻😃********* See ya there ❤😻
  21. Kitty kitty sounds more like a Japanese anime than a forum rank lol
  22. Ios uses icloud Android uses google play The facebook link is a cool cross platform way to recover losy accounts. All else fails, of you remember your driver name#1234 - launch a new game, and in help, post a message to the helpdesk. They are great
  23. Should end with rank Kitty Kitty Heck, even I would post more.
  24. A little over 9000 will break the top 100 mark and this will be the next step........ any takers!
  25. MAN! don’t expect you to “CALL NITA TO” gang, instead if you could CONTACT gang that would be great.........sorry In meantime here is a little proof that we are doing ok......
  26. 3.141592653589 This happened...
  27. I found that generally with patience you are gonna get the outcome mostly right once you have played the game for a while. But nevertheless there is always that one result you don’t see coming! You need gems in reserve if you gonna be serious about increasing bonus on magic items through betting. I still think with the trophy block element, and even though we have these new generic magic items with big bonuses applied to Bodies/Attack/Defense, that betting is not what it once’s a bit better now.........but only a little. I have quickly merged/sold some of the parts I got from anniversary box because there stats (with betting) could not keep up with my bots progress. Interested if anyone else is finding this the same?
  28. We just lost two members and are looking for strong replacements. Direct Message me or post here if you want to join
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