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  3. It was really! i only noticed when I was battling and I hit number 15
  4. Yesterday
  5. okay 👌
  6. It’s already fixed, just going through posts and cleaning, was on a small break 😂
  7. i dont think that the devs can fix this cursed bug through also is this already fixed because this was posted in past 1 week
  8. This was a temporary bug, a good one 😀 to beat 14/20+ should be good haha!
  12. IF ANYONE DECIDE TO JOIN ME SHOUD KNOW THAT EVERY TIME I WANT TO GO FOR INSTANT WIN IF NOT..WE TAKE THE DOUBLES.. ma astept sa apara si romani...languages for this gang its ..roumanian,english and spanish..PRESTIGE 1 MINIMUM.. CURENTLY IN MEOW DE JANEIRO 41#
  14. Last week
  15. I’m getting videos to watch by closing the game on my iPad .. then opening it up again (sometimes two to three times before the error messages disappear). A more time consuming process than “normal” .. but with so many bugs in CATS, this has become “par for the course” ! Watching videos is a critical part of progressing through stages and prestige levels in CATS. How Zeptolab have managed to stuff up this part of the game .. and then not be able to fix it in a timely manner .. is very hard to understand ? Further evidence of the poor quality control that continues to frustrate long term, active players 😡
  16. same problem here, Jio answered me yesterday that: there's a temp fix from a player: "Ads re-appears if you turn off and on the mobile data on your phone while the game is running. but you have to do this each time when you want to watch the ad"
  17. I play several times a day, I have one of the strongest builds in our gang and my prestige level is closer to the end side than start BUT I already have a gang... not one of the top ones but beeing faithfull to my gang close to a year now I believe, sorry bud, best of luck!!! Good active players are quite hard to find - either they are way too hardcore and play in top gangs only or they are hot blooded/ beginers who's enthusiasm ends in the first two weeks and they are going inactive or leave to find yet another better gang
  18. Looking for players who actually play (or at least try to play) most of the time, I feel like our gang is held up by the same 3-4 players consistently, and we are winning 90% of the time. If we had a few more that played on a regular basis I know we could really knock it home! Want to win? Minimum prestige of 1. Get a hold of me for our gang name.
  19. Sometimes happens to me too. I restart the game and it usually goes away. As for "you need to watch the full video" if there is SKIP option, sometimes you could press it too early even if the button is active, just wait a little longer. But "there is no videos" message, haha you run out of luck, I guess... take a rest, do something else, come back and (hopefully) videos will be in stock again
  20. Interestingly, there is a different error message for each category of video that you cannot watch (because of Zeptolab’s incompetence) 😡 The error message you have highlighted GhostMan is for the movies 🎥 videos .. particularly annoying because Zeptolab’s failure to provide videos has cost me an attack toolbox .. and therefore, an instant promotion ! Another day in CATS .. another Zeptolab fail. Que Cera Cera ..
  21. minecraft in the background?
  22. Zeptolab’s track record at fixing bugs is not good .. that’s a “cold fact” as Rodriguez would say. But enough is enough ! There are some very annoying bugs that have persisted in the game for far too long. I will provide a list shortly .. but first .. here is the latest bug that should be fixed urgently .. You could call it .. “no videos are available to watch” bug 🕷.. a nasty bug that stops you watching .. 1. Any of the movies 🎥 videos that are normally available every 4 hours 2. Your daily allocation of 20 to 30 videos that speeds up the opening of supply boxes 3. The occasional video that would give you a bonus part (always nice, because it’s always a part at the same stage as you are). Here’s a selection of the error messages that have been repeating ad nauseum for hours ..
  23. This happened on stage 23, right before the championship
  24. I don't remember seeing this message "OR STAY IN TOP 13 WHEN THE TIMER ENDS" On my game it shows "OR STAY IN TOP 6 WHEN THE TIMER ENDS" Never been there but only logical explenation (besides glitch or never-seen-before new game future) is that 13 instead of 6 shows up when you have reached highest prestige level and there is no more PRESTIGE button and you stay there forever, only rewards changes.
  25. Please Could you be more specific on what stage did this happen
  26. come to românia 4
  27. IF ANYONE DECIDE TO JOIN ME SHOUD KNOW THAT EVERY TIME I WANT TO GO FOR INSTANT WIN IF NOT..WE TAKE THE DOUBLES.. ma astept sa apara si romani...languages for this gang its ..roumanian,english and spanish..
  28. it was a guy named fred..he is still in this team? i have 2 accounts the other has prestige 2..but if you saing you guys reach prestige 10....then i cannot come back
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