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  2. Not sure where there is a complete breakdown, but you are correct. Gang Box 5 gets 1 ultimate part (5,000 trophy requirement) Gang Box 6 gets 2 ultimate parts (10,000 trophy requirement) Gang Box 7 gets 3 ultimate parts (25,000 trophy requirement)
  3. Hola todavía buscan reclutas? Porque yo estoy en un clan pero parece que se va a desintegrar, soy muy activo y tengo prestigio 5. Avisenme si siguen buscando gente.
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  5. It’s unfortunate how players always assume the worst about game developers trying to rip them off.
  6. You can get any weapon/accessory in the game even before you have unlocked it through prestige level by winning gang fights. The drop table includes all regular parts even if you haven’t unlocked them.
  7. I completely disagree with this post. Sure buying boxes with gems gets you better parts and makes it easier to win championships and thus prestige, but it’s really not necessary and has always been the case. Good builds, patience and lots of Quick Fights to get upgrade fodder, selective use of gems - particularly on gang fight replaces and resets to get the legendary part - there are tons of ways to get ahead without having to spend. Also remember that those that do spend keep the game going so everyone can enjoy it!
  8. Is there a list of rewards for gang boxes? I’ve seen the level requirements, but never the breakdown of rewards. I’m pretty sure 5 gets 1 UM box 6 gets 2 and 7 gets 3, but I’d like to see the complete breakdown of the reward list.
  9. It has gotten harder however everyone is in the same boat! I know plenty of players who prestige within a week who don’t spend money. Their are lots of tricks that help the process. For example merging parts. If you merge a weaker part to a stronger part and get it to level up. Then repeat the process on a stronger part again. When you merge that part onto body/weapon/gadget you will get a much bigger boost to stats. It works out cheaper then if you got all the original parts and merged directly. Always merge a “chain” of parts.
  10. He means the win streak. Lilly you should really get your gang onto discord. Game changer.
  11. Your discord link has expired. When creating one there is an option to make it permanent rather then 1 day.
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  13. Hello, We are recruiting all active players from p1. At this moment we usually reach rank 3 gang boxes, but trying to improve and get higher ones. Please note innactive players are being monitored and removed on daily basis, therefore if you will be part of the gang and want to take a short break - notify us, not to get kicked. ANGRY KITTEN#11157 Thanks,
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  15. oh... and yeah i use bouncy boulders currently at the top
  16. Thank you for the replies. But, at least in minigun, I think there is something wrong. First shot is 1/5 complete power. It is sure. So, it depends on how fast are each shot. And we know it is slow at the start and it become faster each shot.
  17. It’s a known issue on some devices (being worked on), when that happens next time, close and reopen the app and try again, should work on the second attempt (:
  18. Seriously. Prestige system is broken and there's no realistic way to compete short of pay to play. Here's a huge middle finger to the devs.
  19. thx, i will try that. xoxo lilly join WHATLILLYSAYS#57373
  20. I've had some luck with setting mine to private, dropping the Prestige to 0, raising it back to whatever, then opening the Gang back up. I think that combo puts you on the "Recommended" list for a short period of time (players don't need to actively search for you specifically). Haven't really been able to confirm that with any of my new recruits, since they were all referrals.
  21. It's just part of the game. you earn all that stuff by Prestige 4....until then, blades & Rockets are your best friends.
  22. why do i always fight people with shotgun and balloon and i dont have it? same with gang fights im fighting people with 2x better machines then mines which has like 10 prestiges this is unfair
  23. After choosing my movie gift, and watching the advertisement the reward fails to show up. I can want and wait in the movie box and it qont show up if I click exit it's not in my inventory.
  24. There are no active events to currently get it. District 8 of Meowscow was the offering, and one of the October All-Stars (where I got mine). I don't think there's currently any Ultimate boxes that drop it?
  25. UK active only are recruiting for 2019 we only want Active players no longer lvl cap anyone reading this is welcome to apply
  26. Any other suggestions? Down to 20 players and no new members for 2 months.
  27. It's just a baby bear, wait till it reaches level 10 and then one falling bear will anihilate your car to dust lol
  28. searching for clan p0 now stage 17 active every day
  29. That explains why I have a 1/1 upgrade waiting. Couldn't remember where the 2nd drop came from. But you're right. It's pretty much useless.
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