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  2. Yet another server crash? For last several hours error code pops up: Connection to the server was lost. Please check your internet connection. In the past, shortly after application update was announched ready to download from Store. Now there is no update and no announcement were made about possible server maintanance. Servers failed, again.
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  4. Hi GreedyCat There was indeed a major server crash that affected most, if not all, gang functions .. including City Kings and gang fighting ! The official announcements on the CATS discord server are shown below. Some (small) compensation to all players for the inconvenience would be greatly appreciated .. but I’m not holding my breath 😂
  5. Seems fixed now but is was some worrying glitch. Still would be good to hear Zeptolabs statement what the hell was that?
  6. This morning all were fine but then suddenly all gangs are missing and you have to creat new gang or join existing but no existing gangs available and Ultimate League is loading forever... Seems like the only ones working are Grand Prix and Championship fights. If this is major reset and all gang leaders are be required to re-create their gangs, zeptolab absolutely must give 100 free gems to all players or at least gang leaders or this will look like dirty way to force everyone buying gems for recreating gangs, I still think this is some kind of bug that will be fixed immediately or you risk loosing way too much players.
  7. LOL chimbombo 😂 1. Lasers hit with 2.5 times the face value of their damage ! (although the damage dealt by toolboxes added to lasers was changed quite a while ago). 2. In the video above, Tyler quite clearly one-shots his opponent .. while adma’s laser doesn’t fire at all ??? 3. The $64 question is why does Tyler’s laser fire first ? The accepted answer is that this is randomly determined .. the same result applies for the duration of a Championship .. but the outcome can be changed by changing parts on your car, and re-fighting your opponent. 4. Good news ! This “problem” is rarely encountered .. even in ultimate league, where I still use a traditional whale and laser (even though this combination is fast becoming an endangered species) 😂
  8. But u need 3 shots to beat him and he only needs 2.
  9. Please allow me to make a few points in response to the above comments on this issue. 1. By far the most valuable use of paw points would be to allow their conversion into gems ! The currency of CATS is gems .. and with gems, you can do anything in the game (generate ultimate cash, improve normal cars, buy ultimate parts, etc). So Presto’s suggestion of 20 gems per paw point is an excellent one .. easy to implement, and valuable to all players 🏆 2. I agree with TheMexican that CATS is a great game .. but reform is still urgently needed ! However, none of that reform should involve normal cars .. because normal cars are a mere sideshow to the main event. Ultimate cars are the only cars that matter in CATS ! To make any changes to normal cars would be a total waste of scarce development resources at Zeptolab ! 3. I disagree strongly that Zeptolab are doing a “fantastic job” with CATS. They are clearly making City Kings (the premier and only important gang competition .. in fact, the only important competition in the game) more and more pay to win .. and that is a great pity indeed ! There is no balance whatsoever in a CK match between a top 10 gang and any other gang below top 25. 4. So it’s a NAY from me ! Rather than wasting time on the trivia of normal car design, paw points should be convertible into gems, and Zeptolab should focus on creating multiple CK divisions (with paid healing eliminated from lower divisions). Playing CK will then become fun again .. rather than the lop-sided, uncompetitive farce that most CK matches have become ☹️ Can we dare to dream ? 😀
  10. Agree with everything - changes are good thing generally - but boosters. Their hoping in air should be banned. That frauder strategy thinking is just way too wrong. We have better ways to build tricky cars. You mean adding variables like like who has custom costume or more painings on the car body or something like that? Or it's hard to imagine why weaker car realisticly should win stronger car in the same conditions. Randomly blown tire, maybe? BTW, Jio why you don't just admit, Paw points update project was long time dead. No one is working on it. Maybe it will resurrect some day, who knows.
  11. Let me first say that this is one of my favourite games of all time and I'm proud to say I am currently a level 10 player and hope to be a veteran of 50+ and up in the top 100 some day! Lol I have played this game through and something has always been itching away at me with cats.. The game is fun. The in game physics are pretty good for the most part ( please fix the forklift physics. The machine looks like it's floating if it gets tossed in the air), and it's pretty cool that there is so many different build options but... When u have two identical machines the player who has more health or fire-power will be the winner... Yay.. So why don't you add more dimension into the game play? Weapons - what if u could custom rotate every weapon like u can with rotating chainsaw? I think that would be really really cool Wait for it... Timer customisation for gadgets! Timing your booster to go off at a certain time or harpoon or lifter etc could turn the match on its head if u think about it. The game will be making u think not just about build, brawn and fire power, but also strategy. Like David vs Goliath. I think cats team u are doing a fantastic job, and I hope that this idea can help u rebalance things. These tweaks should yin-yang itself out for the most part and hopefully isn't that hard to incorporate into your platform. Balance and chaos is what this game is all about! What does everyone think about this idea? Yay or Nay? Peace out ✌️
  12. Hi Jacklost The new maximum prestige level is 80. So .. 21 prestige levels to go 😀
  13. Until the Scrap Run event held recently to celebrate the third anniversary of CATS, the maximum prestige level was 75. The announcement below (on CATS discord) indicates that further prestige levels have been opened up .. but does not specify the new maximum. I’ll find out (one of the mechanics is sure to know) .. and let you know 😀
  14. Well.….its been a blue chip implementation yet for those who have many....I now have 477.
  15. What’s the highest prestige you can get? I’m at 59 and I wanna know if I’m getting close to max prestige
  16. I finished the Scrap Run with 580 bolts 😀 One of the NP players (formerly known as Non Prestigers 😂) scored 588 bolts 🏆 The maximum possible score for a free player (who didn’t buy Zeptolab’s bolt offer) was 590 bolts (14 initial bolts plus 6 bolts per hour for 96 hours) !
  17. Hey, I'm at 244 so far with a little over a day left. Just curious about how others are progressing...
  18. Hey, I'm at 244 so far with a little over a day left. Just curious about how others are progressing...
  19. Ahoi cats, may someone publish the new "meow de janeiro"-district rewards , for those who don't follow discord 😜. Thank you 🤝
  20. Download mobdro reputation:
  21. You can relax with mobdro application which contains collection of the best movies. Is there anyone like me?
  22. Caut jucători activi,comunicativi si ambițioși...scopul e sa ducem gasca in top 100 daca se poate..pot da sfaturi despre joc celor ce vor sa învețe cum sa construiască masini puternice
  23. Hi Jijok A very good question ! My understanding is the 20 ticket limit applies to any 24 hour period .. so the count starts from the minute you receive your first league ticket. If you accumulate 20 tickets within the next 20 hours (for example), you must wait 4 more hours to receive your next ticket ! This free ticket limit is, of course, a ridiculous and unnecessary limit 😡 In practice, active players are likely to generate 20 to 25 league tickets a day .. they should clearly be allowed to use them all. However, Zeptolab seek at every opportunity to favour pay-to-win (p2w) players over free players .. so they “rob” us of free tickets in the hope that we will buy more tickets (at 50 gems for 5 tickets, initially). The removal of the free ticket limit is one of many changes Zeptolab should make to restore some balance between p2w and free players. I’m not holding my breath .. but it’s nice to dream (of a better, fairer CATS world) 😀
  24. OK, now I know there are a limit of 20 tickets per day, but when the count reset ? Actually, what time uses the game ? I usually the championship clock, but didnt get ticket from super box 2 hs after the champ was over
  25. Get that money thinking out of your head. Seriously. Don't advertise it! In most games there will be f r e a k s or hardcore players that will spend money. Let them have the first places - they can't win otherwise. Don't let hem bother, you can do nothing about it and it's not worth thinking about. I play Grand Prix and I don't spend a cent. I am arround 40th place right now and it's good enough for me. 15 cutter rocket bodies I take any time (price for beeing in 30th to 69th place). The price is good and I play for FUN! If I reached 40th without spending anything, that means, vast majority don't and that's the right way to do. Let those few rest sponsor the game creators in behalf of all of us, that's the way I think about it lol There is much to be learned how to play Grand Prix. Here is one of the tips for you. - First 3 slots are sponsor slots, they renew hourly IF they are empty. You want to keep them empty when you take break from the game. Enemy is too hard? Take first 3 cars, wait one hour for them to regenerate, hit enemy again to the point you have weakened enemy enough you can take it out with your remaining cars ''purchased'' in the store. - choose smart which cars to exchange for fans in the store and when. Observe enemy cars if you better need lifter, shotgun, blade to avoid enemy weapons or just brutal force from rocket launchers. Often you can flip enemy car over and than it is easy victory, keep the cars in the garage that can do that. - if you are lucky to get fan booster(s), put it on the car with most slots and never use that car in fights unless you are certain it will win. I have +30 fan boost from 3 tickets I was lucky to have in first levels and it gives you roughly additional 1k for each 6k reward fight. You don't want to loose that. And the best part of the Grand Prix is that unlike All Stars event, you don't have to play hard all the time. Just enter the event, play a little and leave it till you are ready to play again. Those fuel cans will add up regardless you play all day or not and that's the only thing that will keep you back. You will loose nothing by not playing all day except hourly sponsor cars but that is not that big factor anyway,
  26. ...yeah so apparently I can't edit my post once I found out you guys aren't handled by EA - I got trolled... oh well... but my analysis still stands.
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