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  2. What ads are you talking about? The movies you must watch for rewards, news annoucement pop ups or something on your screen unreleated to the game? If last one, it is your phone or tablet doing this! Or maybe you have logged in Google Games and are getting notifications?
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  4. How do you start playing in forum?
  5. every time i instant promote i'll get an ad and i don't know how many ads have in this game for me the game becomes the worst and quite unplayable with these ads
  6. Cats move to Meow York around 1 pm UTC today. Prizes for Meow De Janeiro will be sent within 2 days after this city ends. Please keep in mind that only those who will be in the gang in the moment when prizes arrive will get them. It means that if you want to get your prize, you have to be in your gang until you get it.
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  8. Join the Cats Discord group. You'll find more people their. The forums are pretty much dead.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm looking for active members to join my gang. Name: Blue Lightning Requierment: 50 thropies per round and 150 in total per box. Anyone is welcome! Thank you guys!
  10. I just love watching cats video. They make me happy. Here click on the link above
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  12. Thanks for a very helpful reply, although my boneshaker does not survive a horseshoe. I will try something with a harpoon though. Of course, I have to wait until my clan finishes a city kings battle, and then I have to contend with my being in a different timezone to most of my buddies. I will have to request a hiatus to try some new configurations.
  13. Fat Tracks Federation is an awesome org. You couldn't have been in better hands.
  14. Thank you. I love the game and I can't keep people like me around due to poor gang strength. I think I may make the move.
  15. Being able to beat builds with a canon/Uncle Sam .. or horseshoe/firecracker.. or sprinkler has become increasingly important ! Since the All Stars event, new builds incorporating all 3 of the new weapons/gadget have emerged .. and of course, the famous flue/sprinkler combination build (which we call a sprue) has remained as popular as ever. These builds are already in City Kings too .. so if you can’t avoid them .. beat them ! The two builds below will help you a great deal. A boneshaker with flamethrower and double rocket is very effective against all but the strongest sprues .. and against canons without horseshoes (unless the canon/horseshoe combination build has relatively low health .. in which case, your flamethrower will kill them before you’re lifted !) And whales with harpoons dine out on the new Uncle Sam/BBQ/firecracker combination .. and on canon/horseshoe (or equivalent) combinations 😀 The harpoon prevents your whale from being flipped. These two builds don’t need high stats .. although good flamethrowers and lasers are very helpful 😀 Finally .. All Stars event rewards generally expire at the end of the event ! So you need to spend your eagles 🦅 (or whatever the reward is) before the event ends. Because there is also a limit on how many rewards you can accumulate, progressively spending them is always the best strategy !
  16. New ult part max is LVL 13 Here are confirmed numbers of parts and ult cash needed for lvl 13: R1 standard — 49 parts and 15k UC R2 polished — 34 parts and 25k UC R3 refined — 14 parts and 50k UC R4 superior — 11 parts and 100k UC R5 outstanding — 7 parts and 300k UC
  17. Another 2 days in a row. 4 tickets lost first opponent, 1 on the second. another gripe is the special ultimate events. I won a heap of bald eagle heads last event, but when the event closed the shop disappeared too quick and I couldn't cash them in.. I got nothing for all that work.
  18. Wrenches were introduced a while back when Steevy’s boxes replaced sponsors boxes. You use them to open the three Steevy’s boxes that are available each day. Wrenches accumulate without limit .. so earning more than the 350 wrenches you need to open the daily Steevy’s boxes (50 for the first, 100 for the second and 200 for the third) will enable you to build up a wrenches stockpile 😀 Steevy’s boxes are well worth opening each day ! They often contain great parts (5 in total) .. either at, or one below, the stage you’re playing (some are super parts) .. and 3 ultimate league tickets (one per box) 🎫👍
  19. When a fight is won, gold nuts and wrenches are awarded. At least they pour to the top left corner. What and how to use gold wrench?
  20. My gripe is that ultimate used to start with easy opponents and get progressively harder. Now I get an unbeatable opponent first up, and for some reason I get the same set of opponents every ticket. It has become very unenjoyable.
  21. I have no problem with whales. I cannot find a build to beat shotgun/horseshoe/ and anything that freezes. I'll just quit playing ultimate and stick to city kings with my gang.
  22. That's basically the question, sometimes 2 backpedals makes me land on my head and sometimes I land on my wheels .....
  23. Prestige is the way to go, so you can unlock the Paw skills, get more weapons for your UL and move up the ranks, there are currently 65 prestige’s. If you’re in a gang; your trophies will eventually lock if you don’t move up on stages, so it’s also helpful there. Good luck.
  24. As you said "you will have spent all that money for nothing." But I would not say "for nothing", you had more victories, instant stage skips - thanks to the parts you purchased. And it is not the end of the game, it is just the begining. Most gangs will not take you seriously if you don't have prestiged.
  25. Hello there. I've gotten to basically the end of this game and trying to work my way up to that number one spot currently. So anyway, my question is this- I've purchased a fair number of weapons, bodies, and parts since starting this game. If I choose the option for Prestige, will I have spent all that money for nothing, or will the in-game purchases stay with me?
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  27. Hello, that means the league is over, go in to progress to the next stage. Good luck.
  28. Désolé j'ai arrêté le jeu depuis, je ne suis même plus chef, l'inactivité m'a automatiquement destitué
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