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  3. You can't. The physics is sensitive and there are too many little factors that can affect how you land. A shotgun on your opponent, or even just larger tires on your opponent can cause a different amount of force applied to you when you launch. And it's enough to change your orientation when you fall. You can try to maximize your chances to land backwards by trying different sneakies or changing your build order. You'll never get it 100% consistent though.
  4. Hey Community, I have build an 720 laser Maschine. But after doing the 720 in the air it either lands on the head or in normal Position. How can I control it?
  5. Definitely, no problem
  6. That's wifi problems
  7. Everytime I open up my game it says something like server error code 43 I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it didn't help. So I was wondering if someone could help me
  8. This list has been Golden! I've used it to update my team on upcoming loot and it's always been 100% accurate. I know C.A.T.S. is about to start another City. Please update this list as soon as the new info is released. THANK YOU!
  9. Video of growing birman cat in first few month:
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  11. 👋🏻 Fly Fisher. Do you use discord? If so click the discord link and we will have a chat and see where you may fit in. If you don’t gave discord then don’t worry! Very easy gaming chat that makes the game of CATS a much more pleasurable experience to play. Download and use the above link!
  12. Gang Holzchaoten#16447 is looking for new and active members who love the game. We have 7 places available. Inactive players are removed after a round.
  13. I’m at 280 rn still going
  14. 1 more thought and not just to Serg... We're down to 11 active players, but we're now burning up the City Kings battles. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 8. Come join us fast to enjoy the Sleigh body reward/upgrade!!!
  15. Sergywww! If you want to come back, we'd be glad to have you. I've lowered the Prestige requirement to 3 for now. I keep track of who's actively fighting with us and I had to kick Fred and a few others as well. We're 3 battles away from getting the Sleigh upgrade. Hope to see you soon.
  16. Lost Kittens are recruiting! We are looking for players who actively participate in City Kings and Gang Trophies, as well as progressing through stages to improve your UL cars. We currently have 4 open spots! CK: District 7 Gang Box: Rank 4 Prestige requirement: 2 gMost of the gang is P3/4 some are higher) Language: English, but the gang is international. CK Rank: 785 Expectations -- Be active in CK. 100 minimum gang trophies per cycle(But no gems required if you get stuck!). Progress through Championship stages to get UL parts. Use Discord to share CK info. And of course to have fun!
  17. skin minecraft
  18. the best 80th team in the world 12 box awards can come to the future team who want to come from instagram cats_kayseri KAYSERI team
  19. A dead fact.
  20. are the gangs dead? or is this a fact?
  21. This is a common issue I think. I face this one too and I had a lot of os issues because of this issue. But finally, I solved this issue via Magisk application by rooting my Android device.
  22. Screw you is looking for members We are a new gang looking for active members. We fokus on both trophies and KotC. We won every KotCso far and make upp our plans in the chat so we work together. Getting higher and higher gangbox, last time it was lvl 4. To be a member you should at least get somewhere around 50-70 trophies/round and 150-200 total for each Gang Fight. Prestige Requirement: 1 Open spots: 5 Trophies: 3000+ Language: English Gang ID: screw you#34133 KotC District: won every one so far and I think it is on lvl 7 now, and we are winning that one as well I'm keeping some player for now just to make sure we have a steady income of trophies, but kick inactive players all the time, we are now around 15-20 active players. Feel free to join us and grow together! And of course if something come up so you can't do your gang fights och city kings for a day, just let me know and there are no problems, we all have lives irl to. Just don't let it happen every other day.
  23. That is understandable that you have to wait 3 days before you can get Gang Boxes. I know about that update. But I thought you could still contribute trophies to the gang, you just don't get the Gang Box reward? Has it been all the way like this this is another more recent update? You should ask support to update (hack or whatever lol) your profile, we don't have to follow rules, that are silly and stupid. If you can't chat for now I guess you just have to pay 10 gems, it is not that much, you can collect that amount of gems from superboxes and regular boxes or by prestiging in no time.
  24. It’s been a couple of months since this change was implemented, it’s needed to stop gang hopping / gang box farming. Apologize for the inconvenience.
  25. can i join?
  26. but if you look at my other posts I can't use chat because I said i under 16 when I started playing:( 10 gems
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