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    How is it that discord became the number 1 app for comms in this game? It's total rubbish when compared to line, but NO gangs use line. Everyone uses discord, or telegram (which is even worse.) If there's a gang out there that uses line, and prestige requirementry of 3, then message me.
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    SOOO much is happening in cats all the time and everythings gone to custard. It's all going crazy. So to keep up with news and updates and bugs and thing that need to be fixed, now I have started the cats news, which will come out every month or if there's an update. so let get started. 1, the gods of zepto have responded to my prayers!!! we have asked for ages for more hot wheels parts and now we have been answered. sadly, it is in the form of garbage prix (quote Grandpar Phil) the bad, pay-to-win mini game. 2, we need a count down time for when events start because the first hours of it a very important. please like this down below sorry I will ad more to this topic just i'm busy:)
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    I just told the team. We're expecting you soon Tubby.