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    First CATS artwork I think And yeah,Im back to making wooden stuff.
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    Since the game is brand new, I bet Zepto would like to read our opinions, so I guess I'll shoot first For me, it was love at first sight, although I imagined it a bit different, it covers the fun part completely. It's not as skill dependent as KoT and maybe not as time consuming, but I feel it's a casual relief without demanding a shard of your soul. I like how despite being simple, creativity shines a lot and could help you overcome your opponents in curious ways, from getting under or over them, or simply removing your wheels and fire away. Kuddos to Zepto for creating another unique concept where children and grown ups can have fun and I hope it develops into more fun and more challenges for all the players. May the best mechanic win
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    I just go with the flow of people (15k vs 3k). It seems 15k is probably more likely to win. Also, you can bet 3 items at a time so it would only be 20 bets. That would only take a week if you played casually (which I do ;D). I've only lost 2 long bets over the multiple weeks I have played. (It used to be Backyard Battles until the relaunched it as C.A.T.S.)
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    Test it out with different kind of wheels or use another body. Also switch the placement of the blade with the rocket.
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    I'm testing it out at the moment (I realised I have the exact same parts as you, excluding tier difference and extra wapon slot), and, well... I'm impressed how big stats differences it can bypass most of the time. You only can stop it if your vehicle isn't too fast and retreats when pushed.
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    Why should the game inform you about which weapons or builds are weak or strong against others? The whole point of the game is to try and figure that out yourself.
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    They could have encorporated that in the tutorial. I think it means how much damage a wapeon does on average every second, but I'm not sure.
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    Yes, the weak/strong sections wouldn't be very useful. But a simpel explanation what the attack number means would be nice.
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    Thanks 😃 Thanks 😄😄
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    While it would be cool, the amount of variables in every body and machine could render "weak/strong against" section basically useless, since even wheel or weapon slot placement on the same body can change whole result of the fight. And personally, I really enjoyed finding out how every piece works, its downsides, how it reacts to different bodies and which weapons work well with them. In my opinion some games just get better without these explanations. You will learn all of this naturally anyway, and there aren't really many of them right now.
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    I'm impressed, your vehicle is super stable!
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    you'r not moving or jumping, wow, ok, I have many thing to learn ps: thank you for answering by video, I appreciate !
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    Another strategy is to jump over the enemy and use blades to kill him. I'm planning on starting some kind of wiki once we have some more info and art from the game.
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    I would REALLY like to have this in the game, I keep learning the hard way how to scroll gear tab properly. But in my opinion first 2 layouts should be free, so even begginer players can check both vehicles at once and compare them easily. From 3rd they can cost gems as for me.
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    Thanks for the math. Kinda stupid you can't upgrade everything. I think there should be additional ways to get cat paws besides going to the next stage.
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    Mhh, there is 10 prestiges, 24 championship in each, let's do some maths 24*10 = 240 upgrade point There is 52 different upgrades and I assume there is 3 step to get maximum one upgrade. 1*52 + 2*52 + 3*52 = 312 point needed It seems there is no enough upgrade point
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    Too bad, the placement of the attachment points is very important. I don't think this layout is that vulnerable against repulsor because it has big wheels + blades, so it can still deal damage and get to the enemy when flipped.
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    Nice layout, hope you get a metal boulder body too
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    Thanks!Will do. Im later planning to 3D print CATS vehicles too,currently waiting for some more CATS content from which I can model them.
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    My latest video is a CATS Beginners Guide. So if you're new to the game definitely check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb1SZ_nBOls
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    Hahaha, awesome! Planning to make a lot of CATS videos too
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    We need this idea so bad in the game! I like to switch between different vehicle designs. If I do this now I have to rebuild over and over. With @Kawaii's concept implemented in the game it would make experimenting with different kind of designs much easier.
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    From - king of thieves :))