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    I agree whole heartedly with everything RedZero said and now that the championship round over i have a few new complaints/constructive criticisms, call it what you will. Finished championship and did NOT receive the usual crate upon promotion, and then i get the real kick in the groin. Gang fight opponents no longer reset nightly. Zeptolab wins googles game of the year award then they go and change it. They fixed what wasnt broken. All we really truely needed was the pumpkins and bats removed. Instead we got a great big paywall. Im just holding off on uninstalling in the hopes im missing something and realise im wrong. P.S. i cant believe made it thru this post without cussing.
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    I welcome the addition of new postgame as I don't feel invested enough to make the strongest machines in P10S24, and I'm having a real blast building ultimate machines but I am sorely disappointed to learn that : You no longer earn super or legendary boxes upon instant promotion or through league rewards. Now it's all ultimate parts. For many players with high rankings getting a legendary box, hell even a super box every 2 days or upon instant promotion was a huge help in building better machines, but having these taken out makes it even harder to get decent parts. That means the only ways of getting legendary parts are purchaseable boxes and gang boxes. In fact this update is so heavily geared towards building ultimate machines that now playing through the main game feels like wading through molasses, and there is little incentive to even prestige and progress in the main game any more. Quick fights with ultimate cars now require spending tickets and you can only hoard a maximum of 5. Tickets can only be acquired in boxes meaning that to get more fights you either play the waiting game or shell out gems. The league ticket mechanism REALLY puts a damper on the new game mode - think of it as the equialent of "energy" in F2P games - and actively promotes a pay-to-win style gameplay where the highest ranks (and best rewards) are going to be monopolized by heavy payers who won't hesitate to fork over hundreds of gems. Winning ultimate league points is pretty much "Double or nothing", really. You can choose to save your wins or try for double, and if you lose the fight then you lose it all. Not really my idea of fair. Damn near everything in this mode needs gems: want to roll a new opponent? That'll be 10 gems! Lost a fight? No worries, as long as you spend 50 gems you can save your streak. Out of tickets? You can have more, for only 50 gems. Problem being it takes you 3 days to get this amount of gems so not a wise investment here. I hope these problems will be addressed in the future. This update disappointed by focusing on F2P mechanics that used to be fair.
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    You had a good game model here before the update. You should have just opened up 10 more prestige levels and not even bothered with this ultimate league thing. 1. You took the option of getting legendary parts from free boxes? Fail. 2. You created a new tournament mode that is expensive and limited. Fail. 3. You removed the league. Fail. 3 strikes, you're out. Already uninstalled. Won't be coming back. Greedy developers broke the game.
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    You beat me at posting this.. it's definitely a step in the right direction! Now im going to insta win my current championship lol.
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    Kittens and pilots The supply boxes for promotions came back! I hope with this step a lot of the community is much happier now
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    This video explain how bad the EA company be : Star Wars Battlefront 2
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    Very true SeniorSSS And welcome back .. it’s great to have one of the legends of the game (and Forum) playing CATS again. Your desire for more prestiging has been fulfilled .. although sadly this latest update is by far the worst that Zeptolab have ever inflicted on us. Still, we soldier on! Despite their numerous attempts to reduce the supply of, and increase the use of gems at every opportunity .. Zeptolab still have a brilliant concept in CATS. May they one day come to understand the meaning of treating their active and long term players fairly and well!
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    Totally agree with you .. in fact, I have never seen the active players who participate in this Forum and on discord so much in agreement ever before! This update is an EPIC FAIL. From game of the year to worst update of the year in just 3 days! I am currently stuck in a vortex of disappointment at P11/6 .. unable to view ads (which I’ve previously been able to do consistently ever since I started playing the game over 6 months ago), and not willing to waste gems (that are more precious now than ever before) on opening boxes .. a sort of Mexican standoff. As expected, gang fights have also become almost impossible to win while prestiging. Two small rays of hope .. I don’t think Zeptolab have changed the gang fight system. I am due to get new opponents in around 14 hours time as per usual. I’m not sure what’s happened in your case FirstBlood .. a glitch or bug? It’s not an intended change! The second is that tomorrow is another day! We can only hope that Zeptolab has reflected overnight on the error of their ways, and is ready to make amends.
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    I think they could immediately: restore legendary and purple boxes on promotion and the same for the ultimate league. Then the game we know would be basically restored. That way they can work on the new features with a functional main game.
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    Every time you win a championship = 1 ultimate part. Going from prestige 10/24 pre update to prestige 11 = 10 parts 10 prestige x 23 stages (there is no stage 1) = 230 championships previously fought through. 230 parts for previous championships - 10 ultimate parts as "compensation" =220 missing ultimate parts So ... When do we get even a fraction of our missing parts?
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    That how it feels sometime
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