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    Hi all, please sorry for the silence. We're aware of the match making problem and working on it. We'll change rules for finding an opponent with the next update (which is that long to wait for), Problem happened because we wanted to prevent situation when uneven gangs matched against each other. Thus the match making algorithm tries to find a perfect match for your gang. It leads to long delays and picks the same gangs from the narrow circle of potential rivals. There are also other problems we're aware of that create incentive to disband gangs. Working on it too. Please sorry for inconvenience.
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    |Railgun| [Stats] Energy: 6-10 Damage: 2X the amount specified Knockback: High (Shotgun as point blank range type of Knockback, in game) Range: Fast High Speed Projectile (Fast as a shotgun pellet, in game) Charge up: 2 Seconds Mechanics: The Railgun would charge up for 2 seconds, then launch a plasma ball (that goes in a straight line) towards the direction the rail gun is pointed. If the shot hits, it will do 2x the damage specified and knock the opponent back from where it hit the opponents machine. The appeance would look like a cylinder pipe with 3 rectangular openings on the side. It would illuminate light blue, and eventually let loose blue energy in rapid amounts when it would shoot. The cap would shoot the plasma ball, which would let loose smoke once it fired. The plasma ball would be like a fireball, but blue. Thats all folks! The Railgun would be a great addition to CATS! Hopefully the developers see this and be like, ”Nioce Simease, very nioce.” *pats on head*
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