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    A number of the top CK gangs have won more than 99 matches .. and completed district 10 in Purris. There is no break for these gangs ! They remain in district 10 .. and continue to accumulate wins and points, battling for the top 10 spots on the CK Leaderboard. Purris will end at approximately the same time for all gangs. It is likely that a 24 hour notification will be given .. then gangs move to the new city on completion of the match underway when the 24 hour timer expires.
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    Guys, let's settle down. Differences of opinions are natural but remember to keep it civil and respectful. @GreedyCat it's OK to disagree with someone but this should be an inviting place for people to share ideas. If you have something constructive to say, feel free. But please avoid being confrontational. As for the original idea, I don't think it's so bad. I would have used it before prestiging to sell all my parts for gold to buy outfits, before I already bought all the outfits. To build on the idea, it might be nice to be able to "favorite" some parts and group those together. Then the option to sell all non-favorited parts would be appealing.