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    So from all the suggestions and improvements needed to add to the game all they did was they added another set of packs to already existing item packs for players to spend even greater amount of money and named it Black Market? That is THE UPDATE? Black Market? How pathetic is that? Can anybody see another visible improvement to the game except this "spend more gems" Black Market?
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    Hi Loser Are you a very active CK player ? Would you prefer to be a “winner” ? 😀 If so .. please consider joining one of the best free-playing gangs in City Kings .. Fellow Foxes 🦊 .. 1. Currently ranked #42 in Meow de Janeiro 2. Always gets gang box 5 .. and sometimes gang box 6 3. Has players ranging from P3 to P60 4. Is in District 6 (but a couple of anti-gravity scooters 🛴 (prize for completing district 5) shouldn’t stop you from joining one of the great gangs in CATS). We aim to have fun, play hard .. and improve over time to move up the CK leaderboard. Activity is the key to success with the Foxes 🦊 .. if you love playing CK, then we’re the gang for you 😀 Reply to this post if you’re interested .. and I’ll arrange for you to join us.