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    The weight is a passive gadget that increase the mass of your vehicle to reduce effect of knockdown and have higher health that average gadgets. The way it act is simply working the opposite way as a lifter baloon on your car, meaning the position of the weight affect the way your vehicle react. Additionnaly to the movement resistance, your wheels will also be slowed : the smaller is the wheel, the harder it will to move when weight are equiped. Pros : - counter lifter/forklift if well positionned -reduce knockback from shotgun -more HP than other gadgets Cons : - reduce the effectiveness of wheels and thrusters - wrong placement can harm your build
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    Hello my name is Eric and my user name for C.A.T.S is Famous Cats I am currently prestige 7 and also the leader of the gang FAMOUS CATS. I get asked all the time by members of my gang how I always beat all 10 players and get max score in gang fights each and every time. I also get asked how I level up so quickly and have win streaks of 70 or more in game play. I have explained to my team mates many times and other players what I do. Now the way I build my cats is very interesting and takes time. I no at first glance that many of you will think and say this is a huge waist of time I would ask that before you say that you read though my entire post and also try to fully understand how I do this and why. I will give you a complete guide on how to win a lot more than you are now and how to become a complete beast at this amazing game. Step 1. build your strongest machine possible and level up your power and health as much as possible. Now go to championship and play until you have all 4 toolboxes filled up. Now each time you win when they are filled up you will receive stars max 3 per box. What these stars do is add extra power to the parts you get once you open each tool box. Play in championship until you have 4 toolboxes with 3 stars next to each then you can move on to step 2. Make sure to not move to the next step until you have completed this very important. Step 2. Open all of your toolboxes and once you have a lot of great parts take everything off all your machines and move the items to inventory. Now comes the part many of you will laugh at or not do, that is what makes me a real game player and what separates the pros from the wanna be pro players. Now it is time to go get some paper and a pen. On the first piece of paper write down all of your machines include the following information machine type “example surfer” then ❤️ and ⚡️ and power. Also include how many weapons you can add and booster parts write down those numbers you will need them for the next few steps. “Please see my images attached for details on how to do this step” Step 3 Write down all your weapons and tires boosters and all Information about each part. What you want to do is have a very organized list of every part you own. Once you have these on paper you can study th and see what parts you can build the best machine. Now I no many of you are saying you don’t need this and this is way to much work, I agree when I first started playing I never would have thought in a million years I would need this I mean I am prestige 7 now and at the time I started doing this I was prestige 5 and doing just fine with out spending my time writing all this down. Seens like a huge waist an taken time away from my game play. I was wrong!! Very wrong here is why. When you write down all your parts and study them you will notice things that you have not tried yet, I promise you that you will build a machine that is powerful and wins many fights! There is some great game tips I want to give you. If you say only have ⚡️500 and ❤️ 800 and you are in a gang fight and your opponent has ⚡️2000 and ❤️ 2500 would you think you would win the battle? I bet your thinking no way possible right! Well here is how you do it, get a sneaky body with the following attachments to take out that cat and win the battle sneaky with the following sticky roller in back knob in front booster on bottom of machine lifter on top of machine weapon you will only be able to have one on this set up and you want to use double rockets. It’s possibke to use blade but double rockets is the best choice. If you have this set up you will win 85% of your fights I don’t care how much more powerful your opponent is. I have stayed at prestige 7 for a reason to get the max points in gang fights and take my gang into a top gang in the gang. We’re only a few weeks old and the gangs before us had months to rack up there points but we are catching up little by little each day. I have documents about about so many fights and have a way to beat any machine from playing and studying this game so much. If you would like more tips and help no matter what level you are in the gang you can contact me on here or on my instagram at @teamfamouscats and I would be happy to help you. I am am currently looking for the top players to join our gang FAMOUS CATS. In order to join you must be a daily active player, must be willing to share you information with the team to help improve us as a whole and willing to try new things in the game that might not make since at first. Below I have attached some images to show you how I first build my machines on paper to insure the strongest possible combination and get more wins. I hope that some of this information helps you and if you are willing to take a minute and follow my directions I can promise you better game play and you will win more fights. Drop a comment and let me know what you think; if you would like to join our gang or comment with a helpful game play tip. Thank you, Eric AKA: FAMOUS CATS