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    How is it that discord became the number 1 app for comms in this game? It's total rubbish when compared to line, but NO gangs use line. Everyone uses discord, or telegram (which is even worse.) If there's a gang out there that uses line, and prestige requirementry of 3, then message me.
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    So... I've seen a lot of talking about Paw Points being useless for players above prestige 12. But I've seen very little (none actually) suggestions on skills that could be added and that could fit the actual "meta" of CATS. Here's a small list of ideas: Slippery Chasis. Enemy lifters will lift your machine 10% slower. I'll be honest, I abuse a lot the lifters because they're quite op. Not very hard to counter but really annoying to deal with. Recoil Resistance. Shotgun's knockback reduced. Lighter Forklifts. Forklift slowness reduced. I think those gadgets need to receive a little more attention. Ticket Master. You have a chance to earn 20% more ultimate cash on each ultimate battle. Life Saver. Med-kits heal 25% faster. I honestly find this gadget quite useless. Unlike many other gadgets, they lose utility as you go further. Improved Med-kits. Med-kits heal 20% more. Special Healing. Med-kits add to their healing 33% of the damage you receive during the first 2.5 seconds of battle. I'll prefer this one over the other two. Whale's power. Increases initial power on whales. And to every other body part that doesn't have it yet. Special Gift. After entering a new stage, you're granted a random part of that level. Just a little help for unlucky players. Piercing Harpoons. Harpoons deal 5% of your damage on hit. Resistant Harpoons. Harpoons hold the enemies a little longer. Anti-explosion Coating. The first rocket that hits you will deal 20% less damage. Burning Head. Drills, stingers and chainsaws burn the enemies dealing 10% DPS for 3 seconds. This is meant to help those weapons keep dealing damage after being lifted, because they're easy to counter. What do you think? Wanna add something to the list? I know some of those numbers are op but I know Zepto's devs will know what's the right thing to do. My ideas come from my CATS experiencie after seeing a lot of opness on some stuff.
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    Hi there 😀 There have been two relevant changes to the game since you last played (among many changes, most to the detriment of free players) .. 1. You now get a gang box only if you have been with the gang for the entire 3 days of a gang box period. If you join a gang part way through the gang box period, you can contribute trophies .. but you will not get a gang box ! This change was designed to stop the practice (used by some players) of jumping into a gang just before the gang box was due. 2. Your name now changes colour from black to green whenever you are online. So your name will always be green when you check the gang list .. the other “green” players are also online ! “Today”, “Yesterday”, “2 days ago” etc next to a player’s name indicates when they were last online .. providing some indication of player activity for gang leaders. Welcome back 😀
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    There are two circumstances where Steevy’s boxes provide no ultimate league tickets .. 1. You’re holding 5/5 tickets 2. You have already earned the daily limit of 20 tickets. Otherwise .. it’s a bug 🐛
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    SOOO much is happening in cats all the time and everythings gone to custard. It's all going crazy. So to keep up with news and updates and bugs and thing that need to be fixed, now I have started the cats news, which will come out every month or if there's an update. so let get started. 1, the gods of zepto have responded to my prayers!!! we have asked for ages for more hot wheels parts and now we have been answered. sadly, it is in the form of garbage prix (quote Grandpar Phil) the bad, pay-to-win mini game. 2, we need a count down time for when events start because the first hours of it a very important. please like this down below sorry I will ad more to this topic just i'm busy:)
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    I just told the team. We're expecting you soon Tubby.
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    ... with quite a bit of help from Zeptolab ! Not only are Zeptolab steadily and surely ruining the game of CATS .. and City Kings in particular .. but they have also contributed significantly to killing off this Forum by not allowing new members to join 😡 Almost 4 months ago I created a second account .. and applied to join the Forum. I was informed that an approval process had been introduced .. and to wait for that approval. Two weeks later I wrote to Support .. following up on what was going on ! Support’s response was truly surprising .. “ The Forum isn’t active anymore, so we recommend to join our Discord server ...” 😱 (if you don’t allow new members to join, the Forum can’t possibly become active again .. because so many old members have left the game !) In the absence of new members .. and with old members dwindling away .. I, NotANewb and you are destined to remain the top 3 contributors to this Forum, until death we do part 😀