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    Hello, please note that the below list is subject to change Meow York: District 1 — Gatling Gun District 2 — Coach Tire and Roller District 3 — Remedy District 4 — Wild West Coach District 5 — Horseshoe District 6 — Anti Gravity Knob District 7 — Energy Shield District 8 — Anti Gravity Roller District 9 — UFO District 10 — Death Ray Meowscow: District 1 — Anti Gravity Scooter x19 District 2 — Hyperboloid District 3 — Anti Gravity Scooter x70 District 4 — Mega Drill District 5 — Lunokhod x District 6 — Death Ray District 7 — Hearth District 8 — Flue District 9 — Stove District 10 — Bearfall Purris: District 1 — Energy shield District 2 — Death ray District 3 — Ult Diamond District 4 — Lunokhod X District 5 — Rotating Hyperboloid G-27 District 6 — Bearfall District 7 — Moonbeam District 8 — Bow of the Hero District 9 — Pyramid District 10 — Elixir of Immortality Meow de Janeiro: District 1 — Frost Sprinkler District 2 — Wild West Coach District 3 — Flue District 4 — Double rocket District 5 — Antigrav scooter 1 + Antigrav scooter 2 District 6 — Russian stove Body District 7 — Horseshoe District 8 — Santa’s Sleigh District 9 — Lotus District 10 — UFO body Meow York v 2: District 1 - Ice Cream Mace District 2 - Sticky tire District 3 - Lantern District 4 - Dragon Roller x2 District 5 - Cannon x2 District 6 - Dragon Knob x3 District 7 - Dragon Mortar x3 District 8 - Death Ray x2 District 9 - Flamethrower x2 District 10 - Santa Gift x3
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    The weight is a passive gadget that increase the mass of your vehicle to reduce effect of knockdown and have higher health that average gadgets. The way it act is simply working the opposite way as a lifter baloon on your car, meaning the position of the weight affect the way your vehicle react. Additionnaly to the movement resistance, your wheels will also be slowed : the smaller is the wheel, the harder it will to move when weight are equiped. Pros : - counter lifter/forklift if well positionned -reduce knockback from shotgun -more HP than other gadgets Cons : - reduce the effectiveness of wheels and thrusters - wrong placement can harm your build
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    Hey guys, it would be really helpful to the Leader in any gang to have some other member who could kick / start wars. Sometimes as a leader you can't get on for a day or two and it would really help keep active players and commitment among players who are active. I hope to see something like this introduced even if it was a Max of say 5 other members.
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    Diamond Pig is coming! A new ultimate set of 5th rarity that we are going to release soon is called Diamond Pig! It’s a better version of regular Pig set and it’s designed to counter Hot Wheels sets. Its firm and heavy parts are enforced by powerful bonuses. Cats that perform good in the next All-Stars, which is scheduled on Feb 4, will get it.
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    Mechanics' rules Heed the word of the Mechanics, who keep the things together and working. This is the playground for Cats, who search for rest, petting and conversation with others. No crimes are allowed here, no insults are tolerated and no violations are forgiven. This is the place, where Cats of any age, background and culture are welcomed. Anyone may stay as long as he respects the rules and respects others. That goes for both Cats and Mechanics. Everyone should be aware that Mechanics can enforce these rules as they see fit. Any Cat who dares to ignore the rules will be banned and forgotten in silence. The length of silence is measured by Mechanics, in accordance to the violations conducted. 1) Rudeness, insults, personal attacks, harassment and provocations will be punished. Decisions of Mechanics are final in these matters. 2) Mechanics are the ones who may decide what is considered as inappropriate language. They will not, under any circumstances, tolerate any offensive, vulgar, sexual and discriminatory posts of any kind. 3) Posting of repeated texts and writing of nonsense for the sake of boosting ones post count, will be persecuted. 4) Posting nonsense is a bad thing anyway. To hell with the counter, it may be punishable anyway. If you are bored out of your wits, it is a better idea to spend your time on forum games than to spam. Beware! 5) Regular Cats who dare to speak on behalf of Mechanics shall suffer the consequences. 6) The official language is English. A Clan may use other language for their own topic of a Clan Tread. 7) No free stuff, hacking or bug abuse, third party sites and apps, illegal activities or any other discussions of this sort. Reports of hacks are NOT allowed publicly, and will be dealt with accordingly. 8.) No alternative accounts are permitted. 9) Cats may miss the warnings from Mechanics, however, this will not ease their punishments. 10) Mechanics may, and most certainly will, execute the punishments without prior notice. 11) Forum signature pictures must fulfil these restrictions: 600x150pix for picture signatures. If you take a text signature, it must not be longer than 4 strings. Videos must be put in spoilers. 12) When posting, wait around 30 seconds after pressing the 'post' or 'create new thread' button before trying it again, else you may be a victim of the dreaded double post. Don't make this a common occurrence of it will be punishable. 13) Take heed that you stick with the topic of a thread. Posting to test out features or just for fun will not be tolerated. 14) No one is perfect. Don't act like you are. Abusing someone for small mistakes will not be taken lightly. 15) Private Messages are considered the same as posts, if they're unsolicited you'll be punished for them as harshly as you would if you posted whatever was sent on a public thread. Anyone tempted to violate these rules should keep in mind that this list is not a topic for judgment, but a brief illustration of prohibited things. Mechanics will judge crimes according to the spirit of this Law, not the letter. So you're welcome to stay and act at your own risk, BUT BEWARE… DO NOT mess with the Mechanics. They keep things together and working.
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    Results from the four cities played to date are .. Mew York ( 8 March - 30 June 2018 .. 114 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (228.6m pts) 2. Only Gangwars (203.0m pts) 3. The Godfathers (198.4m pts) Meowscow ( 30 June - 9 November 2018 .. 132 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (508.4m pts) 2. The Godfathers (467.8m pts) 3. Pbl (458.4m pts) Purris ( 9 November 2018 - 2 March 2019 .. 113 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (364.3m pts) 2. Immortals (336.2m pts) 3. The Baby Sharks (328.6m pts) Meow de Janeiro ( 2 March 2019 to date .. 124 days to date ) 1. Highlanders (460.9m pts) 2. Baby Sharks (433.4m pts) 3. Immortals (415.1m pts) Final placings in Meow de Janeiro are, of course, subject to change. Points of Interest A. Points were relatively low in Mew York because a different scoring system applied initially. Gangs started with maximum points (up to 140,000), then lost points for every minute that all buildings either weren’t held, or more than half occupied. Achieving maximum points was impossible under this scoring system. Instant wins were achieved by reducing your opponent’s score to zero ! B. The duration of Meowscow (132 days) has been the longest to date, although Meow de Janeiro is not far behind, and still going ! Zeptolab initially advised that a city would run for 90 days 😂 C. Rex’s gang achieved the highest score on record (508.4m pts) in winning Meowscow. To date, they are the only gang to score more than 500 million points. D. Highlanders are very likely to achieve the second highest score on record, with Meow de Janeiro still going. Not bad for a gang making its debut in this city 😀 E. Only 7 gangs have achieved a podium finish in the four cities contested to date .. Rex’s gang (3 times), The Godfathers (twice), (The) Baby Sharks (twice), Immortals (twice) and Highlanders, Only Gangwars and Pbl once each. Three of these seven gangs have since disbanded (with just the shell of once great gangs remaining) .. The Godfathers, Only Gangwars and Pbl are effectively gone. This is testament to the gruelling and expensive competition that City Kings is, for gangs playing at the elite level ! F. Since City Kings began on 8 March 2018, it has steadily become more pay-to-win. Two changes .. the introduction of paid healing .. and allowing the use of ultimate toolboxes .. have effectively destroyed City Kings as a competition for free playing gangs. I would love to see one of two options implemented by Zeptolab .. (i) Eliminate paid healing and ultimate toolboxes from City Kings for all gangs .. or .. (ii) Create two City Kings divisions .. Division One (with paid healing and ultimate toolboxes) .. and Division Two (no paid healing or ultimate toolboxes). Gangs would choose their division at the commencement of each new city.
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    I was testing wheel placements for my bouncy boulder when I came across this. I didn't know wheels were edible.
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    - Fridge Deep Freeze Pushes enemies back and freezes them for a short time. - Lamp Death Lamp Automatically targets an enemy. Shoots a cone of deadly light - Shield Shield Makes your machine immune to all damages for a short time - Tilted Chainsaw Rotating Chainsaw Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Drill Rotating Drill Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Rocket Rotating Rocket Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. Hopefully we see more of them in time! 😀👍
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    Dear Mr. Jio, we are not confused when criticising the company, no need for the barely hidden aggressive and offensive subtext of your answer. I myself will pass this "event" because it forces me to grind medals for hours to promote, istead of entering championship 5 min before end to reach rank 1-6 for promotion. Therefore I will not be able to help my gang in gangfights untill this "event" is over, feeling sorrow. A lot of players will do so I think. 🐰Happy Easter to everyone🐰
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    Gp's been in the game since the world was created.
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    Loot list for Mew York 2 .. (not as nicely set out as Jio’s list) 😂
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    I love the idea of Skiing Kittens 🎿 💖. But I believe the gang is called Skinny Kittens .. a member of the famous Fat Tracks Federation 😀
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    Sadly, your shiny new rotating rocket will disappear in a puff of smoke when you prestige 😡 However, all is not lost ! Consider the $20 you spent as the best investment you will ever make in CATS. It has taught you the total futility of ever buying a Zeptolab offer for normal parts. Only offers for gems, All Star events and ultimate parts are even worth pausing to consider .. the rest are a rip-off ! The rotating rocket rip-off can now be added to similarly outrageous offers from Zeptolab in the past .. like the boomerang. Unlike the boomerang itself, the money spent buying this weapon never comes back 😭
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    So from all the suggestions and improvements needed to add to the game all they did was they added another set of packs to already existing item packs for players to spend even greater amount of money and named it Black Market? That is THE UPDATE? Black Market? How pathetic is that? Can anybody see another visible improvement to the game except this "spend more gems" Black Market?
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    >District 1 — Frost Sprinkler >District 2 — Wild West Coach >District 3 — Flue >District 4 — Double rocket >District 5 — Antigrav scooter 1 + Antigrav scooter 2 >District 6 — Russian stove Body >District 7 — Horseshoe >District 8 — Santa’s sleigh >District 9 — Lotus >District 10 — UFO body
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    Hi there Jio Hindsight is a wonderful thing .. as we would often say in the financial markets that I worked in 😀 No trader I ever knew lost money in hindsight 😂 So now that the Showdown event has started, all is indeed crystal clear ! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions after the event had started .. but, as you can imagine, I’d already worked out the answers myself 😂 However, your news post on the event was before it started .. when there were “known unknowns” .. and perhaps even “unknown unknowns” (Donald Rumsfeld). You had 3 main options when posting .. 1. State the timing of the event .. and say nothing more. 2. State (as you did) that the event was a new Championship mode .. temporarily replacing the existing Championship. 3. State that the event was a new Championship mode .. and say nothing more. In hindsight, it must be clear to you that options 1 and 2 create no confusion .. whereas option 3 (the one you chose) creates a number of “known unknowns”. Those “known unknowns” were covered in my initial post on this topic .. so there is no need to repeat them here. When you communicate, it’s important to remember that not all players are privy to as much information as you have. To be effective, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the “average player”. Good luck 😀 .
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    if you see any spambot (containing youtube videos or some Ads/Announcements) you should click on "report post"
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    Usually closing, wiping out from memory and restarting game should help. If not, clear game cache (but not data at this point). If that too does not help, clear all data or reinstall game (making sure you have saved your progress). If still no success, contact support.
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    Easy to implement. Change the clan forum to gang forum because we have gangs not clans. Medium level in implementing. Have a status mode. Like a green circle for being online, yellow for no action within the past 5 or 10 mins and red for offline. Hard to implement. Have an inbuilt translation for gang chat. Like an option to auto translate chat to the language of your choice.
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    A universal body will add 100% or 120% (depending on your prestige level) to weapons, gadgets or tires in general (rather than specific weapons, gadgets or tires). There is a clear risk with buying universal bodies .. if you get a legendary bonus to gadgets, but your body has no gadget slots, the universal bonus is totally wasted ! In general, most of the deals in the shop are more likely than not to be a waste of gems (with very few exceptions). My advice is not to buy risky offers like these .. your gems are much better spent on gang fights for example .. which benefits your gang, and provides you with lots of parts from gang fight rewards (including legendary parts and toolboxes if you win 10/10 gangfights) and the gang box.
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    Guys, let's settle down. Differences of opinions are natural but remember to keep it civil and respectful. @GreedyCat it's OK to disagree with someone but this should be an inviting place for people to share ideas. If you have something constructive to say, feel free. But please avoid being confrontational. As for the original idea, I don't think it's so bad. I would have used it before prestiging to sell all my parts for gold to buy outfits, before I already bought all the outfits. To build on the idea, it might be nice to be able to "favorite" some parts and group those together. Then the option to sell all non-favorited parts would be appealing.
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    Subscribe to the YouTube channel, every Friday there’s a live stream and code is giving out. Good luck
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    Using touchscreen will be 100x times more comfortable then controling tiny arrow (because that will be all you have) with something else. This is not first person shooting game and therefore not designed for game controllers. Besides, these fine cars are driven by brave and smart cats and not by stupid human beings lol
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    The Year of the Dog is coming to an end... Prepare to greet the Golden Pig with us! - LUNAR NEW YEAR: Fireworks, lanterns, lion masks, and other surprises are waiting for you in the game! - THE PIG SET: Increase your machine’s power with a special gadget from a new ultimate set! - ALL-STARS TOURNAMENT: Take part in the warm-up event and craft the Pig set, and then join the great Lunar New Year tournament to unlock a very special reward!
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    I believe all projectile weapons fire at 1s intervals, starting at 1s, except for minigun and lasers. Lasers fire at 2.5 seconds. Miniguns fire at 5 shots per second once they reach full speed but before that it's a bit more complicated. I did some analysis on a slowmo video with a rocket and a minigun firing. If - is for minigun and | is for rocket and + is for both, the firing pattern during the minigun's ramp-up period goes - | - - | - - - - + - - - - + Keep in mind this is when the shots are fired, not necessarily when they'll land and deal damage. The rocket takes longer to travel than the minigun bullet, so the distance between opponents can affect the timing of the damage. Usually you can land 2 minigun shots before the first rocket lands.
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    you're missing the finishing touch. the little paws in the bottom right
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    Excellent news 👍 The Foxes 🦊 discord server address is .. discord.gg/DBunBBm .. which will enable you to access a range of different channels. Alternatively, you can send direct messages to individuals on discord. I am Grandpa Phil #5345 Chatting with the gang is entirely optional .. but reading our specific channel for City Kings matches (kings-chat) will be very helpful. I also highly recommend joining the CATS discord server .. there are many channels there that provide extremely valuable information about the game, and its future direction.
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    Prestige requirement has been set to P9 .. jump in as soon as you’re ready 😀 Our record in Mew York 2 is currently 57 wins/8 losses .. District 9 is not far away !
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    Salut à tous, recrutement en cours! ⚔⚔===> GANG DE CHATONS <====⚔⚔ Top 50 au classement mondial en RDV Top 40 en CDB (entre 12k-15k trophées) Recherchons joueurs actifs, passionnés, qui communiquent et qui aiment s'amuser tout en respectant les consignes. Tu veux te joindre à un clan sérieux et dynamique? On a une place pour toi. Yes, we are frenchies but, some of us are bilingual, mather of fact, our "War Chief" is from Seattle!!! Language is not a problem, we'll manage communications via Discord. REQUIREMENTS: active daily, communicate a lot (mostly french or english) PRESTIGE: Flexible TROPHIES: 300+ / 72hrs Contact here or via Discord @dooddle#8331 Spots available now.
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    No .. health and damage are unlimited at all stages. Level up your booster .. and watch your health rise above 25,000 😀
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    Nice work on your Trophies!!!! they all look beatable with a Jumper, you should try more builds, Flying sneaky for (Laser and/or D Rocket) go a long way, both championship and gang fights. Good luck
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    Hello Rod, The purple color is the Acid Toolbox, it's very cheap to diffuse into your parts and gives you a 120% bonus for an hour. Wonderful toolbox for Ultimate League and All-Stars runs. Good luck.
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    I don't want a co-leader, but I could use some goons. They don't need any special powers, I just need a way to give them labels.
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    Add a button for the host to 'surrender' in hopeless City fights. It happens, sometimes you're just out gunned and out numbered. It'd speed up City Fights instead of being stuck for hours watching the clock tick down with nothing to do. Only the Gang Host should be able to access it. Bonus: add gang stats for City Fight, Win/Loss/Surrender record visible to whole gang from City screen
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    Hello, Theres no way to get any of the items at the moment, maybe in future events or special offers. Good luck.
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    Devs know about this bug and are working on a solution. Sometimes restarting the game helps when the bug starts popping up.
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    The news was posted on Twitter on Dec 18 and also on the Discord server. Please follow either to stay updated on more recent news. This change is positive, stops gang hoppers, grows loyalty and stops cheating.
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    Can we plz get some more controle as leaders of a gang. so we can see who is inactive so we can get rid of them maybe a gather gang button for gang members with a cd and a leader with none and some way of seeing who used the button last. just some of these small features that can help us running a gang to make it better for our members so thay dont have to get waight down by inactives who do nothing and making it harder to progress further in the game. i hope you will take my idears into consideration and maybe you got some of your own
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    Hey @Hex, just want to point out, you are replying on topics that are many months old. This is called grave digging, because these topics are long dead and the original poster who wan help or was sharing something probably doesn’t need any replies on the topic anymore. Please try to refrain from posting on topics that haven’t had a new post for a while.
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    Hi guys I'm back!(After like 5 months)
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    Like Jio said, it's a Server-based game. If you disable Wi-Fi and Mobile data or even turning Airplane mode the Game will not work without Internet
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    Can we get a simple indicator in the "My Gang" tab.....showing "Online" players, just like for the Normal Championships?
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    For those who are bored with the 2xbackpedal sneaky, i fought this jumpy boulder last week... Dont mind that he self jumped out of the arena lol...
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    To date, with one exception the redeem codes - 20 gems - if you happen to be online in the 20 to 30 minutes its active - has been a bit disappointing. Yes its freebie, but no big deal
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    Looking for new gang 7450000 prestiege 10 i do 300-700 trophy i left old gang because the leader became inactive Thanks _Rocket2Face