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  1. Where did you get all the gold and gems? Did that come from google images?
  2. Should have beat it in 2 seconds of contact.
  3. Nice car. Mine wasn't that good at stage 24 before I prestiged. Are you prestige 10?
  4. What if you want to use the same body or a same weapon on two cars?
  5. Not a very important point, but when I updated the game, I was in stage 6. By the way, I have already prestiged. I don't know if prestiging again will allow me to keep all the choices or if I have to restart cat customization all over again, but I have already played through the whole game once and prestige players like me should have all the choices immediately instead of being limited to choices unlocked at stage 6.
  6. 👍🏻. I have made a post on the this exact same topic and love this idea, but maybe the gadget slot toolboxes could be a bit more common than the rest since they don't directly inflict damage.
  7. Thanks. I just prestiged last night and I wanted to know if I would keep my prestige sticker when I prestiged again or if I lose that too.
  8. I had 2nd or 3rd place in the tournament last night. The problem is, I reside in the US and therefore the tournaments end at midnight. I had an alarm set to wake me up just so I can secure a win, and the day it fails to wake me up, BOOM! I FAIL THE TOURNAMENT! Now I have to wait another 2 days to go to the next stage because the tournament system isn't fair. Please fix the tournament system so that it is either regional so that people don't have to worry about getting up in the middle of freakin' night or set it at a time in the middle of day that no one is asleep so it is fair for everyone. I loved this game before now and it has great potential, but please fix this.
  9. I am currently in stage 21 and still use a 5 star body because other bodies don't have a second slot for a weapon. To deal with this problem, we could add a weapon slot toolbox and a support slot toolbox for bodies in a similar way that health and energy toolboxes work. When you fuse a toolbox into the body, you could drag and drop the slot where you want it and have a confirm prompt show up so you don't accidently place it in the wrong spot. It would also be nice if you could make energy toolboxes more effective.
  10. It is easy to counter when the enemy has a well balanced vehicle with small vehicles and a strong double rocket. That is how I counter that design.