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  1. One last random off topic note. What is with this sites random phobia against actual numbers in names? I hate spelling out 51 it looks so bad.
  2. Never mind I scrolled up and saw it took your advice now I’m in 4th place. Even then there is a good chance I will drop below 30. I just hope nobody logs on for another 10hrs. Still feel like it should be easier to get like with the rest of the parts. This is the twinmill we’re talking about. A twin mill without it’s twin mills is just an average sports car hardly worth the title of Hotwheels! All I’m saying is if you partner up with a titan of collectible merchandise you should make sure it’s %100 achievable though grinding or pay and not leave anything to chance such as loot crates or risk losing a tournament.
  3. It doesn’t show as a achievable item all i see are the two wheels a mystery box and the ultimate cash but no engine
  4. So we all know cats has been going downhill due to pay to win micro transactions taking priority but their latest offer broke the camels back for me. So the hot wheels update brought some nice ultimate parts for us to unlock and as a fan of hot wheels since I was 5 I was super excited to unlock these parts but the engine is only obtained through a random drop from a box that costs roughly $10 bucks per unlock. I thought I could drop a $100 and spam the box. What I didn’t realize is you only get 10 chances and if you don’t get it you are SOL. The 10 chances don’t even refresh come the next day at least it hasn’t for me. After I spend my gems I’m done with this game! Locking a collectible item behind a chance drop with a chance of never getting it is bs. I’m going to get my $100 worth out of this game and dropping it completely! Share your outrage if you think this HW promotion is bs!