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  1. Look it I'm saving big to build a ultimate killing machine let me help about picking parts and body weapons etc I not decided yet what to choose but have mind for 2blades on Boulder and a booster with sticky rollers. Waiting for a suitable body to come but unfortunately not yet get since 2 days BTW it's good idea or not please give suggestions I needed. Thanks
  2. You can use same parts on Boulder and get more powerful machine I m looking for a golden star Boulder body for a week but not received suitable still but saving alot to upgrade when i received.
  3. Can we buy crates with gems we have ?
  4. You can see in top players list at no.6 spot a hacker. Admin need to make security more tighten.
  5. -12 76000 I am stuck at lvl 12 higher lvl players may beat me to reach the top in my league 😥
  6. I want to know about whats the difference between 5 stars baldes and 4 stars blade's ??? Is more stars weapon have more damage then less 🌟 weapon ?
  7. 57k points for stage 10 players ? I can't make more points after winning the fights.
  8. But there's no player of cats in my Facebook friend list if they add send request button on players which we fighting with.
  9. One thing they should add friend feature like other games if any player looks cool and I wanna be his friend so I can send him friend request. Must needed feature
  10. 32k to 48k in day good achievement isn't?
  11. From Which league you belongs? I'm in silver league now recently moved and my username is Toheed. Here is screenshot of my machine.
  12. Amazing 😂
  13. Good works
  14. You did some cool stuff dude keep it up
  15. That's nice ones