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  1. I'm still pretty new, only Prestige 1, still don't have a booster yet. I should get one at some point though I have a cutter body and double blade, what type of wheels should I use?
  2. Twin mill with no wheels + freeze + flashy laser weapon thing is ridiculously overpowered. I lose to this set up 100% of the time even though my stats are way higher. Melee weapons can't reach them, and ranged weapons shoot over the top. Seems like the only way to beat them is another twin mill with no wheels that has higher stats, but I missed this event and don't have that car Is there any other way to beat this car? I want to dedicate one of my three slots to a gimmick vehicle that can beat twin mill campers since this is mostly the only thing I ever lose to
  3. This is really cool! Do you have anything like this for Championship parts?
  4. Yeah I meant Damage (or I think really it's DPS?) Is there a list somewhere that shows how much damage my Level 1 weapons would gain as I level them up? It is super expensive to fuse items without knowing whether I'm going to wind up with enough damage to beat the opponents I'm trying to kill
  5. I just started a few days ago, and am on Stage 11 (2-star green parts). I am still using melee weapons since those are my only powerful weapons. I do pretty well but sometimes I face people with lasers or rockets that just 1 shot me. How do they get so much power on their weapons? My best 1-star military grade laser but it is only 307 power and my best 2-star military grade rocket is only 457 power. These are still level 1 unfused so they can go up more, but I don't see how people are getting 1000-1500 power Is there any way to tell how much power I would gain by leveling up my laser? It is super expensive to fuse enough parts