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  1. PS am in pacfic time zone
  2. Hi, I'm p1s24, going to prestige 2 as soon as all stars done. Looking for new gang as old gang sucks, no coordination in ck. I'm retired and am on game from about 10 am to 1am most days. Last rank was 6590, with 417000 points currently ranked 5 in all-stars. Game name WIZ#53725 DISCORD ID WZRDofPC#3012 New to discord, so may need some help, love all aspects of game and am very active. Have lots of ultimate bodies and weapons, only been playing for about 4-5 months. Willing to learn and take direction. your group sounds very interesting to me.
  3. Hi all, I'm a p1s23 looking for an active gang, I'm ranked 6590 with 417000 points, I'm retired and play most every day,several times a day. Have 3 ultimate machines, and could build more or change them up. The name is WIZ.