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  1. wait how did that fail
  2. The lasers do a lot more damage than it looks. Not sure if its a bug or not, but that makes it a lot harder to instant. - Hex ☺
  3. They're all campers
  4. the sharkbite hotwheels is pretty good with icecream mace, double blade and harpoon, i have it right now
  5. next thing you know everyones a no-scope sneaky
  6. whats an ice sprinkler
  7. is this this turning into a roast page?
  8. Thanks for the tip, ill try it sometime
  9. is this an idea or something thats already there?
  10. Nah u can use shotguns, lifters don't work on them and how about this name? floating bubble majiggys
  11. Thats cool. One time I was fighting someone in championships and their lifter brought both me and them on top of on of the barriers. I died but it was fun
  12. Lol meowscow?
  13. You should see my shark hot wheels