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  1. Thanks for a very helpful reply, although  my boneshaker does not survive a horseshoe. I will try something with a harpoon though. Of course, I have to wait until my clan finishes a city kings battle,  and then I have to contend with my being in a different timezone to most of my buddies. I will have to request a hiatus to try some new configurations.



  2. Another 2 days in a row. 4 tickets lost first opponent, 1 on the second. 

    another gripe is the special ultimate events. I won a heap of bald eagle heads last  event, but when the event closed the shop disappeared too quick and I couldn't cash them in.. I got nothing for all that work.

  3. My gripe is that ultimate used to start with easy opponents and get progressively harder.  Now I  get an unbeatable opponent first up, and for some reason I get the same set of opponents every ticket. It has become very unenjoyable.

  4. Since being demoted in ultimate from gold to silver I seem to be stuck with platinum opponents.  I used to consider  2100 as my minimum score to stop fighting. Now I am regularly presented with unbeatable opponents as first battle. My minimum score is now 600 and I lose 3/4 of my tickets. Have my opponents not been dropped to my current level?