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  1. Shame this forum system doesn't have polling. I would put the question "should the tranquilliser be nerfed?" Even the gang members WITH purples have said yes.
  2. Seems to be the new normal. today's 1st gangfight had 2 purple guns, so I gemmed that opponent. After winning the easy gem the next opponent also had 2 purple guns. So... my contribution to the gang is a whopping 5 points. (And no... I'm not on level 25...I'm still blue)
  3. The result that threw me was my loss to a car that ended up winning with 0 health
  4. So instead of nerfing these things they get handed out at random. For the first time today I had to gem my first gangfight opponent. What do they get replaced with? An opponent with 4 tranquilliser guns! Between these guns and the terrible matchmaker and late packet bug in city kings the game has turned quite unenjoyable. WAY TO WRECK THE GAME ZEPTO ! (For those that haven't come across it yet, the late packet bug causes the enemy health indicator to not work. If you win the battle the pop up will say you've won, but when you get back to the car park YOU'RE the one who blows up and your opponent stays intact...and the win is not scored. Happens frequently to those on a satellite connection with very high ping times)
  5. The Feral Cats (55424) are recruiting. F2P ok... Every Monday the bottom 5 members without gangfight trophies are culled, so we only require you to play once a week. (Naturally we would prefer daily players, but we'll take anyone who wants to add gang boxes to their parts supply) Come join us and discuss builds and tactics.
  6. I think Zepto didn't think this through. Those multi-million point level 25 sitters have been joined by those unwilling to lose their super-weapons. I suspect soon it will be impossible to reach the prestige button. I was hoping that the adjustment would give it a vulnerability, or reduce it's freeze time, but instead they removed it's only true weakness and in doing so could have lost many players too frustrated to continue. Well done.
  7. The title says it all. How about a capitulate button in city kings for those frequent occasions when your gang is matched a ridiculously stronger team. Saves the depressing event of being trapped watching an enemy with 20 times more active players, and/or more than twice your best players strength.
  8. Thanks for a very helpful reply, although my boneshaker does not survive a horseshoe. I will try something with a harpoon though. Of course, I have to wait until my clan finishes a city kings battle, and then I have to contend with my being in a different timezone to most of my buddies. I will have to request a hiatus to try some new configurations.
  9. Since being demoted in ultimate from gold to silver I seem to be stuck with platinum opponents. I used to consider 2100 as my minimum score to stop fighting. Now I am regularly presented with unbeatable opponents as first battle. My minimum score is now 600 and I lose 3/4 of my tickets. Have my opponents not been dropped to my current level?
  10. Another 2 days in a row. 4 tickets lost first opponent, 1 on the second. another gripe is the special ultimate events. I won a heap of bald eagle heads last event, but when the event closed the shop disappeared too quick and I couldn't cash them in.. I got nothing for all that work.
  11. My gripe is that ultimate used to start with easy opponents and get progressively harder. Now I get an unbeatable opponent first up, and for some reason I get the same set of opponents every ticket. It has become very unenjoyable.
  12. I have no problem with whales. I cannot find a build to beat shotgun/horseshoe/ and anything that freezes. I'll just quit playing ultimate and stick to city kings with my gang.