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  1. My opinion on the new update is that it's going to be a game changer! I certainly look forward to seeing this, any estimated release date?
  2. Certainly good advice for the new players, but here's my major tips for new kittens: 1. Test your build against all the championship members, and identify the weaknesses in their builds, then use that to your advantage. As I say, "It's not the stats, but the strategies." 2. Take advantage of any and all parts; sometimes you're just not doing the build right. 3. Here's a good tidbit of advice from forum user FAMOUSCATS: Log your parts, this can help a lot. 4. As stated above, open as many crowned boxes as you can each day. This is good advice, as the stats rise for crowned boxes. 5. Try to keep up to date with new updates, sometimes these can change the game, such as it did when the Lifter came out, that was a real help to me. It still is. 6. SELL YOUR STICKERS: THEY'RE ONLY AESTHETIC AND DON'T DO ANYTHING
  3. What I meant by upgrade system was evolution system.
  4. So yeah... I had some ideas concerning multiple aspects of the game. For Prestige: Maybe you should add fusions of items? (I know this is unlikely but I had to list it.) Maybe some sort of new weapon? (i.e. Tesla) Or maybe a new type of defensive part? List your ideas below for a new defensive part. Something past Prestige 10. (And NO, I'm not prestiged. I have recently gotten to Carbon Parts.) Championships (not those championship STAGES.) Maybe team matches? If you could find a way to make it work it'll be amazing! Some new part categories might be cool also.. Spare part ideas People have no idea what to do with useless parts, right? Maybe add an upgrade system for them! Or at least add some new parts. Any Other Ideas That Don't Fit In To A Category That I Posted Maybe add some new boxes? Some ideas: Golden Crate (Better than super, a little worse than legendary.) Amethyst Crate: Worse than golden, better than super. Terribly sorry for the long post, but these aren't even my best ideas for the game. I'll post this topic's updates soon.
  5. Clans would be a very interesting addition to the game. I, for one, would like to see it added.
  6. Recent spam issues, I'm assuming? It looks like some sort of website. I don't know EXACTLY what it is, but it's my guess.
  7. Understood. I'll try to utilize what you said into a good build.
  8. My strategies include: Offensive: Mainly weapons, high power in attack Defensive: Mainly gadget slots, high HP Balanced: About even gadgets / weapons, highest possible HP and ATK
  9. OverlandGuard here, just an article to discuss tips for building winning machines. Also, please fill out the poll. It'd really help to see what you guys all think is more useful: Balance, Attack, or Health. Please also fill out the second poll: What tier of parts are you in? It'll help me sort out the responses between "HELPFUL" and "NOT HELPFUL." (You can see user names on this specific post.)
  10. Hello! I'm back with some astounding news! I have reached Stage 20! Carbon Parts! I have familiarized myself with the Double Rocket and am using them in a sucky build right now, so... I n e e d y o u r h e l p. It would be a pleasure if you could help me fix up a new build with these parts used in the 'sucky build' Surfer: 37,244 HP (Bigfoot bonus: 51,897) Two slots: Top left, bottom right (first curve left ---> right) Double Rocket: 8489 DMG. Double Rocket: 2044 DMG. Bigfoot A, B: A: 8448 HP | B: 7205 + bonus My friend does NOT know about this at the time. I'll keep a classification of all of my color code tiers here. Wood, Metal, Military, Gold, Carbon (color coded by part type.) There are plenty of annoyance builds in my league..(See article nearly ultimate killing machine, Bouncy Boulder for more info) Stage 20 isn't going too well so far. I've only got about a few carbon I parts, and that's it. (Now I classify the part type and it's star ranking with the tier and the number of tier stars.)
  11. I like it! It is a really great drawing. I like every tiny detail!
  12. Yeah, personally, I agree. I now have two alternate accounts for C.A.T.S and I'm on Stage 19 (OverlandGuard) and Stage 4 (UnderlandKing). So it would help both accounts to see a new update with helpful features like a shop or rare items (I don't wanna venture off into new idea territory either.) But it WOULD be nice to look forward to updates.
  13. My tips: Look at how the fight goes. Maybe if you used a smaller build the bullets / beams will sail over you? Upgrade. I know you're already at a good level, but maybe you should try approaching? Try having a friend who plays the game analyze the fight. He could be of help. My best tip: Practice, practice, practice! It doesn't matter what errors happen. And of course, you'll just improve your machine right after. It's the natural process of bouncing back into the swing of things.
  14. Oh, and in reply to my last comment, I have built something similar to a three wheel slider, and I plan on doing so in the future.
  15. Pros and Cons of Slider Builds They DO have one wheel that touches the ground, which makes it a bit worse for speed. it has more health if built with three wheel chassis. It will slide under SOME missiles, lasers / double rockets. Using this data in a conclusion, it's not too bad or too good. You need to have a plan with this build.