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  1. I will try it. Of course, if Zero/Low Gravity is on... that would be a problem!
  2. Is it just me, or are the new HotWheels builds a little OP? There's a build running around with 1 headlight & i freeze(one of several) Use: On entry, you are frozen... the enemy wep takes a long time to charge, but that's OK, you are frozen. You release from the freeze just in time to get hit for about 60% of your health... Annnnd, then you get frozen again.... Next time you thaw.... pow.... welcome to the junk yard. Something needs to be done about this... I am seeing builds with 2000 wep power running WAY up the leaderboards. they are pretty much end points... you see one, you need to reroll ($$$GEMS$$$) or bail