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  1. some form of booster that sends your car flying on top of the headlight freezer and a mele weapon and that car is done. it beats my headlight freezer every time it still freezes you but the momentum should get the car on top of the other so when its ufreezes it can kill it and the headlights cant do anything
  2. Can we plz get some more controle as leaders of a gang. so we can see who is inactive so we can get rid of them maybe a gather gang button for gang members with a cd and a leader with none and some way of seeing who used the button last. just some of these small features that can help us running a gang to make it better for our members so thay dont have to get waight down by inactives who do nothing and making it harder to progress further in the game. i hope you will take my idears into consideration and maybe you got some of your own