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  1. Thank you for the replies. But, at least in minigun, I think there is something wrong. First shot is 1/5 complete power. It is sure. So, it depends on how fast are each shot. And we know it is slow at the start and it become faster each shot.
  2. Is there any table or app that shows us the effective cycle time of each weapon? The lasers have a 2.5s cycle. What about the other weapons? Minigun has acceleration in the attack cycle. Anyone know what this ratio is? Would anyone know where this information can be found?
  3. Ok bro. I'll try this as soon as possible....saturday perhaps. Thank you!!!
  4. Need help. I downloaded C.A.T.S on my Ipad an create an account for my little son. He has its own Ipad and play in it. We have activated the family function (which I do not know if it is written this way in English), which allows everything that installs on one device works and can be seen on the other, allowing you to play on both device . With the update, I had to reinstall on my Ipad the game, which had new phase start until the moment the tutorial finished and he identified the original account ID and unified the game normally. My question is: I want to create a separate account for myself. Can I uninstall the game from my tablet and reinstall, creating a new ID at the appropriate time without deleting my child's? I run the risk of erasing his account and lose the gems and all the progress already achieved or can have both accounts on the same Ipad? Tks and sorry for my english.