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  1. Hi! Are u still interested? Prestige is 1. Yup, we are active... Well we need more active players though. Requirements are as posted above and yes we in CK. If u have more questions join us on discord. Poofy#7682
  2. An up and coming gang looking for active players, preferably with prestige to participate daily in gang fights and CityKings! I'm looking for active players willing to put in work and build it together...In game and on Chat! PRESTIGE is of no importance, BUT you MUST download the app DISCORD and I'll invite you to our group chat there! Active players means: online everyday and joining CITY KINGS & GANG FIGHTS!!!! P.S.: Once you join our group chat on DISCORD then I'll invite you to the actual GANG on C.A.T.S. Also!!!! No 18- of age please! My discord ID Poofy#7682
  3. Hi! Our gang Rotten Bones desperately needs active and experienced members! If u are one and also looking for a gang who tries it's best, u are more than welcome here! Please reply first if u are interested! P.S.: We had enough of headless chickens, free resource wasters! Also be active on chat!