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  1. And the winner is NotANewb As i said...i like this design...not that i have it :):):) P.S. about our teammate contact support with question how one league opponent has whale with 25 energy...answer were genious...everything fine and legal...just upgrade chassis :)
  2. Eh...noone like this design 😂
  3. I would add that Jay isn't just some random dude who's happens playing cats but official Zepto youtube manager (or how it's called) this means that codes gives Zepto which means they not doing it well...imnho
  4. All you need are good pencils.
  5. You got such sreen to capture...if it's first time...and that's ticket indeed
  6. Color them.
  7. It had been done already...i've seen such build...and any camper can start build one...if don't forget not sold some wood details. For 19th stage it's about 400 boosts :)...doable
  8. With Valentine harpoon and divorce P.S. And we definetly need stingers and drills for Valentine update...think naming by yourself
  9. Depends on when you join league and luck...mine leagues always nees above 2m to be in first two places. Main problem that it is time consuming.
  10. Or have patient to do 1 prestige in 20 till 40 days ... sounds like mission impossible
  11. Double rocket has 5 energy and is usable with that thing that freeze time after time and has 15 7 gives 3 ultimate details...i think, never counted them. And one more suprise...there is cap for upgrading ultimate least whalr can be upgraded to 8lvl...i don't have it but seen's prety genious if you ask me...let's find op strategy...make maximum upgraded builds and flip a coin
  12. Most funny is that it would take "5 minutes" to add confirm because there is already confirm procedure...for changing opponent, i at least half of the job is done.
  13. Priscilla
  14. I know, right. From Zepto with love. P.S. And i thouht that HappyNewYear is bad choise for fast expiring code