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  1. With rockets and etc it is about which rocket hits opponents first but with laser random decide which get first hit...and that random decision is taken once and stays...there is slight chance of changing outcome by taking and puting laser back (or changing on different one)...upgrading it..changing wheels...but no 100% quaranty that it'll work
  2. Everyone just put your phone down! P.S. But leave empty build in garage before you do so P.S. By the's the players who are "abusing" championship system are those who makes problems by using legal options to beat the game. And if the system would be different...believe me...we would find the way to ruin the game for you
  3. Did you notice prestige number before stage number for that player...15 stage unlocks ultimate machines at 0 prestige...and stays unlocked after you can be at stage 1 with prestige higher that 0 and play city of kings
  4. @TomCatPro But it was obvious and writen in those tournament anyone reads these days...don't want it...don't join it
  5. I've got a question...why you made the aplication for participation in that stupid world cup? And which wc team lost serious player?
  6. I like that kids still work these days and learn responsibility at summer i did when i was kid...but i was kinda lazy or laws didn't let work full shifts...don't remember
  7. @Phil As economist you should understand that those which you're not spending worst nothing But i get fun from only collecting them. P.S. as for topic...that's the idea that one strong player can't beat all's a team work.
  8. @goktsu share your calculations please. Right now it seems you're wrong. In gold league it's about up 500k - 1M points per day for not paying players in gold league. If you're in lower league then you should know that in gold you get 42k for one ticket. I've been in top100 by myself without spending gems.
  9. Cap of ul detail is back to normal again...and no details were that had been fixed very for backpedal...well...probably it seemed too good for gangfights 3rd lvl paws upgrade still works with one backpedal and no wheels but jumps lower...less realiable but fine...two backpedals still flies away
  10. In this particular case i believe reason is that in quick fights about half of opponents are game generated...aka...bots...and they sometimes are very wierd...often with one wheal and so on. P.S. in championship one of reason to take off weapons is to not show opponents your real power
  11. Yeah...100% xp roller for surfer...totaly useless...who needs that:D
  12. Protams:) First 6 places are promoted...and it's possible to get from 2nd place to 7th in last seconds...depending on medal count.
  13. @Darkshot When you'll get tired from irrelevant spam from irrelevant users in your clan recruit're free to press report on them
  14. Legendary from gold box from promoting or gem bought will be from your current stage or one lower...from gang fights and gang box as it is from regular there it can be 3 stages lower and ussualy are
  15. Reach 25 stage, enter championship and press prestige...that's kinda it