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  1. I'm looking for active players willing to put in work and build it together. You can be any prestige but you MUST download the app DISCORD and I'll invite you to our group chat there. Active players means online everyday, joining CITY KINGS & GANG FIGHTS. Once you join our group chat on DISCORD then I'll invite you to the actual GANG on C.A.T.S. Preferably would like you to be 18+ My discord ID is BriHennessey#7595
  2. Sup? I'm Bri I'm trying to gather a bunch of active players for my gang. I'm pretty strict on rules but if you make a mistake and fix it next time then obviously you won't be kicked I only kick players who repeatedly just rather not listen. When I say active player, you have to be on every single day, join every CITY KING wars started and I don't have a set amount of trophies "yet" to be earned everyday. If you are just starting out that's fine. I can help you. I'm not much of a noob but I am a decent player and know my way around. I know what works and what doesn't. You can join at whatever prestige you are. How to join? You MUST download discord and add me there. My ID is BriHennessey#7595 We'll discuss a few things beforehand. You will be added to a server/channel I started there for my gang. It's super easy to use and its easier to chat on there than the C.A.T.S. chat. After you've downloaded DISCORD, added me and whatnot. I'll help get you into the GANG. Let's build a super amazing gang and f*ck sh*t up. Preferably would want you to be 18+