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  1. So ever since the hot wheels event ended, there has been this glitch where the Sprites go black and text disappears. Sometimes it is nothing and can be disregarded, but not for long because after a few more loading screens it gets worse and gets worse fast. To the point that it makes it unplayable. I open the game up again and sometime it is gone, sometimes it didn't to anything. It makes it unplayable and hard to see what I am doing. It is really hard to do anything because it gets so bad very fast having me to re open the app over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't even fix it. It is impossible to do ultimate machine competition as it requires knowing what stuff is, whish is hard to do when it is all black squares and no text. I have provided plenty of images and I would like to get some answers. Please tell me if you have seen this glitch before or you know how to fix it. Thanks!