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  1. Is there any good active clans that will take a non prestige player. Just started last week and I am on stage 19. I'm super active and constantly building better bots.
  2. I added you on discord Bri
  3. I'm not prestige 3, so it says I can't join. I'm super active, just started last week and I'm stage 19. Just need an active clan to get in on so I can continue to grow and help.
  4. Can I join please, need an active clan
  5. Can I join Puss N Bots? I tried but I'm not prestige 3
  6. I'm pretty new, just started a week ago. I'm stage 19. Super active, play several times a day. Just looking for a gang where all are active and participate in getting trophies and in city Kings. Thanks.