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  1. We are up to 17 members with an 88% participation rate in City Kings. I've temporarily dropped the Prestige requirement to 1 to recruit new quality players. We don't use Discord or any 3rd party chat. We don't need it. If I'm not around to give instructions, the gang defaults to basic strategy. Instructions are mostly for new people; veterans learn how we work pretty quick. We fight in City Kings. Players who are only interested in collecting trophies and gang boxes will be wasting their time and ours if they join. They are usually kicked before they ever get a gang box.
  2. With heart shaped energy blasts:
  3. Here's the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCewZuwxsifO0lY63q8JytDw
  4. I have a bunch of uploads to YouTube: I haven't done much editing, but a lot of the fights are exciting for different reasons. My favorite fights are the ones with no weapons. There's also the occasional dog video.
  5. Looking for people that will enlist in City Kings and attack the correct building at least once a day. Our gang is always active, and we're always recruiting active players. Prestige is usually set to 3. BLACK DREAM#33829 We are a great gang for anyone that just needs to play City Kings everyday. You know who you are.
  6. Is there something better for capturing screen casts?
  7. I don't want a co-leader, but I could use some goons. They don't need any special powers, I just need a way to give them labels.
  8. Get it any time. You just don't want to buy it then immediately advance a stage. It doesn't matter that much. You can upgrade it so that it's good for about 4 more stages. You also don't want to purchase it if you are about to prestige, since you lose all your parts when you do.
  9. I think you just get one, so make sure you just started a new stage before purchasing. I had one on a rocket boulder once. It was my favorite weapon. I hope it gets unlocked in the game soon since I rarely spend money on parts.
  10. This would get you kicked out of my gang on day one. Don't join a gang unless you plan to participate. Otherwise, you get kicked out and waste 24 hours or more. Yes, I think GreedyCat is trolling us.
  11. Thanks. Maybe they should name the leagues after something else. Like periodic elements, or types of plants that cats like: Catnip, Catmint, Cat Thyme, Cat Grass, Valerian, Cat's Claw, Licorice, Chamomile, Goldenseal Or animals that cats like to eat: Bug League, Spider League, Mouse League, Lizard League, Snake League, Fish League, Bunny League
  12. There are 6 shields, but I'm confused about which is which. One seems to be missing. I know that there should be wood, stone, bronze, silver, and gold; but there's one more shield. Also, the colors don't match up.
  13. It is way easy to place after dropping down to Silver League. I can probably place in the top 12 with less than 5 tickets.
  14. Awesome! You can delete it now. This information is not available anywhere else on the web.