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  1. What are some unfair practices that some gangs or players commit? What are ways to protect against or minimize the effects they have on you or your gang? Which ones have been addressed or are no longer a problem?
  2. I also wanted to edit my first gang post. No one but me has ever replied to it. If I could edit it, I would just update the information as necessary. Gangs change, strategies change, membership requirements change... It's a special type of post that should be handled differently from a regular forum post. Like a sticky with the gang leader acting as moderator for that one thread.
  3. It's true that higher prestige players have a slight advantage, but Championship fights quickly balance out. Any player with a huge advantage over everyone else should be able to win by instant promotion (What sucks is when they don't actually play and just leave their beast of a machine sitting in the lobby so that no one else can get past them). As Milkshake mentioned, there are many ways to get past high prestige players: Join a gang so that you can participate in GANG FIGHTS. If your gang is active and earns a high ranking gang box, you can get the same parts that high prestige players have. Fuse your parts to increase their level Upgrade your parts Build different types of vehicles that are good at beating specific enemies Play at the end of the championship Playing at the end of the championship is probably the most important. Championships are about having the most medals at the end. You can have the three weakest cars and still win first place. Ten minutes before the end of the championship, start battling with your best car. Then start battling with your next car, but this time only fight the cats whose medals you haven't taken yet. As soon as you see that the next opponent doesn't have a medal, exit the fight. Then battle with your third car and do the same thing. Don't stop. Everyone else will be doing the same thing. Start over with your first car and battle until there are no more medals to win. You should have no problem making it to the top 6.
  4. Okay, so maybe it matters for the top 100 teams, i.e. the minority. But it's bad for everyone else. Let's think of a solution for those that aren't in the top 100 (which only represents about 1% of all the gangs). Maybe the top 100 need to be in their own tier with their own game mechanics while the rest of us have something more relaxed that allows ease of play. I have nothing against gangs that use Discord, but I think it's a weakness in game design if you require outside services to make the game playable or competitive. If Discord is meant to be a part of the game then it should be presented as such. There should be a Discord link right in the app. Until then, I am resisting taking the gang to Discord. To answer your questions - The moment someone enlists, we are looking for war. At least one of us is. Who cares if only one of us starts it? We get notifications throughout the stage, and you can always call the gang when you need help. People show up or they don't. Matchmaking has never set us up with a gang that came in and won by Instant Victory. There was a time when we thought that we might be able to win by Instant Victory, but by the time we got our participation rate up the cities got larger (more parking spots to fill). I think the game developers need to have a look at how it's affecting 99% of the gangs out there. There must be a solution that won't cause panic and world wide chaos. Maybe the gang leader should be able to set how many warriors are required to start a war. Or maybe the number of warriors to start should increase with gang rank. So a team in 10,000th place only needs 2/2, and 1,000th place needs 3/3, etc.
  5. We are ranked 938 in City Kings. We are in the top 10% at least. 60% of our gang is active for 90% of stages. The rest are active for at least 50% of stages. How much stronger and more active do we have to be to benefit from this? I'm trying to understand what purpose it serves. So far I see nothing. If we stall at 4/5 it's not like it drops to 3/5. It just stays there. I'm saying that this feature backfires. Instead of starting a stage with 5 players on each team ready to fight, we often wind up starting with only one or two players ready to fight. The same can be said of the opposing team. Sometimes it's an hour before we see the first person attack. It's not good to get players psyched up and ready and then let them down. You don't want to do that in any game. This is a 24 hour long campaign and we have members all over the globe. A strong start is nice, but it's not really necessary. It's not like you can maintain the same start time everyday anyway. I'm trying to understand what purpose it serves. What would be different if it went away? What's the bad thing that happens? I guess it would be annoying if that one guy in Slovakia was always starting the stage by himself, but matchmaking still takes time and the next start time is always later. I don't think we've ever had an opponent declare war on us without having 5 members. That only happens when matchmaking takes a long time and I've left the City Kings screen. Not trying to be obnoxious; just trying to understand who/what it serves. Could you give an example of something bad that happens if we don't have the 5/5 requirement?
  6. What is the purpose of waiting for 5 warriors to start City Kings? Whatever the reason, 5 is too many. How long is the expected time to gather 5 players? By the time our 5th player enlists, the other 4 have gone to sleep or started doing something else. I would like for this part of the game to go away or change. It has never done anything good for our gang.
  7. Where did your gang name come from? What does it mean? How did you get it? Who came up with it?
  8. This happened to me yesterday in the middle of a 120 Quick Fight win streak. The game restarted and treated the match as if I had exited the fight, so I lost my win streak. Oh well. At least I didn't have a 10,000 win streak like a bunch of people on the leader boards.
  9. No, the slow pig wheel is great. I'm pretty disappointed in the golden carp though. I played constantly to get a level 3 golden carp and it only has 2880 attack. I was burned out after that and didn't manage to get the diamond carp at all. Someone please tell me the diamond carp was weak too so that I don't feel bad about not getting it.
  10. That's kind of tough. There are only so many cat related words/sounds I can think of and only so many popular cities. But here goes... Catmandu, Nepal Mewlan, Italy Mewmbai, India Meowxico City, Mexico Cat Town, South Africa Furfield, California Furrara, Italy Frankfur, Germany Meowmi, Florida Hisston, Texas Tail Aviv, Israel Tailford, UK Pawnama City, Panama Catania, Italy Catowice, Poland Hissar, India Hell's Kitten, Manhattan Kansas Kitty, Missouri Kittykyushu, Japan Pussan, South Korea Wroclaw, Poland Clawksville, Tennessee Tailahassee, Florida Mewark, New Jersey Mewcastle, Australia Mewport, UK Mice, France Howlifax, Canada Howlsinki, Finland Howl Chi Minh Kitty, Vietnam Howllywood, California Scratchdale, Arizona Cattanooga, Tennessee Some of those are a stretch, but they might help others come up with something. It would help to know which cities would be eligible.
  11. I'm all for having a traffic light system. Everyone in our gang is just someone that randomly joined. They didn't sign up for a new life commitment. I put a lot of work into trying to have a successful gang without over-burdening everyone with alerts, strategy changes, gang policies, and calls to action. If I didn't, the burn out rate would be much higher than it is. Not knowing who enlisted is very annoying because I expect our brand new members to enlist and participate in their first stage of City Kings. It's obvious that they are on and active, but they often don't join in City Kings. Actually, I would like the 5/5 warriors to start requirement to go away or be reduced. Usually, so much time has passed between the first member enlisting and the last one that there are only one or two members online when the stage finally starts. You have 3 or 4 people waiting around for an hour before it starts and when it finally does the only person online is the noob who decides to scout and attack the wrong building. I'm not sure what the idea was behind having the 5 players to start was, but I think that it probably doesn't work as intended. Heck, before I started leading our gang it sometimes took days to get 5 people to enlist. The stage lasts for 24 hours and the start time changes every day. I don't see what requiring 5 people to join does other than make people feel impatient and give up. Maybe it's useful for new gangs? So, who cares who's enlisted. Let's just do away with the 5 warrior requirement.
  12. I would like to get a notification in chat that tells me which players have enlisted in City Kings so far. If a new gang member doesn't enlist, I would like to kick them to allow someone else to join. With four people enlisted, I don't have a good way to know who joined and who didn't. This would give some advantage back to gangs that don't use other apps to communicate.
  13. We can see who the Top Players are, the Top Gangs according to trophy count, and how you rank in your Ultimate League. But you can't see how your gang ranks in City Kings except briefly between stages. My gang focuses on participating in City Kings and does not have a trophy requirement. We are ranked around 990 in City Kings right now, but only 2,312 in Top Gangs. We would like to be able to check our City Kings standings from the main screen the same way that we are able to view Top Gangs.
  14. Why are you even bothering to post in Ideas? I would never allow that kind of attitude in my product development group. It stifles creativity and innovation while adding nothing. It further shows a lack of imagination and problem solving capability. Why do you assume that people are lazy? Perhaps they are playing more actively than you and wish to increase efficiency in a way that matches their playing style? Again, what's with your toxic unproductive attitude? That's the real clutter. You could've just said nothing. There's no requirement to post perfect flawless ideas here. That's not the point. It's unlikely that the developers would take any idea from the forum and implement it exactly as stated. Instead, it's a place where they can get a feel for what people want and collect ideas on how they might improve their product. Most of the ideas posted are never going to happen. The developers know what they are doing and ignore many ideas because they are aware of the challenges and pitfalls of trying to implement them. They don't need someone to come in and try to stop the flow of ideas for them. Don't tell me what to do. The reason I'm quoting your post is so that you can't go back and edit it and pretend that you weren't being arrogant and close minded. If you want to stop the clutter, stop disparaging people that you don't know.
  15. What's with the trash talk? Why are you commenting on how people live? Not everyone plays or lives the same way as you. Are you like that at home too? I wouldn't mind having a way of mass selling items either. It is tedious. I have my own reasons of why I let them build up and I don't feel inclined explaining them to the likes of you.