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  1. lol no way, i use flying sneaky and its just 0.1 seconds from firing but the walls kill me its annoying
  2. woohoo got minigun from gang box in stage 21, pretty much depressing because i was so close to unlock it but whatever, any tips? anyone?
  3. I tried to upgrade my carbon blade with a carbon surfer and then it showed me 2+-1, it leveled my blade down to 1 and the damage from 12050+ to 11600+, then i lost internet connection and my blade went back to level 2 but the damage is still on 11600, not only that i lost my surfer too and after that i couldnt upgrade anything on my 3rd machine, it shows that everything will go down in 1 level, after that i tried upgrading my laser on my first machine and the thing it did is just going from level 4 to 3 but the damage is buffed... this is basically negative upgrade levels
  4. oh... and yeah i use bouncy boulders currently at the top
  5. why do i always fight people with shotgun and balloon and i dont have it? same with gang fights im fighting people with 2x better machines then mines which has like 10 prestiges this is unfair