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  1. I'll let you know when I do, thank you very much
  2. If so, then I can rest easy, I need to change my device for better performance and I want to keep having my things.
  3. No, I gave (like) the page of CATS from a PC nothing more
  4. If I do not connect to facebook, is there no other way to save my progress? I did not log in to facebook
  5. Hello, unfortunately I had problems logging into facebook. This is what I do... I place my facebook account normally (email and password) It loads a few seconds and this appears ... I wait ... several minutes and nothing happens. Should a "Continue" button appear? I followed the facebook page from my PC hoping that this would allow me to log in normally considering that I already followed the page CATS: Carsh Arena Turbo Stars (The official). I still try to get in and I can not. Already logged in? I'm worried I will not save my progress I'm connected to Google play games but I do not know if that's enough to save my progress. I am really worried, I really like this game and I must congratulate them for this great creation, so I do not want to lose my progress, which I feel very comfortable with. Sorry for my spelling, you will notice that my game is in Spanish and I resorted to translating this.
  6. OH thank you so much!! im so happy now!!!
  7. Thanks, connect to facebook help save my progress? Then when switching devices I can recover my progress true?
  8. HI! I recently downloaded C.A.T.S and I totally fell in love. And I'm excited about its game and its strategy to overcome the championships but .... there is something that brings me doubtful for days. I use Android and download google Play Games to log in while playing. With this, can I save my progress if I change the device or use it in parallel on a tablet and a smart phone? Or if I uninstall the game and reinstall it? I repeat I love this game and I do not want to lose my progress, imagine being first in the lists and to change smart phone lose everything and must start from 0 .... it would be catastrophic. I do not speak English, please excuse my spelling