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  1. Whenever I use the in-game gang search, it only brings up 6 gangs. All 6 gangs are always FAR BELOW my performance rating, and usually have only 1-5 active players. On top of that, it only refreshes once a day, so I usually have to wait 24hrs to look at a new list of 6 terrible gangs, that I would never want to join. I would like to know WHY when we use the in-game gang search, why in the world, would you not design it so that we can look at EVERY GANG that has a spot to fill? Is it because ZeptoLab despises things that make sense? I mean, seriously... Been playing almost 2 years, and still haven't found a gang worth my time. This is by far the one thing, that makes this the worst game on my phone. It is so mind bogglingly frustrating. Please fix asap. Or at the very least, please explain the reasons that your in game gang search is so absolutely worthless. Thanks.
  2. F it. Uninstall eminent. Obviously there arent any players left who care about this game enough to recruit, or check forums at all. Boooooooo. Could be an awesome game. Unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a gang with the WORTHLESS in-game gang search. It only brings up 6 gangs, that are always WAY below my performance stats, and it only refreshes to a new 6 suggestions once per day. What a load of horse poop! That seriously needs to be fixed ZeptoLab. That is a huge dropping of the ball in my opinion. Slackers.
  3. How is it that discord became the number 1 app for comms in this game? It's total rubbish when compared to line, but NO gangs use line. Everyone uses discord, or telegram (which is even worse.) If there's a gang out there that uses line, and prestige requirementry of 3, then message me.
  4. In game gang search is a flippin joke. And that's putting it as nicely as possible. Is there a list of ALL gangs available anywhere? Because being able to only search 5 gangs every 24 hours is total horse piss.
  5. Why does everyone use discord? Is because the game has a discord page? That's a weak reason to use one of the worst gamer comms app in the app store. I am thoroughly confused by this.
  6. No worries. Im shocked that telegram and discord are the most popular apps for comms in this game As far as I am concerned the are the top 2 worst apps available for comms for gamers. Telegram being #1 worst, and discord #2. That's like everyone joining in on a racing team, but required to use Yugos and geo metros only.
  7. Above, *if* you require...
  8. Also, I'd you require discord or telegram for communication, disregard my post. Those apps are clunky rubbish, and I refuse to reinstall them LINE is a far superior product, but honestly I prefer in game chat. Having an app for communication is completely unnecessary if every team member reports their ck results as they go. This is the only info you would need to put on discord, but if you just do what i just said, it makes comms apps redundant.
  9. Same as above goes for fat tracks federation.
  10. What's your gangs name?
  11. Too bad you guys use discord. What a shit platform that is.
  12. I looked up a gang called HON HON. Must have found the wrong one. Only one player with trophies, and only 35 trophies. Hahahaha!
  13. Ever heard of LINE app? It makes telegram and discord look just like their namesake. Seriously. Theyre both absolutely rubbish in comparison to LINE. Are they mandatory?
  14. Nothing found when I enter BIG_CATS
  15. I feel the same way about every gang ive ever been in. I'm always among the only 3-5 players who actually stay active and put up over 500 trophies per cycle on a regular basis. The profile I am trying to place is ROLLITUP. It's p3, lvl 15. Let me know if you're still looking for solid players.