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  1. Do you mind being a little bit more polite? English isn't the first language for many people. It would be better if you can say, "Could you please be a little more clear? Rather than saying "go learn some English before talking to me." Just my 2 cents
  2. And do not just upgrade every part you can, at first it seems you have more than enough purple cash, but the higher level your parts are, the harder it gets to upgrade them, so use your cash wisely
  3. Leader = leader Elder(s) = co-leader, appointed by the leader Trusted = members that are in gang for 3 or more weeks Regular = less than 3 weeks in the gang Fresh = less than 48 hours in the gang
  4. It's not a bug, you can use hex codes in chat to change the colour of the words. If you want to have HI in read, just type [#FF0000]HI. It's pretty fun to play with, if you want other colours, just check them out here:
  5. Same happened to me too. Also, does anybody know the date when the current city is about to end? It should have ended a week ago but still no news from Zeptolab
  6. I appreciate the effort from Taken, but I agree with Phil, the forums don't have enough ACTIVE mechanics.
  7. It shoots a close of smoke that moves at about 1/4 the speed of rockets and when the smoke hits a player, it freezes them for a brief moment, if the smoke is angled correctly, it will bounce off the wall repeatedly and continue to hit until the battle is over
  8. The offer should have stayed in the shop, (gift button in the top left corner) but it may have only been one time for some people. But too late now 😬
  9. No problem, but it's just annoying how there are several mechanics on this forum and all the extra topics haven't been deleted yet even though they have been here for at least 5 days
  10. Someone on discord sent an email to Zeptolab and the said the movies were just a test to see how often people watch them and what not,they got the data that they needed and disabled the feature for now
  11. You must finish in the top 100, not top 50, in some leagues to get the special outfit The rewards vary slightly between leagues
  12. Its sad how its been 3 days since all these extra flue topics were posted but they haven't been deleted yet
  13. Well they added a female skin that you have to pay for @Lilla
  14. It's a remedy and you float in the air for a few seconds, but not like a lifter which only lifts the front of the opponent, elixir lifts you evenly off the ground
  15. Well, if they are all going to disappear, and you want to use them before that, invest everything into one OP machine (most likely with two double rockets or a double rocket and blade) and see if you can win a few battleship stage 24. If you can get at least 7 gems, stay there for 4 days and camp. Best you can do at this point.