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  1. I actually have remembered that, that is why there are three rows each for all weapons and and chassis, so for the weapons, row one goes 4 energy, 5 energy, 6 energy, 7 energy, 8 energy repeat. But thank you for replying Edit: I will find a way to make this more obvious
  2. C.A.T.S. Stats I have been talking about making a guide for CATS for a while now and FINALLY decided, in steading of finishing all the stats first, I will post what I have till now (which isn't even 1/3 complete ) . So far, I have only entered values for everything laser and under and am on my way for adding blades and higher. Please do contribute for missing stats below and tell me if I have made a mistake so we can all have a fully completed spread sheet for any part in the game
  3. You said that like 5 times and haven't gave up yet, how do we know if you are actually going to give up or not?
  4. How does that all fit? If I am right which I am most likely not, rocket has 15 energy, double rocket has 5, and that shooting thing has 5, that adds up to 25 and doesn't whale have 20?
  5. Players are quitting the gae because of the update and because the game has become monotonous
  6. They aren't that bad as everyone says, just too expensive for free to play players
  7. For my Christmas event question
  8. That is great! You can join right now since we have 20 members and the required stage is prestige 1
  9. Very aptly put One positive by Zepto is that I noticed it is almost guaranteed to get 2 gems from wooden boxes 1) For the gangs, what is really needed is a vice-leader who can kick a certain limit of people but not the actual leader What I would like to have though is an optional parting message for when you kick someone so you can say something like "Join again once you get active" or "Thanks for helping out the gang, you are welcome join again" 2) If gem prices were lower and there was a confirmation before spending gems, everybody would be happy 3) For box drops, I cant say anything since the human brain remembers when it doesn't get what it wants rather than when it does. If there was actual data, Zeptolab would have to do something about it
  10. You can make coins by Ultimate League, Championship, Gang fights, selling parts, boxes, and successfully defending. If you already have health toolboxes on your vehicle the cost for the energy box will be treated like the cost of your next health box.
  11. Shhhh, don't remind zeptolab that they forgot about the boxes On a serious note, I think the Christmas boxes will be removed next update
  12. So what is the energy of lasers and double rockets? Since every other weapon requires 15 energy, and the whale chassis has 20, how do two weapons and a gadget fit?
  13. Here is proof of people with either an insane amount of luck, or insane amount of cash. This person is already at prestige 20 stage 24 and has insane stats. He got through 10 sprestiges in less than a month and has a monster machine with more stats than I got being free to play camping for 3 months. I clap.
  14. Thanks again Phil for answering my question I have 2 more questions Is the Christmas event Ultimate whale the only chassis with 2 weapon slots and how much energy does it have?
  15. Still wondering for gang 7 and up.....