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  1. Chervey responded to the issue on discord.
  2. =\FTF/= is a family of 4 competitive and fun-loving gangs. What originally was a joint venture between Cougar Tracks and Fat Cats back in Purris, has grown into an incredible family of gangs full of fun players who are ready to take over Meowscow II. We have spaces for all playing levels, whether you are a newer player looking to grow, a veteran looking for a competitive top 50 gang, or if you need a place to cool down after a tough city. Our Performance in Mew York II: 🐾 Cougar Tracks: 32nd πŸ’ͺ / 12,000+ πŸ† 🎩 Fat Cats: 46th πŸ’ͺ / 10,400+ πŸ† 😾 Feral Felines: 64th πŸ’ͺ / 9,000+ πŸ† πŸ•΄πŸ» Skinny Kittens: 120th πŸ’ͺ / 5,500+ πŸ† FTF was created with one goal in mind: allowing like-minded CATS to play together, have fun together, and get stronger together. Do you want to play the game at a more competitive level? Be part of a greater community that helps you get stronger? Or are you looking for a place to chill after playing aggressively last city? No matter your style, we have got you covered. PS: Check out our official YouTube Channel (linked below) for fun troll build wars πŸ˜‰ Even if you are not currently looking, our server is social and has multiple helpful channrls and fun bot games for you to try. Link:
  3. Yeah, Zeptolab pushed it another 2 days because of troubles implementing level 13
  4. Word is going around that it ends on July 16th, 2019.
  5. It's not a bug, active player base of the game is decreasing each day, as many are not able to keep up with its pace.
  6. Yes, Mew York 2 will be the new city
  7. Hello @DeckerDad, are you looking for a gang? Skiing Kittens or AoweFans, 2 gangs that are part of the Fat Tracks Federation, may have a spot for both of your accounts. They make a rank 5 gang box and are currently top 300. Join our discord server for more info.
  8. Cougar Tracks, a top 40, gang box rank 6 clan, has made a new feeder gang called Cougar Pride, it is pretty much a mini version of the top gang, looking to get stronger. It's just kicking off right now, but will get bigger soon. Just search up Cougar Pride and join or disocrd,
  9. Hey @Hex, just want to point out, you are replying on topics that are many months old. This is called grave digging, because these topics are long dead and the original poster who wan help or was sharing something probably doesn’t need any replies on the topic anymore. Please try to refrain from posting on topics that haven’t had a new post for a while.
  10. Yes, through gang boxes So from doing gang fights and the box you get every 3 days
  11. Maybe because the Coach Mortar attacked slot number 4, so he was placed there?
  12. Yes, generally, if they are the same prestige as you and have no gang, it’s a high chance they are a bot
  13. District 4 now
  14. πŸ‘‰Gang Name: Cougar TrackπŸ‘ˆ Gang Rank: Top 60πŸ’€ Last CK Rank: Top 60πŸ’ͺ Current CK Rank: Top 30 Minimum Prestige: 8 Avg Trophies: 10,000 - 11,000πŸ† Last CK District: 10 Current CK District: 4 We have ONE opening! Description: Cougar Tracks is a tight knit, active, and competitive gang always looking to get better, stronger, and more active. We have a strong strategy for winning CK matches that takes into consideration of our opponents strength. We expect every player to make at least 200 trophies each round to maintain fairness and to make sure everyone does their part to get a Gang Box Rank 6. We have three top 100 players! We understand that everyone has a life outside of the game and are comfortable with giving short breaks to players who need the little extra time. We are looking for higher prestige players hence our absolute minimum prestige requirement is 8. Check out examples of our activity and strength on our #ck-archive and #purris-archive. If you are thinking of becoming part of the Cougar Family, just post in #gang-joining on our discord server: We hope to see you soon 🀞
  15. The easiest way to get parts you haven’t unlocked yet are through gang fights, after entering prestige 4, you unlock all the parts and have a chance to get them in any supply boxes