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  1. If you had your player ID (looks like this: Name#1234)you can ask zeptolab to get it back for you
  2. Seriously? Or r u kidding?
  3. If you type in your age in the beginning of the game as under 13, you won't be able to chat due to Zeptolab not being able to control if messages will be appropriate. So far, there is no way to change this but you can try to email Zeptolab by clicking the "contact us" button at the bottom of this page.
  4. Rumours are that zeptolab is currently working on it
  5. You won't be able to see them. They go into zeptolab storage where they dismantle the parts and reclaim the tool boxes. Then they put everything in supply boxes and ship it to lucky cats.
  6. Are you looking for a gang or are you looking for players for your gang?
  7. Same with edits then? Since we only get a 5 minute edit time
  8. Exactly what Zak said, you can't start a conversation if you have 1 or more already but anybody can still message you. It is a bit annoying though. On the King Of Thieves Forums, you could have at least 5 I think. Not sure why Zeptolab put a restriction on the CATS forum.
  9. @Phil is this better? We had them at 0 points till about 8 hours ago when they took over the stadium, so we took that too
  10. Must be that predictive text thing.....😁
  11. Thanks alpha for the pics! I guess the two screenshots, one of us owning 5 buildings, and the other of the number 1 gang in the world owning 5 buildings, shows what exactly what Cougar Tracks needs! We have activity, but 75 cars are useless if it takes 1-3 to knock out one of the opponent's. That's why right now Cougar Tracks is aiming for higher prestige players. So having 75 cars means having 75 spots when against stronger gangs, not 30 @Wahyunur what is your prestige and what is the average stats of your ultimate machines?
  12. Phil.... Not all of us have a top 11 gang like yours! You maybe very used to instant winning easy matches, but this is the first time ever Cougar Tracks has controlled 5 buildings! There had to be some point in Fellow Foxes that you were all overjoyed at instant winning for the first time or owning 5 buildings! But one thing you said is absolutely true! This match was definitely motivating for us as we reached a milestone of having 24/24 members (mostly ) coordinated in battle! But I am glad to hear you are comparing Fellow Foxes to Cougar Tracks. Shows that you believe we can be a top 11 (or maybe top 10) gang too. After all, we are getting better every day I guess it is my mistake that I didn't many mention any of this in the post with the picture. I assumed that instant winning for the first time was obviously what the picture represented. My apologies 🙁
  13. Spam much?