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  1. Chervey posted this on discord: The next update is still under development, however we’d like to share with you its content a bit in advance. Here’s a general feature list of the next update 2.10: - Car repair in KOTC. We will add an option to repair any car that is not parked at a lot. - New KOTC scoring system. We will make more intuitive and transparent scoring system in KOTC that will help you to understand what’s going on in the war. We’ll share more details soon. - UX improvements. Some tweaks will be made in KOTC UI that should make gang war management easier. Remembering the last KOTC car designs included. Assembling same cars over and over again is no longer needed. Save your time! - Reworked Save Streak button. We’ve made some changes in it in order to exclude occasional taps. - Changes in Ultimate toolboxes mechanics. They will give bonuses to ultimate cars during a period of time, not for 8 fights only. - Gang Call. Gang members may send notifications to their gang mates by using a new button. It should help to coordinate vicious counter attacks and gang warfare better. The update is going to be so cool!
  2. We just lost two members and are looking for strong replacements. Direct Message me or post here if you want to join
  3. 3.14159265358
  4. You are taking this forum in the wrong direction.....
  5. On a related note, the OP is not the only one who thinks the new game mode sucks. Justice Heroes was a top 40 gang in City Kings. They were very active just a few weeks ago, and now the gang is dead
  6. Well my gang is taking a nice and relaxing 16 hours. We are in the middle of war, but is against Only Gangwars and is impossible to win so we aren't going try hard
  7. It's on Zak's website, so maybe you should be thanking him But I am questioning if this strategy ACTUALLY works due to all the points I have said in my 3 posts for this topix
  8. Actually, it says on his website that he believes that the oppnent's stats are based on the average of your three cars' with the first two being weighted more, so I think slot tactic is the latter. Edit: Oh wait, it is both. My point was that even with slot tactics, you got an opponent 4 stages ahead of you, and I am currently at stage 6 and none of my vehicles are as strong as your third in the 10/10 picture and I just instant promoted from stage 5
  9. Oops, made a mistake, just checked and the picture was against fight 10/10. But can you still show more proof? Edit: checked again and one pic is against 1st opponent, and last is against 10th opponent, but there is one problem, in the 10/10 pic, you are in stage 5 and you’re opponent is in stage 9. Are you sure your last build is very strong, but are you sure the last opponent just seemed easy because your build was very strong?
  10. And he joined a very active and cool top 265 gang
  11. @ZakAttack I have been meaning to say this.... do you have proof that slot tactics work? I was talking to my gang mates about it and all of them said the strategy doesn’t work. The picture on your website shows a slot tactic against the FIRST opponent, which is usually always a few stages under you, or is in the same stage but very weak. Maybe if you can show repeated examples of the tactic working after gangfight 7 it would prove it isn’t made up? Because before that, it is usually easy to beat opponents with bouncy boulders, double lifter shotguns, etcetra
  12. We are now top 270!
  13. In what app do we open the link? When I click it, it goes to a Goole docs but doesn't work there. Says unsupported file type
  14. I am going o have to go with something very boring........ Elder Warcat
  15. Here is my flame thrower, it is in the Ultimate League which unlocks at (I think) stage 15. They can easily implement the one in the Ultimate League for the above. but spolier alert, the flamethrower isn’t as strong as other weapons like the rocket, blade, and laser. Even though it’s level 1 is 4500 attack and a rocket’s is 3000. The rocket is still stronger because the flamethrower has on and off periods. If they can buff up the stats even more, it will become a more popular weapon.