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  1. Wait So we will lose our parts ? I will not prestige with losing 25mil car and 10 mil attack DR.
  2. I just clicked all days while I am eating / watching movies in these holiday... I had no idea how many. I think 7-9 hours but not in consistently playing?
  3. Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me that what is the maximum hours we could play per day? The system told me that I had been playing or too long...
  4. Mine is 3041950 + 1405330 = 4447280
  5. The competition is simple, add up your HP + ATTACK POWER of your car. eg, I have a Car with 2000HP and 500Attack Power, Performance points = 2000+500=2500 I have created a chart to see how strong your car is! (LV1)0-1000 = Plastic Toy Car (LV2)1000 - 4000 = Metal Toy Car (LV3)4000 - 8500 = Toy Tank (LV4)8500 - 15000 = Small-Size Kart (LV5)15000 - 45000 = Normal Kart (LV6)45000 - 70000 = Private 4-Wheel Car (LV7)70000 - 100000 = Anti-bullet Car (LV8)100000 - 150000 = bulldozer (LV9)150000 - 200000 = Large truck -----------------------------------------------------(where Championship 24 competition begin, where a real hyper damage Car start competing after) (LV10) 200000 - 250000 = Super-Large trunk (LV11) 250000 - 400000 = Milliary truck transporting troops (LV12) 400000 - 850000 = Milliary Terrain Car (LV13) 850000 - 1500000 = Tank (LV14) 1500000 - 2200000 = Missile equiped Advance Tank (LV15) 2200000 - 3000000 = Milliary Nuke launching truck (LV16) 3000000 - 4000000 = Transformer (LV17) 4000000 + = GOD car What car are you?:)
  6. Yes, you are right! As I am thinking that most of them had points increase in a short time.
  7. Did anyone ever think of the reason that why the top list people are usually having a super high score? Now, I had been collecting a data over 3 days for few super top people and I had found something unusual. I will explain below why I think some of them are cheating and provide information to you. If you want to see the result directly, please scroll to the bottom. THE BELOW 6 pictures are raw data for the scores of top 20 people. The above data are taken from Day 1 (4-7-2017, 23:23pm) The above data are taken from Day 2 (5-7-2017, 23:23pm) The above data are taken from Day 3 (6-7-2017, 23:23pm) So, from the above 6 pictures, I had created a table to explained this: Name Day1-Day2 differences Day2-Day3 differences Average differences 1.)丨倚楼听风雨丨 +1914710 +1903657 +1909183.5 2.) LORDDEATHSIDE +1957660 +1869488 +1913574 3.) 1级站神 +25520 +43120 +34320 4.) Austin +2567390 +2480359 +2523874.5 5.) SHANG +3188941 +3066820 +3127880.5 6.) 王大肉 + 440 +2563158 +1281799 7.) CEPX -71 +1358727 +679328 8.) KING (ME) +676270 +413323 +544796.5 9.) 战车蛋 +2849526 +2609343 +2729434.5 10.) 叮当QAQ +758334 +714504 +736419 11.) 巨莖哥 +885686 +704528 +795107 12.) MINGIE +605041 +751635 +678338 13.) EVE +1233937 +1089989 +1161963 14.) TROLINA + 623288 +456647 +539967.5 15.) JAWZ 0 0 0 16.) MICHEAL +1060387 +63880 +562133.5 17.) 阿億NOLAN +1791412 +1400233 +1595822.5 The above table shows differences of 17 people in top 20. Then I would like to predict who is cheating. I will have the make technically maximum scores you can get in a day! I will say that you can play around 6 games in 1 minute, which can get 2640 per minutes/ 158400 per hour if all the games are won *(In reality, you are nearly impossible to get this scores in an hour as you could lose and you are not able to concentrate only playing quick game) I am saying Pro-player usually play 8 hours a day, let's say 9 hour. 158400 * 9 = 1425600points (That's mean if you want to get 1425600 points, you need to play 9 hours with 6 games per minutes without losing, I believe it is an impossible thing.) of coz, you can judge the time use can be higher, but I had tried really hard before which I only get 1.2 millions that day (playing games just after wake up and playing games while watching TV for a day) By comparing the above data, we could see that players 丨倚楼听风雨丨(1.9 million), LORDDEATHSIDE (1.9 million), Austin (2.5 millions), SHANG (3.1 millions), 战车蛋 (2.7 millions), 阿億NOLAN (1.59 millions) are predicted to be cheating as their average point increase are > 1.43millions points ! And the red highlighed people are must cheating dude as they are far higher than the 1.43 millions. Moreover, from the table, we could also believe that 王大肉 and EVE have some chance of cheating! As 王大肉 have a 2.5 millions increase from DAY2-DAY3, which is far more than 1.43 millions. EVE have a relative high average points (>1 million) for 2 days. So, I will expect below person have some way to cheat for points in the top list: 丨倚楼听风雨丨(1.9 million), LORDDEATHSIDE (1.9 million), Austin (2.5 millions), SHANG (3.1 millions), 战车蛋 (2.7 millions), 阿億NOLAN (1.59 millions) 王大肉 EVE PLEASE COMMENT TO SAY IF I AM RIGHT, ALSO SEND THIS TO GM! GM also say that they will check, but I am not sure if they had take action. Thank you for your patience to watch this long stuff!
  8. Hi guys I had already posted this in the Facebook competition for ideas, but I would like to post it 1 more time here for other more attractions! Details: Players can now upgrade some special ability using money and time. Like King of thieves, you can upgrade your base with money and time. Now, you can also upgrade some hidden ability of your part (will not show before the fight, make it more unpredictable for the fight result). Example abilities are shown below: 1.) Strengthen armor: reduction of enemy damage by 1.5% per level( maximum 15%) 2.) Shield: a shield that will appear when the fight starts, absorbing damage from enemies. (shield equal to +0.5% of own max health per level, max equal to 10% of max health) 3.) faster reloading: increase speed of firing ranged weapons by 1% per level (max 15% increase of firing speed) 4.) Sharpen Saw: increase damage of saw by 2% per level, (max 20% increased damage) > as saw is relatively weak in the game 5.) Side bet: When finishing a quick fight, you would earn +200 gold per level. (max 2000 gold) 6.) Recover system: recover 0.1% health (scale to max health) per level during the fight (max 1.5%) This ability can be upgraded by time and money, the money and time needed will increase a lot for higher levels of upgrade. Player ID: KING#39983
  9. Simply saying: the rank depends on the number of medals you can keep for yourself from other people rather than how many medals you take from other people . Imagine everyone have a number of medals equal to your total championship players (max 15 players including you). When someone beat you, they took one medal from you. So, the more people you lose , the lower rank you are. Tha main point would be the rank depends on HOW MANY FIGHTS YOU LOSE, not HOW MANY FIGHTS YOU WIN.
  10. Hey ! When you guys open a giant box/ super bodies box, will you think that's a bit boring for only 4 kinds? What I think would be redesign the boxes into a Professional Shop! A porfessional Shop would contain : >more variety of boxes: can be have both specific and mixed boxes - Specific boxes: Boxes contain 3 part of specfic type of parts , ie: Laser Boxes - Mixed boxes : like the usual boxes, have mixed types, usually cheaper than specific > limited time Car parts - provide a car part that is relatively stronger than your current championship, ie: you are in level 20 championship and you get level 22-23 parts. > unique stickers - more people will be fond of this one because stickers can customise a lot for your cars. >New feature: Unique Decarotion - I think stickers can not fufilled the desire of own customisation . I believe that some decarotion can be place connecting to the car (but will not increase HP / attack) will be better.
  11. That is impossible, I had 2M health and 1.1M damage. Do you think it is fair for you guys?
  12. I did mentioned that. There are several people being deleted from the game 2 days before. I guess that they are cheating and being ban by the game monitor. They had a common characterics which they can raises their rank so fast..
  13. They accidentally bet on it? I did tried that before haha
  14. That's mean: He: defeated 9 cars (including you), but haven't fight those 5 newcomers. You: defeated 13 cars (included the newcomers), but lose to him. As You can defeated those newcomers and he defeated you. Then he is having a higher rank than you? That's what my opinions, but should be improve in update.