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  1. I believe the double lifters are the balloons
  2. Does anyone have a favorite setup they like to go for in the championships?
  3. There are ways to recover without gems? Of course in my situation I'm assuming its a lost cause, but for next time
  4. I'm at Prestige 1 Stage 9, and I put my car parts into the super bet to try and get a bonus that matched thr parts I had attached. Well I lost the bet, but no worries because I have money to buy gems. So I buy the gems, and I go back and it doesnt let me buy the parts back. I lost all my parts. The parts I have left are from stage one. I'm absolutely devastated, just spent $5 and I have nothing. I have no idea what to do
  5. What would you consider an exception, so i know what to look out for?
  6. In my shop I can buy a Universal Pack, which guarantees a legendary universal body and a toolbox. What is a universal body, and is it worth the 290 gems?
  7. I just spent $7 at level 20 on a super cool molotov, which I now have at max level and dropping about five toolboxes into. What's the point in buying additional toolboxes if I'm about to Prestige & lose it all?