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  1. We are taking care of it as we see.. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it annoys us as much as it annoys you. Also, we see that you dont like the spam, but it doesnt allow you to spam about your hate. You created 3 posts in less than 3minutes complaining about it. Im going to lock them all. Please stop creating topics about this matter, you can use the report button whenever you see them.
  2. A lingua oficial dos forums é ingles. Por favor, tentem utilizar essa lingua para que todos possam te entender tambem! Mesmo que nao saiba, so joga no google tradutor que ja ajuda bastante. The official language of the forums is english. Please, try to stick to english so everybody can understand you! Even if you cant speak, you can just use google translate.
  3. you guys are only seeing one point of view (as an attacker). Imagine going against someone who has a good body with 5-6 slots for weapons after you spent all your toolboxes on a build that is now outdated.. I honestly dont see this being implemented
  4. perhaps if you provide screenshots of your build, we could be helpful. With just the description its very hard to help you.
  5. upgrade your strong booster once. My double backpedal sneaky never misses with it upgraded. DO NOT UPGRADE MORE THAN ONCE
  6. Make sure you connect your account to facebook. That way, it will link your savegame to your facebook account and you'll be able to move
  7. I have it upgraded till 7 and max is still 60%. When i get a super part from boxes, instead of getting a +30% something, i get a +37%
  8. I like your idea. However, stickers from the previous prestige shouldnt give gold when you sell them. Otherwise, people would just sell stickers they got on stage 23 after they prestige and get like 10k gold (which is a lot on early stages)
  9. use two knobs on your titan
  10. I like the idea very much! I disagree with you regarding kot inspired skins: i dont think its a good idea to make these two games so related
  11. What worked for me: I turned wi-fi off and used mobile data to open the game. Then its safe to turn wifi back on (after the game loaded)
  12. I said that this was going to be changed, i am not sure how they will fix this
  13. Cool! I like the idea of making these cats as profile pics. Would you consider making one of these for a profile pic if requested?
  14. in here we discussed the laser damage behavior and figured out what's going on with it
  15. That's awesome! Keep making your sketches, they rock!