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  1. just tried the caculator, very nice and helpful. thank you mr pilot! unknownstranger - prestige 4 - apknite gang
  2. think they are compers, appearing in all kind of games like cats, they are strong but come to lower tiers to bully weaker =
  3. people are so agressive. come down guys. it's just recruiting thing right, no need to argue. anyway, if you guys want to join a gang. find us apknite. we help eachother in the game, and everyone is nice and polite to other in the gang!
  4. idid not get any balloon till i was prestige 3. asked other on apknite, and seem like it has nothing to do with the level of your prestige. luck i guess?
  5. yep me too. using s8 and it bump me out in the middle. not for the hardware because i think my phone can handle it well., and i only have chrome run in the same time, so not for the ram or the storage
  6. my gang name is apknite, it stand for a pure kite not in the earth. i just like kite and want to make a long name that must be so special(though this name is not very unique or interesting)
  7. good job bro! like it already, just personal, i like big whiles!