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  1. Time to bug you again Phil. Can you post the City Kings reward list for Purris? Thank you Sir.
  2. We are CRYSTAL LAKE - highly active Cats on the way to the TOP. Spoken language: English, but it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words. DESCRIPTION International gang with members from various time zones. Around the clock beatings are administered by us. Prestige Level 10 or higher. We have a few below that, but they are proven fighters. Many strong players P20+ WHAT WE EXPECT To be highly active in City Kings and Gang Fights. Getting decent trophies and the motivation to improve your builds for climbing up in CK. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 6. Get here fast enough and enjoy a Russian Stove Body reward/upgrade. We've been around for about 16 months and have strong loyalty. Communication is important but not required to beat down other teams. Our international diversity has helped us win multiple times. We also respect each other. Any disrespect will get people kicked. Interested? You can message me here or search for CRYSTAL LAKE in the game.
  3. Hey Phil. Any chance I can bug you again about getting the new Meowscow Rewards list? Last city I posted the next reward to my gang at the start of every District and it was really helpful. We finished in the top 100, and with only 2 hours to spare, we finished the last district and got the final Santa's Gift reward. Thanks again Sir!
  4. Still undefeated in City Kings and about done with District 6. When Tubby joined we finally got matched with another strong team... but we still took them out. Now we're 13 strong and still looking for more active players. I recently checked with Tubby... he's not tired of belonging to a winning team yet.
  5. Time to update our stats and encourage more recruits. We are CRYSTAL LAKE - highly active Cats on the way to the TOP... again. The original posting above is still mostly accurate. Here are the differences now: DESCRIPTION Prestige Level is now set to 8. We still have a few below that, but they are proven fighters. If you're below that and want to join, just respond here and we'll take a look at you. We're currently undefeated in Mew York II, and we're already at District 5 after multiple Instant Victories. Kinda surprised we've only met resistance from one other team so far. WHAT WE EXPECT Respect and a fighting spirit. I did have to kick a player for a bad attitude, and others for inactivity, usually at great pain to myself. It's hard to kick someone who you know has been a good fighter in the past but who has fallen off the game. But we were joined by about 5 other players who are interested in Winning. So our current number is 12, soon to be 13 with the arrival of Tubby. We've been around for about 2 years now. About 4 of us are from that original group. Special invite to HipsterWhale if you're still out there. Come join us. The old Gang leader was a fool. Voorhees started a new Gang right after they kicked you and I. Now we're the bomb and would love to get you on our team. Interested? You can message me here or search for CRYSTAL LAKE in the game.
  6. I just told the team. We're expecting you soon Tubby.
  7. Oops. The new list is wrong. Like I said, my team is screaming thru the Districts, and we didn't get a Sticky Tire when finishing District 2, we got a Death Ray. Would you please double-check your list? Thanks. BTW - Ice Cream Mace was correct for District 1.
  8. This is Perfect! Thank you Phil.
  9. Hey Jio Cat! My team is screaming thru the Mew York City Districts. We're already in the 2nd one. Can you post the loot list yet? Thanks again.
  10. Sergywww, if you still get notifications from this topic, let the team know that I broke my phone. I can do very limited things on it, but I may not be too active for the next 5 or 6 days until my replacement phone arrives. Stupid! Thanks. Raven.
  11. This list has been Golden! I've used it to update my team on upcoming loot and it's always been 100% accurate. I know C.A.T.S. is about to start another City. Please update this list as soon as the new info is released. THANK YOU!
  12. 1 more thought and not just to Serg... We're down to 11 active players, but we're now burning up the City Kings battles. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 8. Come join us fast to enjoy the Sleigh body reward/upgrade!!!
  13. Sergywww! If you want to come back, we'd be glad to have you. I've lowered the Prestige requirement to 3 for now. I keep track of who's actively fighting with us and I had to kick Fred and a few others as well. We're 3 battles away from getting the Sleigh upgrade. Hope to see you soon.
  14. I thought I lost this one, until...
  15. City Kings - Raven pulls off the impossible.
  16. I've been an Active CATS player for years now and the only Achievement I haven't completed is Legend - Win 5000 Quick Fights. There is no way that I haven't completed 5000 Quick fights after almost 2 years. (My first Achievement reached was Rookie - Win 10 Quick fights on May 8th, 2017) Are achievements even a thing anymore? When I did a search on this forum, all the other questions and answers were from 2017. Any info would be good info. Thanks.
  17. You hit all 32?! Great job! I notice you started later than me (19 days... ) so you must have really hit it hard. I thought this might be the case, but with 1 achievement left, I was hoping in the back of my mind that getting all of them would open a portal to CATS heaven and my choice of prizes would be waiting for me. It's good to finally put this question to rest. Thanks for the response Phil and enjoy CAT-NIVAL! You Rule Sir!