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  1. can they fix the chat thing. I was 14 when i started so i didn't lie when i made my account. but because of the rules i can't change my age and use chat
  2. Sounds crap because I was 14 when i started playing so I can't interact I HATE pay to win
  3. funny huh, never seen this before lol
  4. LOL, just join my gang The Fishers. I can't use chat cos i was 14 when I started:( but we win all the time anyway. I'm p4 we have 3 p5s 4 p4s 1 p13 and a p15 plus p2s. we just got 2700 trophies. i kick lazy players out. please don't message me just join:)
  5. found a better gang so your loss:( please don't message me back
  6. I don't have discord but I bring in about 400 trophies per three day cycle. I am active all the time so i will fight in every City Kings match:)
  7. Can I join? I am p4 stage 20 and I have powerful ul bots. I placed in the top thirty in the last all stars event.
  8. Thanks
  9. will there be a all stars event for the Russian stove set. and may'be a event where we can win flame thrower upgrades.
  10. join the fishers, we are very active and win nearly every city kings match
  11. 1, use bets. you can get up to a 60% increase in damage or health. 2, find a active gang. this can take a while but pays off. 3, build a rocket hopper. It's a sneaky with two backpedals and a double rocket. 4, make championship your number one goal. this helps ul bots because you get 24 ul boxes every prestige. hope this helped:)
  12. what??
  13. Looking for a active gang? join the fishers.
  14. IOS
  15. I'f you are above p2 than you can join the Fishers. The gang is built for ACTIVE players p3 and up. we win nearly every City Kings match and place high up in trophies. We would like to see at leased 120 trophies per three day cycle and attacking in kings is ESSENTIAL. We may use telegram in the future. So please join the new best gang in the game:)