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  1. I loved the hot wheels mode. another one like that would be great.
  2. Okay, will do. Sorry i have had a rough patch with trophies which is strange a my stage in the prestige level. thanks for going to all that effort to get me in, you won't regret it!:)
  3. Thank you SO much! just joined the foxes and it's AWSOME! will have discord VERY soon:) Q: how long have you been playing?
  4. Could you please try again? I'm checking this thread every 30 mins to see when. I am getting discord asap.
  5. It is still saying p50, I'll keep checking the gang on the top gangs page in the game. My in-game name is flyfisher so you will know it's me:) I check the game about five times a day.
  6. Ha ha ha
  7. Thanks, could you lower the prestige level to 9so I can join?. I am getting discord ASAP. Just kick anyone else out. Look forward to being on your team:) ps what stage in CK are you on?
  8. Hey Phil, I've decided to get discord and ditch my gang to join your( I'f there are any spots) I have very powerful ul bots (I can't get images to work to show you:(.) please let me join, you will not regret it! ps I'm p9 now
  9. Thanks for letting me know:) I beet that guy which is good:)
  10. It would be great If you could test ultimate machines before wasting golden tickets on ultimate league fights, this would also be helpful when ultimate league isn't on (all stars and during 24 hour breaks between leagues). It would also be great to fight your gang's members UL machines:)
  11. I know that, I just can't find the bot i'm looking for in there to test my machine on ( Russian stove with a cannon a double rocket and a horse shoe).
  12. Thanks, I'm currently in a different gang (Sambo Mambo) at the moment but I will keep your offer in mind. I might get discord just my current gang doesn't need chat and is still in the top 150 gangs and very good at ck so I just attack buildings and help out (Scouting, replacing ect..). But thanks anyway
  13. Hey Phil,just wondering if I could join? I bring in average 450 trophies per cycle and I am VERY active in City Kings. I'm prestige 7 btw
  14. This forum is for a video game not real cats, but still very cute. I have two ragdoll cats at home and they look like birmans
  15. That's wifi problems
  16. Fix this or the game will die. With the new update/changes to the game now you must stay in a newly joined gang for three days before you can earn trophies without spending gems. This is very sad because i'm trying to get into a better gang but I get kicked out before I can earn trophies. Not only do pay to win games suck but they also are played by people who don't care about other players:( please fix this.
  17. can i join?
  18. but if you look at my other posts I can't use chat because I said i under 16 when I started playing:( 10 gems
  19. I'f you join a new gang it comes up with a notice saying "Prove you are dedicated to this gang and stay tree days without gang fights" you can pay gems to keep going with you current gang fights.
  20. who are you talking about???
  21. listen, i've played for three years now and i've never been punished. I'm in a top 100 gang also, so I'm a good player. it is unfair that you can get punished and they get away, but that's the way the world works. I hate it, but there's nothing we can do:(
  22. Your crazy. I'm p6 and I haven't spent a cent. I only rarely come across a cheat. Ignore cheats since they go up so fast you don't have to worry. It is unfair that you spend money and get owned but simple answer, DON'T SPEND MONEY!!! and to anyone who reads this ignore this topic, C.A.T.S is a great game and lots of fun.
  23. that's a glitch. I'm p5 and it still happens. sadly you just have to get used to it:(
  24. why did they change it back again. One of the only things that has kept me playing this game after the chat problem was that championship was changed to 24 hours instead of 48. this is sad because i was going up twice as fast a normal:( can you fix this???
  25. not trolling, just truth