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  1. Sadly I agree. I left primarily due to the pay to win players, they just made UL and All Stars pointless. It just became too much work and too little reward.
  2. Sorry Phil I quit cos I have a girlfriend and she thought the game sucked and I was wasting my time playing it.
  3. Phil how do you know this
  4. Merry christmas everyone!! Zepto thinks the same so they sent you a present!! Guess what's inside!! (Drum roll) More Pay-to-win bull Sh*t. Let's start, We Ended the Hot wheels horror show with the furry road!! However I didn't get to play it because it was my brother's 18th!! Still the rewards where good if you, A, play SOOO much you go blind or you give them more money! YAY I would reveiw these parts but I can't and won't pay Now we have the same as every year Christmas pay-to-win event! More parts to more the top payers (Oops sorry did I say payers I ment players, of course;) The other question Is are they "re-balencing" old parts or making more op Pay-to-win parts. Here's what happens: I am about to kill a very powerful enemy with me freezing build. hes on his last hp and then this new "nano bot" makes him good as new and he roasts me:( NOT HAPPY there not much else but do LIKE AND COMMENT. We might make Zepto chane their minds:)
  5. What do i do, I have been camping at stage 24 and as soon as my bots start getting powerful i get "You have claimed all the rewards in this stage move on to the next one to get more" in gang fights. this would be fine but I have a 5 start carbon "Deep freeze" that does 120% more damage to mini gun and a 4 start carbon whale that does 60% more damage to whale. I also have a LOT of tool boxes from the "Furry road" thing. I would normaly move on but I don't want to lose this, what should I do?????
  6. very true sadly it is no longer a strategy game and now just pay to win RIP all stars, gran prix, ck, gang fights, chapionship and the whole game i general, But i will keep on strugling through cos iv don't have much else to do LOL
  7. My problem is that you have to place top 10 in any of the events to get ul bodies, which is inpossible unless you spend money:( ps phil you have a good memory or you're a nerd, but not as nerdy as me LOL
  8. Hey Phil
  9. Okay...... a bit more is happening now. we have had our first look at the new 5 Alarm and Tiger Shark. but we still have two more UL bots to come!!! since there is going to be a new All Stars event we may see more rewards, but just normal ul parts. another thing to think about is can we play this game on PC? there are a lot of free-to-play online games, but they are not the real thing. I played some and they where cheap rip-offs. you can download the game from blue stacks and other websites. has anyone tried this?
  10. SOOO much is happening in cats all the time and everythings gone to custard. It's all going crazy. So to keep up with news and updates and bugs and thing that need to be fixed, now I have started the cats news, which will come out every month or if there's an update. so let get started. 1, the gods of zepto have responded to my prayers!!! we have asked for ages for more hot wheels parts and now we have been answered. sadly, it is in the form of garbage prix (quote Grandpar Phil) the bad, pay-to-win mini game. 2, we need a count down time for when events start because the first hours of it a very important. please like this down below sorry I will ad more to this topic just i'm busy:)
  11. I noticed a while ago that the "Catborn" hat is a Easter egg to a the helmet off the Skyrim Dawnguard add on cover art. Sorry, I could not load the images so you will have to look them up your self;) another possible Easter egg is the hand sticker which could be the Dark Brotherhood "We know" message. Please look up the images your self;) Ps I play Skyrim more than CATS lol
  12. Can someone please tell give us a reward list for the current city kings list
  13. Hey Phil, My problem with this event that I can bust my butt off spending hours awake at night, only to get over-taken by some fat rich kid who is willing to spend 40$!!!!! on more flags/fuel. Same with all stars, I have even set timers for when the batteires are ready, only to lose to someone who buys the 80 pack:( Zepto are crazy about trying to make money.
  14. I have this problem too, I nearly started a topic of my own. i have wasted about 5000 flags because of this glitch and the worst part is that when the game re-loads it gives you an ad to buy more. Not happy!!!!
  15. everyone has just started the new City Kings city and IT'S THE SAME CITY as last time???? Why? and it raises some questions like will the rewards be the same as last time and will this be the same city forever?? It was just disapointing because I was looking forward to a new city.
  16. Thanks, but no, I'm in a different gang that I am committed too
  17. They could have just made up another city, this game is getting strange but i still like it, a reward list for the new city would be great!!
  18. Twin mill Bone shaker Shark bite Santa's sleigh lunokhod The new"Fire Hazard" The two best Frost sprinkler builds are 1, Glacial menace with a cutter rocket and the diamond lotus with the flue, 2, (not quite as good) the wild west coach with the cutter rocket and the diamond lotus.
  19. Thanks
  20. I've got discord:) how do I get to the foxes discord sever and do I have to be chating with the gang or just read what you say and follow orders?
  21. What about diamond pig parts?
  22. Why no hot wheels parts in the new update? why can't we get them in UL boxes now?
  23. I would have liked another all stars event, but it's nice to try new things. CATS is a pay to win game, but if you don't like that play something else. I like the new mode, it's very hard but I like a challenge. They should fix the chat problem, other than that cats is a great game.
  24. STRAYA, they should make boomerangs more Australian. That weapon is WAY TO AMERICAN. they should have a AUSTRALIA DAY comp. SO ALL OF YA GET A PAIR OF THONGS AND AND A BUNNINGS SAUSAGE!!
  25. I have penciled in a time to get discord next week. I am going away from the 4 to the 7 of October, so I might not be able to earn trophies I look forward to chating to you and the team on discord:)