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  1. Shops Providing item, which swipe daily or every 2 hours, could be buying by coins. (say, 6 items: body, weapon, gadget, tootlbox) (1 legendary, 1 rare) So that players could actively, at least by some degree, to edit their cars.
  2. same asking
  3. Hi, Another idea helping us: item lock, simply avoid selling or fusing important stuffs. Thanks
  4. Dear Development Team, Can I suggest "Filter" and "Sorting" function with edit mode: For filter, yes we all know there is filter between body, weapons and gadget. However it wasnt enough when i store much more. Filter between types, rank, stars are helpful for saving my finger swiping. and with multi-select function it helps to quick sell / fuse items. & I would like to suggest for a sorting function: So that I could sort my stuffs between "time obtained", "engery", "level", "ranks & stars" etc, I look forward to see those functions. Thanks FANS