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  1. You can't change your name now or the future . I remember the creator once said its not gonna happen .
  2. Its currently based on the stage you got the offer ??
  3. Ranking point seems like it is extended to 99,999,999 last update .
  4. I thought it was Korean
  5. I heard people say you watch the match for few mins and one of the car will win
  6. Wow ! You've put alot of effort on it ! Good job !
  7. Just 2 wheels are legendary . Not 2 days actually , its 4 days 😂
  8. Hi
  9. Yea , bonus is very important
  10. Is diamond underrated?
  11. You can try it where you challange top players with repulse .
  12. I think forklift will rise faster when the opponent is using booster.
  13. The opponent can hit me twice and I cant even hit him once -.-
  14. When the boulder spins in the mid air the scooter already came off LOL !