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  1. Gp's been in the game since the world was created.
  2. So you sleep 4hrs?
  3. Somewhere in D8 lol.
  4. Join the Cats Discord group. You'll find more people their. The forums are pretty much dead. https://discordapp.com/invite/SRsgYJn
  5. Fat Tracks Federation is an awesome org. You couldn't have been in better hands.
  6. I didn't have a Backpedal sneaky body at that time, but usually, My 3 gang fight builds are Surfer/Minigun/Shotgun/Lifter, Pyramid/Whale/Double Lifter/ Blade, and a Backpedal Double Rocket Shhhneaky.
  7. Last prestige, I was complaining to God about not getting any good Surfers. Zepto has answered my prayers.
  8. P2W Championships instead of the normal 48hr one sounds like a faster way to promote/prestige could happen. I wouldn't be surprised if spending gems to instant promote becomes a thing. Speculating of course.
  9. I was testing wheel placements for my bouncy boulder when I came across this. I didn't know wheels were edible.
  10. Hmm...I'm in. And sorry bc I'm already in Gang Fight #9 so I can't get trophies. What are you doing Edaward_groof?!?!
  11. Oops. Sry for the late reply ;c. I ready to join tho.
  12. I thought Black Markets items were supposed to be cheap. Maybe Ul cash for these craits would have been a better option.
  13. Oh wow. That's good know that some gangs are focused on trophy count :). Alright, I'll be sure to reply when you guys have an open slot
  14. Thx so much for the offer! Even though I'm not sure if I'd be of much help to a rank 81 clan with 10k trophies...seems like a commitment, but if you guys really think it's ok for me to join, then 100% I will join. But look at my CK cars...their kinda mediocre, not great or anything, besides I don't have discord which isn't good news for most clans.
  15. Here is some pics from my whale builds parts for you to see just in case you don't believe the stats. That sentence sounded weird.