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  1. "you collected all trophies in this stage" can you please remove the cap or need to prestige until 65 ?
  2. I cant get more than 270
  3. So ...... now there is a limit for wrenches until Steevy's box are ready again to purchease, or just me ?
  4. That's basically the question, sometimes 2 backpedals makes me land on my head and sometimes I land on my wheels .....
  5. If you could at least get the 5 fish a little easier to refresh would be not a huge ultra p2w event
  6. Noob question maybe ? I hope no but I am new to gang fight ( city fight ), Can I move my machines on defence ? Because I have both cars defending but there's no more attack option in that place of the city and cant attack or defend any other place ps : my english is not the best, sorry for that
  7. Hello there ! Well, I play cats since some time now and have a couple of questions : 1 - How can be people with a single golden weapon doing 80k damage ?? 2 - Can bonus be transferred to new parts ?