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  1. OK, now I know there are a limit of 20 tickets per day, but when the count reset ? Actually, what time uses the game ? I usually the championship clock, but didnt get ticket from super box 2 hs after the champ was over
  2. I know that trohpies limit was introduced to let campers move bla bla bla, but can you remove that just to help gang even if not geting gang box ? I mean, you can change trophie limit for box limit ? That way you still dont get box but at least can help gang
  3. green boxes from city kings stages are not ultimate machine parts ? I just get health/attack boxes ...
  4. If your gang ask to earn X trophies and it's a top gang then prestige, if not the just stay at 24 get gems and relax
  5. you can check the best 500 gangs, if there is nothing you like there, then yes suggested gangs is awful
  6. So, not getting ultimate league ticket from steevys' box is bug, intended or removed ?
  7. You are prestige 45, you should know by now it become a p2w game, that body can have 120% bonus to drill, drill with 120% with surfer or when equiped, rocket with 120% to weapons getting next or previous stage weapons is not uncommon
  8. I am the only one getting that error when buying a car ? How can I fix it ?
  9. buying cars on the grand prix event ( with flags) sometimes shows an erro message, at restar it used the flags but not car purchased
  10. "you collected all trophies in this stage" can you please remove the cap or need to prestige until 65 ?
  11. I cant get more than 270
  12. So ...... now there is a limit for wrenches until Steevy's box are ready again to purchease, or just me ?
  13. That's basically the question, sometimes 2 backpedals makes me land on my head and sometimes I land on my wheels .....
  14. If you could at least get the 5 fish a little easier to refresh would be not a huge ultra p2w event
  15. Noob question maybe ? I hope no but I am new to gang fight ( city fight ), Can I move my machines on defence ? Because I have both cars defending but there's no more attack option in that place of the city and cant attack or defend any other place ps : my english is not the best, sorry for that