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  1. Yes you are right...I have a really strong cart and beat all of them in seconds and then I wait till eventually I get enough fish together....hours later...as o mentioned earlier...either poorly thought through or just a cash grab so you buy some more boxes....happy anniversary!
  2. Holy crap are you an unpleasant person!! I am at level 50 and played plenty and the new event has me waiting for a chance to refresh for 7 hours so far. I leveled up 1 time and have no options to get fish to refresh because, unless I buy the fish I can't see how to get 5 to do so (yes I play all the random carts but no fish there either) . I call this a cash grab and I spent plenty of money here and really can't wrap my head around, why would you want players to get stuck..unless you want to force player to spent money. And by the way: 100 to test a game feature...well, no wonder this fails and congrats to piss off players especially with your incredibly rude undertone. If I had you in my company as a rep I fire you in a heard beat and I will take a break to spend my money here as well. So many other games and just like EA and all those other greedy companies you learn your lesson. The customer is still king!