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  1. Yeah you were right. I got past 25000. It seems like I got a rare occasion. 25000 is such a round number lol Thanks
  2. This event is so bad... What were they thinking? First day I thought it was great. I got through 1 stage in the championship and I was enjoying the boosters, the amount of machines I could fight and the added bonus when completing lines and rows. But then I got 3 surfers that completely destroyed me. I didn't have more boosters... Maybe I could've used them more carefully? But damn, I wasn't expecting them to be so hard to get... Well, I wasn't that worried since the table would refresh in less than 6 hours. I get back in, finish the first table, refill it, and at the new table I get THE SAME 3 PLAYERS that destroyed me yesterday! Now I'm stuck again, cool... Now I need close to 430 medals and the bonus from rows and lines give only 1 medal, so that's 420 battles... Hmm, no thanks. At least you could've reset the boosters when the showdown resets!