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  1. I underlined the 29th player, I know I am part of that 29,
  2. It was really! i only noticed when I was battling and I hit number 15
  3. This happened on stage 23, right before the championship
  4. Edit did not work Forgot that Mew York was the first stage... *Facepalm*
  5. Why not “Mew York”?
  6. You probably moved on but, use less melee, they are not very effective outside of wooden, save for a few very overpowered builds
  7. I had 29 people in one championship, the instant promoter was still 14 players, it also automatically adjusted to the larger roster for normal advances and rewards “stay in top 13 to pass”
  8. 5 backwards shotguns 3 forward facing repulses 5 lifters All on a boulder 👋 see ya later!
  9. The link is broken
  10. Max repulse vs titan
  11. Just the thought of being able to stare at all my legendaries at once in a neat row...🤩
  12. I agree, UL cash has only 2 purposes, upgrades and toolboxes, it could use a third, Some players *me* don’t have anything to spend those purple papers on, mostly lack of upgradable parts, it could become a bridge between championship and UL, you can assist UL through championships, why not the other way around?
  13. Isn’t the rotating chainsaw a UL part? or did I miss something?
  14. This is a spectacular idea, it could really help unlucky players. cough *me* cough sorry... had a hairball
  15. Would this fully counter lifters? If so it would essentially give lifters a well needed counter besides the blade, especially when there are 2 lifters