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  1. I'm 51 prestige. I have much experience in this game. I'm playing in one of the best gangs of the game. You don't know anything about cheating. In this game I saw many tricks. They've always forgiven these cheats. If you want evidence, you can contact me. I'il talk to the evidence. There's a problem with this game system. The trick detection system is working incorrectly. this system even punishes non-cheating players. nobody helps you. that's all
  2. Hi everyone, I spent a lot of money on this game. I was strengthened by my labor while a lot of players cheated. now, many cheating players are still in the game and pardoned. I banged it for no reason. it is their fault and they do not accept. they made silly remarks like the introduction from different android devices. In short, you spend money and time in vain. they behave as they wish. Stay away from this game if you are playing a new game. I'm a victim. Don't be a victim. with love.